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What's your Favorite Generation 4 Pokemon?

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Definitly Kricketune, though I like Yanmega as well XD always had a thing for Purugly and Skuntank also. Plus Mothim :O


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Either Lucario for design (plus I loved him in The Mystery of Mew) or Buizel because of cute factor, and it was my first Gen 4 shiny.

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All three starters and their evolutions, Toxicroak, Skuntank, Hippowdown, Garchomp and Abomasnow.


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in Generation 4 is my best favorite Dialga with Darkrai, else Empoleon :)


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Hands down, BIDOOF. Don't you just love how they pop out when you're trying to get from one town to the next when you don't have any repels? Oh the thought is so beautiful. BIDOOF FOREVER!!!

Uh, no Bidoof sucks , Rock On Darkrai!


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I think my favorite is Wormadam or Mothim. I liked the idea of the 4 way evo branch


Bird of Destruction
Has to be Gliscor; I really love its design and the concept of a vampire/scorpion is really well executed. Additionally, it seems really good competitively too (such a good Poke~).


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Mine would have to be mesprit.


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Staraptor. Carried me through the whole in game story.


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Weavile, hands down! I was excited to hear my favourite Pokémon would be getting an evolution in the forth generation and I was hyped. Then, it finally came along and it did not disappoint. Great design, great movepool, got a huge benefit from the physical/special split and a great Pokémon to use.

Even to this very day, Weavile and the now pre-evolution Sneasel are my favourite Pokémon of all time. I think there's just so much to like about it.
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