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What's your favourite episode?


Power Plant Explorer
In this thread, you can tell us what your favourite episode is.
Try to include answers to the following questions:
What is your favourite Ep.?
What is the main plot about the ep.?
What characters do the team (Ash, Misty, Brock/Ash, May, Max and Brock)?
What's your second favourite?


Oaknapped! D:
Was nice seening a bunch of my favorite characters crammed into one episode. It got me semi-hooked on Resqueshipping (TraceyxRitchie) too. So, boring like msot episodes, but I absolutely loved it. :p
Plot: Oak gets kidnapped, Tracey and Ritchie go looking for him.
Characters: Tracey, Ritchie
Second: Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? (Hilareous)
Third: Luvdisc is a Most Splendored thing (Tracey is gorgeous in that Prince outfit, but the episode sucked otherwise. :D)


<< Hottie!
My favourite ep: Another legend of celebii !!!!!
I like it because is the best Richie episode in the history of pokemon
Plot: Richie meets celebii and makes as a matchmaker in the past with nurse joy and nikku.
Characters: Richie!
Second: A friend indeed (my favourite leagueshippy ep.)
Third: The legend of thunder (Bashou is on it)


The Wayward Wobbuffett!
It was probably the single funniest episode ever. This episode made me love Wobbuffett.
Plot: Ash's Pikachu is locked in a cage by Team Rocket, who give the key to Wobbuffett to hold. But when Wobbuffett is swept away by one event after another, will Ash or TR ever get the key back?
Ash, and TR are the only people of significance.
Charizard Chills!
Enter the Dragonite!

PS, this should be in the polls section, I believe...


Dynamo Trainer
Nah. I can't be in Polls unless your comparing two episodes.

Believe it or not it has to be The Safari Zone one.
That guy kept taking his gun at some children (Ash and Co.) Then he fired them at TR who successfully feel off although it kind of looked like they were shot the way they fell. Then Jessie trys to get info off dratini from the owner. She trys to make him flirt with her. She even gets dressed up as a school girl. Finally he tells them where it is. When the get there they place dynamite in lake. Ash swims to get it out and throws it at Team Rocket who survived a exploson infront their face.

Quite humorous.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
It's hard to narrow it down, but after rewatching so much of the Kanto era on my computer lately, I have to narrow it down to "Ghost Pokémon and the Summer Festival", otherwise known as "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak". This episode is just bursting with stuff you never see on the show anymore: really clever dialogue, outlandish surrealism, a captivating mystery, and - most importantly - plenty of Japanese culture. First of all, it's the initial episode in which Takeshi is revealed to really be brimming with heterosexuality, as he's so depressed over the end of swimsuit season that he's instantly smitten with the phantom maiden. Plus, the episode firmly establishes that Musashi and Kojiru are really at the bottom of the Rocket-dan totem pole, as they have to crawl around the Summer Festival on their hands and knees looking for discarded yen. The music in this episode is superb, too - listen in the Japanese version for the familiar "Pokémon Tower" music from the Red and Blue video games (the tune is replaced in the dub). And the scene towards the end where Ghosu is constantly scaring off everyone's Pokémon with their greatest fears is pure genius (especially when Kasumi holds up a cross in defense and Ghosu matter-of-factly states that he's not a vampire). Great plot, great characterization, great writing, great music, great voice acting, great animation...and Kasumi looks pretty cute in a kimono, too. This episode has it all.


The magic of Pokemon

"The Totodile Duel!"

Party: Ash, Misty and Brock (the Kanto Trio)
30 second summary: When Ash spots a Totodile, he wants to catch it! But Misty wants it as well, and a battle ensues to see who gets to keep Totodile! Who will win?

Memorable line:

Misty: I just caught a tea kettle...
Ash: It put up a good fight, though...
Brock: Maybe you can throw it back and try for a coffeemaker?


I like There's No Place Like Hoenn and I also like Battle Aboard The St.Anne. Both great episodes and I have both on DVD.


Gotta Catch Ya Later
It is the last espiode that Ash, Misty, Brock will be traveling together and also I love the flashbacks and song.
Plot: Ash, Misty and Brock had to split up
Characters: Ash, Misty and Brock
Second: Pikachu's Good-Bye
Third: Princess vs. Princess
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power of vapor
Favourite ep: Oak's laboratory ! All members gather!
Cause there are all Ash's pokes and friends ( exeepting Brock , Charizard and Squirtle)
Plot: Ash and friends meet at oak's
Team: Ash, May, Misty, Tracey and Max
second fav ep: Perfect Match!( great battle between ash and misty)
Third fav ep: I have 2 : Playing with fire ( ash V.S harrison) and Enter the Dragonite ( ash V.S drake)


Orange Champion
I like the first episode. XD It's got humor. It's got suspense. It's got Pikachu AND Dexter making fun of Ash. And it's got good 'ol dramatic-Ash speech with nice music in the background. And it's got the super fun intro! XD Yep.

