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What's your favourite evolution introduced in Generation IV?


As the title says, what's your favourite evolution introduced in the Sinnoh region for some of the Pokémon of the previous Generations?

To refresh your mind, I'm talking about the following ones:
- Roserade
- Ambipom
- Mismagius
- Honchkrow
- Weavile
- Magnezone
- Lickilicky
- Rhyperior
- Tangrowth
- Electivire
- Magmortar
- Togekiss
- Yanmega
- Leafeon
- Glaceon
- Gliscor
- Mamoswine
- Porygon-Z
- Gallade
- Probopass
- Dusknoir
- Froslass

Choose one (or more than one) explaining the reason why you like that the most... If you want, of course.


Togekiss is my favorite since I was always fond of Togepy, although I'll admit that I find Togekiss' design to be kind of odd-looking and not nearly as cute as its pre-evolved forms. Roserade is probably my second favorite new evolution introduced in Gen IV since I like roses.

Shuriken Throw

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Lucario. It is my favourite Gen 4 Pokemon, and its moveset is great, especially some of its great moves like Close Combat.


Funky Kong Supremacy
This is hard since I love pretty much all of them but my favorites are probably:
-Electivire (role in the anime plus its long time “rivalry” with Magmortar)
-Magmortar (same as Electivire)
-Porygon Z (wacky yet powerful. My second favorite Pokèmon)
-Gliscor (the anime plus its versatility)

Lucario. It is my favourite Gen 4 Pokemon, and its moveset is great, especially some of its great moves like Close Combat.
I think the OP mean cross gen evos for Pokèmon who existed before Gen 4


Lover of underrated characters
Gallade and Gliscor were always my favorite. I tried to get Gallade as quick as possible the first time I played Diamond
Though I also love Electivre thanks to the anime, but since it has a stupid evolution requirement... I always go with Luxray.


Cerulean Blues
A tie between Togekiss and Rhyperior. Togekiss because I just like Togepi evos alot and Rhyperior because I used a Rhydon in LG and was able to evolve it further once I transferred it to Diamond.