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What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by SapphireL, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Niek993

    Niek993 Someoneinthisbigworl

    Who's your favorite pokemon: Kabutops
    Who is you're least favorite pokemon:Mandibuzz
    What is your favorite pokemon type: rock
    What is your least favorite pokemon type: bug
  2. Miranda

    Miranda New Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Easy, Vulpix hands down,
    It was my first Pokemon I caught, ever. I was playing on my brothers Game Boy, and I caught a Vulpix, named it Autumn, cause it reminds me of Autumn, :D
    second Pikachu, Charizard, Jolteon, Blaziken, and any electric or fire type.
    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    Sentret & Shedinja, Wonder Guard ability is annoying as heck :p
    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Fire, Electric, Water, Dark, Psychic & Steel. Definitively must haves in my team <3
    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Ehm, my least favorite type, I don't know,
  3. Favorite Pokemon: Darkrai, because after I watched the movie I just automatically loved it. (Excluding legendaries it would be a tie between Cacturne and Bisharp, I used them on my main team and they become favorites)
    Least favorite Pokemon: Machamp, it just doesn't look right from the back.
    Favorite type: Dark and Ghost. Always use one.
    Least fav type: I don't like Fighting all that much. I'm not sure why.
  4. maz1276

    maz1276 therian fearless

    fave pokemon
    least fave
    fave type
    least fave type
    bug ecept Genesect pinsir leavany
  5. maz1276

    maz1276 therian fearless

    scyther yanmega masquerain anorith scolipiede accelgore galvantula volcarona and all their evolution and develutions
  6. maz1276

    maz1276 therian fearless

    bug faves

    scyther yanmega masquerain anorith scolipiede accelgore galvantula volcarona and all their evolution and develutions
  7. TheReckless1

    TheReckless1 Mind Wipe

    My favorite Pokemon?
    - Weavile or Honchkrow
    My least favorite pokemon?
    - Munna
    My favorite type?
    - Dark, Water, Ghost, and Electric
    My least favorite type?
    - Poison and Fighting
  8. Jasonx1998

    Jasonx1998 Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Scrafty, He's not your average fighting type
    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    Jynx, That Nicki Minaj looking piece of poo just enrages me.
    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Fighting, It's strong and in charge!
    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Psychic and Dragon, Psychic is for pansies, and the most common dragon type pokemon is Dragonite which everytime I see one it doesn't even have any dragon moves!
  9. Wolveram

    Wolveram Vogelfänger

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

    Xatu or Ho-Oh. I can't pick just one, neverrrrrrrrrr.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

    Miltank. Period.

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    If had to pick just one, I'd say Fire over my usual choice of Flying because of Fire's versatility.

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    Probably Electric- those types tend to get in the way of a Flying team, you know? :p
  10. SoManyWynaut

    SoManyWynaut Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?
    Haha, probably Snivy. They're just too adorable.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    Probably Stoutland. It's just... ew.

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Ice! Probably just because it's unpopular and Glaceon's in it.

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Fighting. Ick.
  11. Belle2908

    Belle2908 New Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

    Milotic or Monferno ^^

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    I don't really dislike many Pokemon but if I had to choose one, it would be Bidoof? >_<

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    Psychic. Dark comes in a close second. XD

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    Hm, either Normal or Ground. -,-
  12. PKMN TRAINER Oliver

    PKMN TRAINER Oliver ポケットモンスタ一

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
    Hmmm...Probably Milotic

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
    Rock or Normal
  13. sssssd11

    sssssd11 Steel-type User

    Favorite pokemon?
    Aggron or Mewtwo... Aggron or Mewtwo... *Explodes*

    Favorite TYPE?
    Steel. Hands down.

    LEAST Favorite pokemon?
    Tough one... If I had to pick ONE in particular... Milotic.

    LEAST Favorite TYPE?
  14. Arlo

    Arlo ...and so on...

    Hard calls on all of these, but:

    Favorite pokemon - probably Crobat. Zubats are so easy to come by in the early gens that it's just a matter of patience to catch a really good one, and then I have to just carry it and use it and level it up and make friends with it and end up with this completely awesome multi-purpose, fast, hard-hitting and surprisingly bulky flyer. Honorable mention to Gardevoir for much the same reasons - Ralts is relatively easy to come by (though of course nowhere near as plentiful as Zubat) and its speed, power and adaptability earns it a place on my team for the rest of the game.

    Least favorite pokemon - Raticate. Ugly and irritating. More powerful than it seems like it should be, so you can't take them entirely for granted when you're fighting against them, but not powerful enough to depend on to fight for you. And, again, ugly. Very.

    Favorite type - I guess Grass. I seem to have a soft spot for lots of Grasses (Ludicolo, Sceptile, Cacturne, Lilligant, Leavanny, Roselia/Roserade...) I particularly like Waters too. And Psychics. And Flyers.

    Least favorite type - since Legendary isn't a type, I don't really have one. Rock/Ground dual types annoy me, but I end up using them in the earlier games anyway, just because I need the bulk and the coverage. Fires generally don't impress me that much either (with some notable exceptions) but if I need the coverage, I need the coverage.
  15. Onna

    Onna New Member

    Who's your favorite pokemon?!
    Milotic and Beautifly
    Who's your least favorite pokemon?
    Magikarp and feebas, plus purugly
    Who's your favorite type?
    Who's your least favorite type?
  16. Nephilim

    Nephilim Muffin Button Master

    Favorite pokemon?

    Favorite TYPE?
    Typically Psychic and Ghost

    LEAST Favorite pokemon?
    83% of the 5th gen. Don't even know their names to specify, ha.

    LEAST Favorite TYPE?
  17. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

    Lucario. It's far different from the majority of fighting types as it has a high Special Attack and can learn Psychic. Lucario's movepool is very large, and because he's got nice values on both Attack and Special Attacks, he is often trained to become a mixed sweeper. The surprise element is what makes Lucario being unpredictable. Plus, Lucario was featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in he had an important role in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew movie.

    Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
    Probopass and Throh/Sawk. For Probopass I think odd that mustache it has, and for Throh/Sawk, I can't admit Pokemon using clothes.

    What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    Water or dragon types. Water for being very abudant and dragon for being easy to become strong, as they're naturally stronger than other Pokemons (movepool, stats, resistences, etc).

    What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

    I have trouble on using purely rock or ground types.
  18. Nyrholnen

    Nyrholnen Active Member

    my favorite pokemon is weavile, he looks so cool,carvanha looks good too..

    my least favorite pokemon is pikachu, mostly because ash owns it, i hate the pokemons that ash own

    i dont have a favorite type, i tend to make my team with at least 8 different types, but the most badass of them is dragon-type

    my least favorite type is bug, the attacks have no power, apart from x-scissors
  19. Luxvan

    Luxvan Mozilla Fennekin

    Favorite pokemon?
    Umbreon. Look at it. It's freaking cute, cuddly, and its shiny is amazing, though if Fenniken turns out to be a wolf...
    Only argument is that it sucks in competitive.

    Favorite TYPE?
    Dark and Fire. Not really a reasoning behind this.

    LEAST Favorite pokemon?
    Emolga. I hate fighting it.

    LEAST Favorite TYPE?
    Poison or Bug. Few Pokemon of this type appeal to me.
  20. xEryChan

    xEryChan Archeology Enthusiast Staff Member Moderator

    Favorite Pokemon:
    Epsoen and Lapras

    Favorite Type:
    Water and Psychic

    Least Favorite Pokemon:
    Trubbish and Garboder

    Least Favorite Type:
    Probably Poison

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