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What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by SapphireL, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. megamuncher

    megamuncher Shotgun Rivalry

    Electric is pretty much a staple to all my teams, and usually the pokemon a begin to train first when starting anew, next to the starter of course. Which is why I loved Pokemon Yellow and was disappointed at the lack of an official remake...
  2. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    Water, steel, ice, fighting, or ground.
  3. ALordZynix

    ALordZynix Lord of the Wings

    Who's your favourite Pokemon?
    Crobat, looks cool, fits my playing style (just hit quick and hard. don't bother with stat moves), and you can catch one quickly in almost all games

    Who's your least favourite Pokemon?
    Don't really have a specific Pokemon I don't like, I only ever pay attention to my own team.

    What's your favourite Pokemon type?
    Bugs, always like to catch one early in my team when I play the games, they reward the boring training with evolving quickly and almost of all of them look cool.

    What's your least favourite Pokemon type?
    DRAGONS, hate the bastards. I think most of them look ugly and with their weakness being ice and them-self I'm always forced to look for an ice-type (which I'm also not very fond of)
  4. Nidhi764

    Nidhi764 No one shall........

    I know this thread already exists.
    Favorite Pokemon Keldeo
    Least fav Pokemon: Weedle
    Fav type: Water
    Least Fav type:Ghost
  5. Water(and Ice. Game Freak should just merge them. Same thing with Rock/Ground/Steel. Just call it "Earth" type). I don't know if it's because I'm a Pisces, but I've always felt a strong connection to water.

    Close seconds are Ghost and Poison. I used to like Dark a lot too, but I got tired of Game Freak not being able to decide if they should represent darkness or dirty fighting.
  6. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Latias latios ralts misdreavus
    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    psychics ghosts and dragons :]
  7. Nyarth

    Nyarth That's right!

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    It's a tie between Umbreon and Charizard.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    It's between Glalie and Probopass.

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

  8. killowatt

    killowatt Truly Bewildering

    Who is your favorite pokemon.
    First is a close tie between Octillery and Arbok
    Second is Eelektross

    Who is your least favorite pokemon
    Audino just strikes me as an uncreative, meaningless pink blob.

    Favorite Type
    poor underrated Poison... it's marginally better than Ice. It's been my favorite since childhood.

    Least Favorite
    Nothing against the type itself, but Dragon is just ruling the popularity polls... so gotta go hipster on this and say Dragon.
  9. Fabulous Ampharos

    Fabulous Ampharos Pokemon Breeder :3

    Type : Dragon
    Favorite Pokemon : Dragonite...it's so cute :3
  10. Zoraksilver

    Zoraksilver New Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!


    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?


    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?


    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

  11. Pspaans

    Pspaans X&Y Fan

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    I have 2 favorite types: Flying and Dark

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
  12. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Froslass and Zorua

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    Tepig and Archeops

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
  13. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug war flashbacks

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Have so many.....but let's say Glaceon ^_^

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    most of the Unova ones *shot* >~< Machop family....Bidoof....sorry for the long list

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Ice, dark, Water, Dragon.

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Poison, Fire, Fighting.
  14. SuperPichu

    SuperPichu Pokémon!

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Pichu. But I have many, many others.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    None. I love all Pokemon.

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Grass (Absolute fav), Water and Electric.

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Don't have one really. But if I HAD to choose one, maybe Ghost?
  15. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    jirachi but it changes after a while :D

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    skitty, the strange tail gives me nightmares...

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    steel and water

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    ice:ive always had a hard time against hail teams
  16. Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
    Least Favorite Pokemon: Vanilish
    Favorite Type: Steel
    Least Favorite Type: Poison
  17. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

  18. BearTown

    BearTown He needs a tissue :(

    fav pokemon: between arbox and mightyena
    least fav pokemon: the only one I don;t like is woobat. because theres zubat..... *tear drop* copycat
    fav type: poison
    least fav type: I can't use flying for anything but hm slave @_@ I feel bad but oh well
  19. dragonphoenixlord

    dragonphoenixlord Fossil Master

    I think my favorite is probably still Aerodactyl. I like dragons and dinosaurs so that is why I like it.
    My least favorite is Quagsire, with Bibarel, Bidoof, Swoobat, and Woobat making the runner up list. They all look weird to me.
    My favorite type is Dragon because I use a hyper offensive battling style.
    My least favorite type is Dark because I like a lot of Psychic types and then they checked them with a new type in the second generation of games.
    It made me sad.

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