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Whats your favourite underated pokemon?

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I dont know if this has been done before but it seemed like a fun thing to do.

for me:
Gen 1- bulbasaur, always seems to lose out to the others
gen 2- hoothoot . i like owls
gen 3- tropius- its a dinosaur with a banana beard need i say more
gen 4- have to admit i havent played gen 4 much lumineon is very pretty though(looks like spritzee though?)
gen 5- gigalith just dont see him round that often
Gen 6- Chespin and furfrou. Furfrou was actually one of my favourites on my team and helped me out multiple times.. wish it had an evo though.

So many hate but i think froakie is way over-rated. of all the starters i just couldnt use him.


Absol and Houndoom if they are underrated.


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I'd say ampharos, but it got a mega evolution, so... sharpedo.


Eldritch Abomination
Delphox, Malamar, Gourgeist and Mawile. Someone mentioned Absol in a previous post, but I don't think it is underrated.


I come and go suddenly
My favourite underrated Pokémon?

Delphox wins it by a long shot! I find it's a very unique concept for a fox creature and is a very fun Pokémon to use. Plus, it's a real breath of fresh air from all those Fire/Fighting starters we've had for the previous three generations.


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Magmortar and Garbodor.

Magmortar's one of the better Fire types IMO, while Garbodor, while being a complete deadweight gameplay-wise, is a generally enjoyable design.


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Probably Buneary/Lopunny. If they are underrated, that is, I'm not sure what would qualify a Pokemon as underrated. I've been meaning to use one on my team for a long time and I think I might do that in my current Platinum playthrough. Would Banette count? Because if so, then it'd be that but I did get a mega evolution but I'm disregarding that for my judgement. So either of those two really.


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I could say Dunsparce, but that would be joining a very large bandwagon. I guess I will say Florges, apparently Sylveon is better with Hyper Voice, despite the obvious challenge of having to get a female Dream World Eevee, getting it Hyper Voice in Gen V, then also making sure it has any necessary egg moves. In all honesty I find Florges a better option for convenience sake.
I LUV Meganium and I think it get too much flack for having more support moves compared to Typhlosion or Feraligatr.

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Magmortar and Garbodor.

Magmortar's one of the better Fire types IMO, while Garbodor, while being a complete deadweight gameplay-wise, is a generally enjoyable design.

I'm glad we agree on Magmortar.

As for me I'd go with Golem and Delphox. I don't agree they're bad competitively at all.

Golem can strike back thanks to its sturdy ability and cause massive damage.


Axew is my favorite underrated pokemon and tepig


Barbaracle, despite the awesome Shell Smash+White Herb combo it can pull off. I see a lot of hate towards it.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
It will always be Samurott...no matter what I'll still love him

Platinum fan.

So many Pokemon to choose from. But it depends on if you find them underrated or not.

1: Empoleon. My favorite Pokemon. It's pretty underrated compared to Infernape and Torterra. It's a good Pokemon but is usually behind these two in Pokemon choices.
2: Delphox. Delphox get's a lot of crap in it's appearance and it's stats. Give the fox a break. I used one in my first X playthrough and it was amazing. So I don't see what the haters are whining about. After Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar, we finally get a new Fire type that is not Fighting and it's constantly dumped on.
3: Lopunny. Someone mentioned Lopunny and Buneary. The Pokemon is pretty good if you know how to use it. I used one just to see how good it can be, and it can be very good.
4: Pachirisu/Emolga/Minun. I was dared to win the game with these Pokemon in their regional generation and I did. I beat Cynthia's Milotic with Pachirisu's Super Fang and Thundebrolt. My Minun nearly soloed Wallace's entire team. And Emolga took down several of Alder's Pokemon. The electric regional rodents are actually pretty good.
5: Jigglypuff. Don't laugh. In the old days of Gold, Silver, and Crystal, I trained a Jigglypuff and never evolved it. I taught it the elemental punches it could learn from TM's in Goldenrod City. By the end of the game, Jigglypuff could beat Lance's Dragonites with Ice Punch, Silver's Crobat, Misty's entire team with Thunder Punch, Erika's team with Fire Punch, and became a surprising tank. But her speed always sucked. Still I remember the days of beating Lance with a Jigglypuff on Game Boy Color.
6: Qwilfish. Poison Pokemon in general are underrated but, I made a nice Qwilfish just for the fun of it. I tend to like to have at least one Pokemon on my team that doesn't evolve.

These are just some. There are a lot more. When I think of some more I'll repost on here.


So long
There are probably many, but some I can think of are Gothitelle, Magmortar, Lilligant, Archeops, Mismagius, Slaking and Ludicolo. I like all of these for various reasons.
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