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What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?


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Favorite Pokemon?
Oddish, because it's cute. I remember when I first played Sapphire and just had to catch every single one I saw. Ended up with a whole box of them, I even gave them all the same name!

Least favorite Pokemon?
Bellossom, because it somehow loses a typing from its predecessor and doesn't fit as well in the Oddish line as Vileplume, imo. I'm also salty because one actually showed up at a hotel in Alola, despite Oddish not even being catchable in that game. They could have put Oddish in Alola because of Bellossom being a hula dancer, but they didn't. Instead there's only one single Bellossom there, taunting me.

Favorite Type?
Ghost, because it's spooky. I'm pretty sure my top 10 Pokemon list is just Oddish followed by 9 ghosts.

Least favorite type?
I don't think I've ever used a Fire type in a team aside from Charizard or Blaziken, so Fire, I guess.


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Favorite pokemon?
Least favorite pokemon?
Jynx, Jigglipuff, Mr. Mime, Trubbish, ...
Favorite type?
Least favorite type?

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My favorite pokemon Is Lucario
My least favorite pokemon is Jynx
My favorite type is Dragon
My least favorite type is Normal


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Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

Lucario, fell in love with it the moment I first saw it. It has nothing to do with the Lucario movie at all, it's merely a coincidence that's my favorite Pokemon movie. Good plot and characters will do that. I have a lot of favorites so it's pointless to list them all. But Lucario will always be number 1!

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

Sylveon and Jynx. Need I explain the last one?
Sylveon's both out of spite and due to how overrated it is. Plus those ribbons being skin... that always creeped me out, something the Ghost and Dark types never pulled off.

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

Tie between Dragon and Dark

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

Fairy -_-
Only type I outright hate.


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Favourite Pokemon:
I have a few, the ones I love the most are Venusaur, Charizard, Golurk, Aegislash, Lanturn, Mamoswine, Greninja, Pyroar, Gogoat, Lilligant, Seismitoad, Galvantula, Mudsdale, Salazzle, and the Alola forms of Muk and Ninetales.

Least Favourite Pokemon:
Watchog, Sawk, Throh, and the Spawn of Poke-Satan itself, Emolga. Even typing out the name makes me shudder.

Favourite Pokemon Type:
Ghost and Ground. I always try to have at least one of those two on any team I make.

Least Favourite Pokemon Type:
Probably Normal, not necesarily because it's bad or anything, but because I haven't had much success with pure Normal-types on teams in the past. Perhaps I haven't been using the right ones, I don't know.


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Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Cofagrigus (with Reuniclus, Malamar, Drampa and Mawile as the runners up)

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Poison (also Ghost, Psychic, Water)

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Rock (though I noticed recently I don't tend to use Electric types that often)


(Not sure if I posted here already, but whatever.)

Favorite Pokemon? Zorua.

Least favorite Pokemon? Diggersby.

Favorite type? Bug.

Least favorite type? Water.


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Favorite Pokémon? Gastly's evolutionary line and Scizor.

Least favorite Pokémon? Garbodor.

Favorite Type? Ghost and Dark.

Least favorite type?
Probably Normal.


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Favorite Pokémon? Espeon

Least favorite Pokémon? Garbodor.

Favorite Type? Ghost and Psychic

Least favorite type?
Would've said bug but they recently (esp. gen V) added great bug pokemon so normal.


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Favorite Pokémon Line: The Ralts line
Least Favorite Pokémon Line: Kecleon or the Burmy line
Favorite Type: Electric. Has only weakness, does great against water- and flying-types which are super common, and they have a lot of decently-strong, really well-designed Pokémon. For example: Ampharos, Magnezone, Eelektross, and Vikavolt.
Least Favorite Type: Dragon. They're rare, mostly legendaries and pseudo-legends or other powerful ones, and have "meh" designs. Drampa, Latias/Latios, and Dracovish are the only exceptions to this.


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Least favorite are Fairy number 1 and Water number 2. Water because it's annoying and I hate water in any games. Fairy because it's kinda girly and weak for me( like I would wear a red shirt in public which is normal, but for me it's no). Favorite types are literally remaining 16 types.That's why I almost always choose Water starter because I don't catch Water Pokemon, later and if I do it's mostly really strong ones like Tentacruel or Gyarados etc.


Favourite Pokemon: Infernape Line, specifically Monferno

Least Favourite Pokemon: I have to struggle to find something that I don't like! Let's see.... I don't really like Kakuna!

Favourite types: Dragon and Flying

Least Favourite type: Fairy(I rarely use fairies, but I don't hate the type)


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Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
Slowbro and Nidoqueen tie for the top spot. In any game or generation, if it’s possible for me to use them I WILL.

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Slaking, purely bc of its ability.

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
There’s 5/6 types I gravitate towards more than the others. Out of those I’d say Steel would be my favorite, but its a narrow victory. Flash Cannon happens to be my favorite move, though.

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?

Don’t necessarily have a type I dislike but Bug and Poison would both be on that list. Not many of them I really care for using; I used A-Muk in Gen VII and most recently started using Scolipede on one of my Gen V games, can’t remember which. They’ve definitely given me a slightly better appreciation for the types, but, they’re not ones that are must haves on teams in-game or competitively, for me.


Favorite Pokemon:
Bohmander (Salamence), Lugia, Latios, Deoxys, Kairyu (Dragonite), Ptera (Aerodactyl), Raichu, Mew, Heracross, Hassam (Scizor), Goronda (Pangoro), Hoopa, and Zeraora.

Least Favorite Pokemon:
Mewtwo, Kucheat (Mawile), Lucario, Daikenki (Samurott), Keldeo, Intereon (Inteleon).

Favorite Pokemon Type:
Fighting-types are my usual favorite type since I like a lot of Fighting-type Pokemon like Goronda (Pangoro) and Heracross.

Least Favorite Pokemon Type:
Probably Fairy-type since many Fairy-types have a feminine or cutesy design and I tend to not care much about those kinds of Pokemon.


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Note: I think i've only played pkmn platinum and SoulSilver

Who's your favorite Pokemon?!

Rapidash- even though it's not the most powerful, I have always captured it. I think it's adorable and it's great when teamed with Infernape.

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
Magicarp- Although I know it evolves into Gyarados, I don't find it worth my time

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Dark-I've worked with fire types allot but now I'm thinking Dark types is my fav.
What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
Poison-I used to stray from bug but then I found Scizor so now it's Poison, I have never used poison.
Who's your favorite Pokemon?!
• all 9 Eeveelutions for me are easily my most favorite, can't seem to put one over another, if i had to pick one for a reason
• Espeon, mainly for my love of cats

Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon?
• hard to pick one, all bugs are my least favorite, not because I'm afraid of bugs, but mainly since those "pests" ruin everything of food I have saved, no matter how sealed the food is, they always find a way inside
• overall of bugs... Durant is my most hated, due the black ants that seem to get into everything, and ruin what I had saved, so I had to throw away lots of good food ruined by them

What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
• for now, my favorite type is Fairy
my favorite moves are Moonblast and Draining Kiss
my favorite ability is Pixilate

What's your LEAST Favorite Pokemon TYPE?
bug types, see my least favorite Pokemon for the reason why, those annoying bug pests


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Favorite Pokemon; Emboar

Least favorite: Blissey and Galarian Corolla I hate battling them because of cheap tactics.

Favorite Type:Used to be Dragon before they made Fairies now its undecided

Least favorite type: Grass too many weaknesses