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Whats Your Favorite Pokemon Region

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Sinnoh yeah!!


Unova and Hoenn, of course! Hoenn was my first region, so obviously I'd have positive feelings towards it. Unova's plot, Pokemon, protagonists (in BW1, at least. Not so much in BW2...), and villains are the reasons I love it. I also really like Sinnoh too, but not as much.


pain in the ***
Hard to say. They all have their own unique good points and bad points, which makes it really hard to choose.

...Though so far I've only been in Sinnoh and Unova... Gotta get off my butt and back at LeafGreen and Emerald.


A month ago, I probably would have said Johto, as thats where a majority of my childhood lies.

However, after giving Sinnoh a second shot (since when I first played it in Middle School, I was going through one of those 'if it's new it isn't cool' phases), It's quickly jumped up to my new favorite.


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Kanto, by far. The birthplace of Pokemon, with so many memories. Love it


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That's really tough. I'd say either Unova or Hoenn.
Jeez that's tough. I don't know. I feel like my answer could change if you ask me at any time. I guess I'll say Hoenn, though.


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Sinnoh or BW2 Unova.


Sinnoh and Unova (BW2). Johto comes in second, although Kalos looks extremely promising and may end up tying with top two.


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Fav region: Hoenn first,then Kanto
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At the moment I can't really say that I have a favorite. Every region has things I like and things I don't like. After I finish my pokedex quest and I'm refreshed on each of the regions I might have a different answer. For now I will say that I'm leaning toward Sinnoh.
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Braixen is MINE ;)
Sinnoh or Johto.. they're pretty much tied at this point. Though I have high hopes for Kalos.
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