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Whats your favorite non-pokemon game?


I love Animal Crossing- I've been playing religiously ever since the GameCube version came out. I'm also hooked on the Guitar Hero games; can't get tired of those! And finally, World of Warcraft. I've been playing since around September of '10, and on a daily basis, too. Addictions suck. xD


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Fire Emblem Series

I thought no one would ever mention this. :D

Oh and a few who've typed Final Fantasy 3/6, hi-five!

I like the Fire Emblem Series and Final Fantasy series( VI mostly)

Oh, Mario and Luigi RPG 1 and 2 is not that bad either.

Oh, and The Urbz- Sims in the City.


Hollen i ven.
Jak & Daxter series.
World of Warcraft.
Anything Mario, LOTR or Star Wars.
Me likely. Although I despise Loose Ends on Hardened. I've done it once before on hardened but his time it seems a lot more difficult

Put your big boy pants on and play veteran. MW2 is the easiest campaign in the series.

I loved the splinter cell series and also played through batman AA at least three times, although I probably spent the most time playing mario kart. It was pretty much my entire childhood, even though I haven't played it in forever...


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I aboustley love Final Fantasy XIII. First Final Fantasy I finshed.
I also enjoy Reach.