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What's YOUR favorite/least favorite generation?

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Gen V is my favorite. The generation feels so new and fresh compared to the others. So many awesome creative,hilarious pokemon designs. Like Samurott,Oshawott,Haxorus,Stunfisk,Zekrom,Scrafty etc. The generation has introduced allot of unused concepts and animals fans has been wishing for years. As a kid during gen 3, I wished for an ant,zebra,polar bear,candle,and a leopard as a pokemon. When gen 5 came, they granted all those wishes. :>

My least fav is gen IV. Most of the designs were horrible. I didn't like most of the evos and pre evos of older pokemon. The contest's were harder than RS's. Slow surf speed.


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1. My favourite is Gen 4(unlike everyone else) because of HGSS. I felt that it was(and still is) the most polished and detailed games in the entire series. DPPt was alright, but not as great.

2. My second is Gen 3, because of the new Kanto adventure in FRLG. I didn't like RSE, though.

3. I liked Gen 2, although I've never played it before. But from what I hear, it's a great Gen and I think it deserves to be on my list.

4. I have to put Gen 5 towards the bottom because tbh, I didn't like the Pokemon designs (and still don't).

5. Last is Gen 1. Being a somewhat new player and all, I've never played RBY, so I don't get nostalgia or anything, which gives me no reason to adore it, even if it is the very first Pokemon games.


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Fifth generation is definitely my favorite. Black and White are just amazing, before I got them, I would never have imagined that they would be as good as they are. There is alot of things to do in the games, enough for 400+ hours of gameplay (in each game, if you get both), and the fact that they are just the start of the fifth generation does only make the future look good.

Fourth generation takes the second place. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum were amazing games, the perfect games to continue with after playing Emerald. They did also have alot of things to do, enough to keep me hooked for a gameplay time of 1000 hours in total, but even then, I am not finished with them yet. HG/SS on the other hand were not that good, but the awesomeness of D/P/P are more than enough to make the generation as a whole really fantastic.

Third place goes to... third generation. I really liked all the new stuff that were added in Ruby and Sapphire, it took the series to a new level. FR/LG were also excellent remakes of the original first generation, improving with all the new things that R/S added and fixed most, if not all, of the flaws that the originals had. But the real star of this generation is Emerald. The Battle Frontier, and even more awesome additions, made this game amazing.

Fourth place goes to first generation. Today, I would probably not be able to enjoy these games at all if I were to play them. But back then, I found them really great. Spending alot of time on things that would turn out to be better in the future generations... But back then, it was still good.

Fifth and final place goes to second generation. These games just plain suck. They did not improve over first generation as much as they could have done, and the fact that they had two regions meant that these would have less content. Kanto was ruined, and would not be back in its former glory until FR/LG. Johto was not a good region, and has never been either. It lacks all the important and interesting things that the other regions have.


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Favorite: Gen 4, only because of HGSS, they had my two favorite regions, and in my opinion more variety of gameplay, and more gameplay in general, with pokeathlon, new game corner, safari zone (with cool new features), 16 gyms, the Battle Frontier, and tons of rematches with many characters. DPPt were ok, they got me back into Pokemon after I lost interest during Gen 3.

Next: Probably Gen 1, my first game, and then a tie between Gen 5 and Gen 2. I would have liked Gen 5 better had they done anything but those pointless musicals.

Least favorite: Gen 3, I didn't dislike these games, but they just didn't draw me in like the other games did, idk why. I never played FRLG, but I suspect that I'd like Gen 3 alot more if I had.
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5th gen is my favorite. It has 2 starters I really like and a handfull of other designs I adored right away.

1st gen has my favorite starters, with all three of them striking my interes, and some of my old favorites, but nostalgia fans kind of bug me, plus it has the most filler designs.

3rd gen has some cool Pokemon, and decent starters, but is a little less memorable than some of the other gens IMO.

4th gen has some adorable monsters, as well as some pretty cool evolutions, but it also has my least favorite starters, as well as really dumb designs like Garchomp and Bastiodon.

2nd gen has a few cute and interesting designs, but SO many forgettable, uninteresting designs.


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1- Gen 3
2- Gen 5
3- Gen 1
4- Gen 2
5- Gen 4


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gen three is my favorite, my least favorite is gen two.

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Mine's the same as Warawau. I loved Gen 3, with its tropical climate, and i dunno, I just loved exploring the oceans and diving and all that jazz.

Gen 2 annoyed me. Something about the Elite 4 being really low levels methinks.


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Fav - Gen 2.

Least Fav - Gen 5.

I know how that sounds, but i'm not hating on Gen 5. I love pokemon black and GF has worked on all the little things and made it much more fun to play. But i love all the other Generations as well. The pokemon in Gen 5 push it over the line as the worst. I played Gen 2 first, then eventually Gen 1 after beating sapphire.

I have played Gen 1 the least of all 5, but there is no way i can call that the worst one without being hunted down :D. But i wouldn't anyway, as the pokemon are classics.


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For me it's:

1.) Generation II
2.) Generation I
3.) Generation V
4.) Generation IV
5.) Generation III

Gen. II was when they mastered it IMO. It added lots of new features which have since become staples of the games and expanded while still tying back into the original.


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For me, from favourite to least favourite:

-Gen 4
-Gen 3
-Gen 2
-Gen 1
-Gen 5

I like all of the generations, though.


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My favorite is Gen. 3, maybe because I started playing pokemon at the time. Also, the region is my favorite.

My least favorite is probably gen. 1, since I barely had any memories of it (sadly), and even though I like the region itself, it didn't have the mechanics that are basically standard in today's pokemon.


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