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What's your favorite style of play?

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Well i prefer bulkier teams like stall, trick room, or annoyer teams with one or two cleaners at the end of it


Active Member
On paper Stall does seem to me like the better and safer choice but I just can't make it work.I'm much more comfortable battling with a semi offensive team.


I just go with trick room or goodstuff as my prediction skills are good


Aura Trainer
I like bulky offense since with stall, the games can drag out to be really long. With bulky offensive you can take hits and launch back powerful moves!


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Bulky offense for me. With that, it's a game of remove the threats to my teams sweeper, which relies a lot more on prediction and fooling the enemy then hyper offense(which in my opinion, is fun). Semi-stall is also good for similar reasons, but I like to pound things into the ground as well, so it's bulky offense for me.
On paper Stall does seem to me like the better and safer choice but I just can't make it work.I'm much more comfortable battling with a semi offensive team.
I've found the trick to stall in this game is more along the lines of semi-stall.

Use the basic stall strategy to get up as many entry hazards as you can, weaken your enemy a bit, and then finish the battle up with a good sweeper. There will always be a offensive pokemon or Volt Turn core that can wreck your defensive core, though, so you'll want a fast and powerful choice scarfer as well, which means that unless you have Choice Scarf Moxiemence, you'll probably have at least two offensive pokemon.

So, stall this generation is all about the entry hazards. And it's best not to leave it all to one pokemon, like Forretress. You'll want a core that could set up at least spikes and stealth rock. It's fine to leave out toxic spikes, though. Sure, poison is great and all, but the move's distribution is so rare it may not be worth the hassle. And besides that, focusing on spikes will beat the enemy down a lot faster.


Causing Shenanigans
Stall teams are the best. You want to get strength and Baton pass? Ok I place stealth rocks and spikes, and then blow you away. Dual screens? Ill go sed out tyranitar and whip up a sand storm. Bulky? Ill outlast you with Gastrodon, Dragonite and Skarmony by using Roost. The only thing this might not work against is early substitute/stat upgrade teams.

The Master Chief

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I like to have a good defensive core. One phsyical wall and one special wall. Then i also enjoy using rain but only have one abuser just in case i can't keep the rain up and i can still deal damage outside of rain. Recently i used a team that consists of 4 pokes that aren't affected by spikes nor are they severely affected by stealth rocks. And sometimes for the fun of it i use a hyper offensive team

Blue Cobra

Bug Trainer
My favorite playstyle? Hmmm...... MY OWN!
Well, to be more accurate, I think my play style comes close to the balanced play style, but I don't really care about all those different words for the different styles.
What's most important for me, is to have a good synergy and variation on my teams, so my Pokémon are able to cover each others weaknesses, and to utilize their strengths in the different situations.

One of my own rules when building a team is to make sure, that no more than 2 Pokémon on my team has the same weakness. For example, 3 Pokémon which has a weakness to Ice, is not a possibility for me, as it gives a bad synergy.
I also make sure to always have at least 1 Physical Wall, 1 Special Wall, 1 Physical Sweeper and 1 Special Sweeper to ensure a good balance between offense and defense.

Just like a football team, you have to both use defensive players and offensive players, so you can deal out damage, and take damage too.


Well-Known Member
Balanced. To be specific, I like a team that has members who can fill as many different roles as humanly possible.
The reason I like it is because you can adapt the team for the situation. If you want, you can use the bulky team members and venture into semi-stall or set down a layer of hazards and put on some offensive pressure with offensive pokemon. Because everyone has multiple roles I can play through a larger range of different styles. Its both fun and effective.

Unfortunately, team building is utter hell. It's hard enough to find a pokemon with a moveset that fills the required roles, but it is even harder to find a full team of 6 that all work together. If there's any wish I have for Gen6 its that UU somehow stays exactly the same except Bronzong gets Wish and Heal Bell.


Unova Champion
My favorite style is hyper offensive, only because I like to see battles go quickly. However, if winning is my concern regardless of time, I will go with a balanced team. I will never do stall only because I think it would be too boring. Also, I am terrified of being a stall battling a stall; It will never end!


I've always played with straight up Hyper Offense, I don't have time for walls, which is why I refuse to run them. I want my battles to last under 20 turns on average, so stuff like Dual Screens Espeon, Custap Skarmory & 5 sweepers behind them to put huge amounts of offensive pressure on the opponent.

Ace Of Keys

Me and My sketch pad
Before I used to primarily play offensive, using Sun Teams, however I found balanced to be very helpful especially in Clear Skies

Puma Italia

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Stall is definitely my play style. I've always loved defensive Pokemon like Blissey, and setting up hazards/spreading Toxic around while my opponent slowly loses one Pokemon after another. It also requires much more thought than running 6 of the top offensive threats out there.
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