Hmm... second fav? Quite fond of the racing episode with the Ponyta and the Pokemon Fashion Flash ep with Vulpix. I remember how I used to watch those over and over and over again. *nod* Haha. All of mine are Kanto ones. I gradually started losing interest after that.


Old school
My favourite episodes are ones with the crucial battles in them. My favourite is probably the Orange League championship match two-parter, 'Hello Pummelo' and 'Enter the Dragonite'. It's basically just Ash versus Drake for the whole thing. We get to see Dragonite used competitively for the first time, we get to see a Charizard versus Dragonite part (which I love) and Ash wins the tournament, showing he does posess some potential as champion material for the future.

My other favourites are the battles with Gary and Harrison. Again, good battling with Charizard. Ash proved he was, in the end, better than Gary, and of course the Charizard/Blaziken match had an entire episode to itself. Proper order IMO.


Let me think about this...

Tracey Gets Bugged
I Feel Skitty
A Farfetch'd Tale
Gotta Catch Ya Later
Pokemon Food Fight
Having a Wailord of a Time
...And every Chronicle episode that has Tracey in it :p


Power Plant Explorer
[IMG200]I like Battle Aboard The St.Anne. [/IMG200]
So do i i also like Pokemon Shipwrek- i love disasters like Titanic.

Lamington Luffy

I'm gone, bye.
Fave ep? A friend in deed
Why? because it has Richie ^^
Plot? Ash meets Richie and TR kidnaps everyone's pokemon
Characters? Ash, Misty, Brock, Richie and Pikachu
2nd fave? a tail with a twist
Third? Tree's a crowd


Custom User Title
For me the answer is easy. "The Big Race of Blazing Pokemon" is and probably always will be my favorite. It was the first episode I ever saw and it's what really got me hooked on Pokémon. Even though the racing plot was somewhat clichéd, it worked perfectly in this episode and the plot was simply excellent all around. I love the animation too, it's so crazy and stylized and a lot more interesting than the modern computer generated animation if you ask me.

The characters were great for one-shots - Dariou was so evil and nasty, and Fuuko was a great character as well. Her Japanese voice is lovely. <3 Not to mention the Rocket-dan were really nasty in this episode as well, while still managing to be absolutely hilarious.

The final sprint to the finish line, while predictable, is one of my favorite moments in the animé. Ponyta evolving to win it was awesome, and the music playing was great too.

Watching this episode is such a rush of nostalgia for me and it aways makes me tear up a bit because I love it that much. This one has it all, and as far as I'm conscerned it's a perfect episode in every aspect.
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Whatever the episode is called where Ash battles Gary in the Johto League.
Gone Corphishin' and The Bicker the Better are my two favorite Hoenn episodes. The first introduces in my opinion the funniest character in the series: Corphish! The latter just happens to harbor the only things close at all to proof of Advanceshipping. The insane conflict between Skitty, Corphish, Cacnea, Dustox, and Seviper was just hilarious. Johto favorites? The Wayward Wobbuffet and Dues and Donts were fabulous. I watch the show because it is absurd. The Wayward Wobbuffet is like a half hour chase scene.
And Dues and Donts is a TR centered episode. Those ones standout as some of the best, and leading the pack is Holy Matrimony! Though I believe I speak for most older fans of the show in saying Island of the Giant Pokemon is the true best episode.


Team Awesome
What is your favourite Ep.?

-- A Better Pill to Swallow


-- It's one of the FUNNIEST episodes I've ever seen! :D It has so many strange and hilarious occurences in it, I can't stop laughing while watching it.

What is the main plot about the ep.?

-- The twerps meet an old man named Old Man Shuckle who makes medicine from shuckle juice, and is looking for a rare purple shuckle. Brock wants the purple shuckle juice because he could use it to tame pokemon. But Team Rocket steal the purple shuckle from them, and... well, drunkeness and lovey-dovey pokemon ensue. :D

What's your second favourite?

-- Tricks of the Trade


-- Dues and Don'ts