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Whats your favorite gym leader in Sinnoh?

Which Gym Leader do you like in Sinnoh?

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Ok everybody....... this is the second time if anwered you all because I accidently post this thread the wrong place! I'm posting this again, this time I wont get this in wrong place...

I like Volkner and Candice the most!
Whats your favorite gym leader in Sinnoh. :)


Well-Known Member
i love candice :]
& crasher wake too.
i've always loved water and ice pokemon.


Flawless Technique
I'll say Roark for now, but if Volkner lives up to my expectations than it'll be him.


<So Many Stickers!
I like Byron the best...Steel types are pretty cool (especially there moves).


RPH Elite Trainer
I like Crasher Wake because I tend to be fond of water-type Pokemon.


I'm clueless ♥
She's so adorable,and she fights well to. She made me like fighting types.

Also..I like her Pokemon :D


<--Watching You
I like Maylene because she's cute AND strong! Seriously, her Lucario was trouble, even for my Staravia!


Well-Known Member
I liked ... um, Volker because even though he was an electric type gym leader, he had an Ambipom, and an Octillery, which was different, but awesome.


Well-Known Member
Out of the gym leaders i like byron the most cause steel is just....cool


mai husbando
Roark is one of my favorite gym leaders, he is so kind and his father is pretty awesome as well. And Volkner has the best pokemon team of all the gym leaders in my opinion.

Super Gullwing

Team Skull Mom
I've loved Roark from the start, he's just so cool. ^^
I would've voted for Volkner too, because he is also a favorite of mine.

Dragon Rules

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Candice,ice type pokemon is one of my favorite.