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What's your favourite evolution introduced in Generation IV?


Weavile, Rhyperior, Magmortar and Electivire are all awesome. Some of the new evos like Probopass, Ambipom and Magnezone make me sick but I figure Game Freak's development team must've been desperate for ideas.

Ditto B1tch

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I quite liked the two new Eeveelutions myself.

Hunter Zolomon

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Definitely Electivire for me. Electivire has an awesome design and I enjoy using Electivire in the games. He can be a powerhouse.

I also like Magmortar, Glaceon and Leafeon. Magnezone is fun to use in competitive and so is Togekiss! I still use Togekiss a lot for competitive still to this day.

Captain Jigglypuff

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I would have to say Mamoswine and Weavile given how useful they are in a playthrough. Mamoswine is probably one of the easiest of the Gen IV evolutions to get in Gen VIII given you don’t need to use any items that are hard to get or trade to get since Heart Scales are no longer necessary for remembering moves. I also like Togekiss but finding a Shiny Stone can be difficult and occasionally you get a Togepi that seems to refuse to evolve into Togetic no matter how many times you make Curry and feed it the Stat boosting Vitamins which do increase the Happiness value. I had one Togepi that took about thirty Curry cookings, 30 of the Vitamins, given the Soothe Bell to hold, was first in my party, and over 100 different sizes of the leveling candies which also increase happiness and it still refused to evolve until it was over level 70. It started off at being level 10.


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Leafeon, because I always wanted a grass typed Eeveelution, ever since Pokemon Blue (and thankfully, since Sword/Shield it evolves through the leaf stone, as it always should have)
Togekiss, because I never liked Togetic all that much and it was, to me, a much improved final evolution. It's also very cute
Mismagius because it looks awesome and gave Misdreavus an evolution
Roserade because it upgraded Reselia quite a bit and I like the "masked hero" vibe it has
And Yanmega looks just so much better and badass than Yanma

I would like Electivire, because it looks so much better than Electabuzz, but it's a trade evolution, and I hate those.


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frosslass and glaceon are in my top 5 favorite pokemon of all time

leafeon, yanmega, weavile, porygonz, and magnezone are top 15

and i'd say gallade and gliscor are maybe top 30

the evolutions and gen 4 as a whole were awesome

Chaos Emperor

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PorygonZ. The porygon line is one of my favorites, and I’m surprised a third form happened since after the porygon episode of the anime you’d think it would’ve disappeared completely. I know the anime and games are 2 diffrent things handed by different companies but given the reaction to what happened I would’ve imagined porygon being forever banned from the show might carry over into the games as well making it near impossible to get (though getting one and it’s evos is no easy task) and definitely no further evolutions.


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Roserade, Magnezone, Yanmega, Togekiss, and Leafeon would probably be my favorites. Magnezone carried my team during my B2 playthrough, and Roserade served the same purpose when I played through X. The last 3 were mostly used with the intent to reach max level, a personal challenge that I started in Gen 6 to have each final stage evo at Lv. 100, and put in a lot of work in league rematches and regional battle facilities.

I appreciate how Gen 4 gave opportunities to expand evolution lines and breathe some life into old favorites, and although I haven't used all of them, I know I'll definitely spend time training them up in Shield or utilizing them once BDSP come out. (Honorable mentions are the gift Electivire and Magmortar from PBR who I still have, and Tangrowth who is the only full-odds shiny I've captured in Gen 8 thus far.)

Red and Blue

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Yanmega, Togekiss, and Gallade. I love the latter two so much that I'm going to use them on my remake and Legends playthrough respectively


playing Version X
The Empoleon line, they all look so cool. Except for prinplup


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With the exception of a few trainers (Byron, Lucian, Flint, etc.), Roserade is mostly capable of destroying every other trainer in Sinnoh.

What are my other favorite evolutions from Gen 4?