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What's your flavor?

Like and Dislike? (Pick two)

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Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
In pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, a new mechanic was ibntroduced called 'Natures'. These Natures boosted a certain pokemon stat while lowering another, while a few had no effect.

These natures also worked in tandem with Contests, a different style of competition. Natures made it so that pokemon liked a certain flavor over others, while also disliking some. Some liked Spicy foods while others liked Sour. This format of preferred flavors gave the pokemon a personality instead of just being mindless drones.

With that said, what is your preffered flavor? Which flavors do you dislike?

-Spicy - Foods in this flavor often have seasoning or sauce to please the fiery tongue. All spicy foods origante to peppers such as jalapenos, chili, etc. Some salivate at the thought of a fire in their mouth.

-Sour - This flavour is quite rare as it is only found in certain fruits. Otherwise, there are candies made to be sour. Some just can't help that pinching sting they love.

-Dry - An odd choice for a flavor. Foods of this flavor often have low water content. Breads, nuts, potato chips, dried fruits. There's something about that dryness that people can't resist.

-Bitter - Makes 'Dry' seem normal. Bitterness is found in rather unexciting foods like coffee, olives, pickles, and such. I guess some people like that tingling in their mouth.

-Sweet - Probably the capital of tastes. Most sweet foods have alot of sugar. Many candies, some fruits, and drinks hold this sense of taste. Not many people can resist a sweet offering.

My preffered flavor is Spicy. I just love spicy foods. But I'm a bit picky about that as I only eat spicy meats. My disliked flavor is Sweet. Sweet foods just don't appeal to me. In fact, I avoid it at all costs. I just don't like sweets. Does that mean I'm 'Brave'?

What about you?


Sweet & Spicy.
My sweet tooth wouldn't be able to last for very long if it wasn't fed candy every few days. They usually rot your teeth but they haven't done anything to mine (yet). As long as it isn't sugar-coated sugar candies with a sugary filling or anything.
I really dislike bitter foods though. It just has this weird taste that's kind of sour but also has this other unusual flavour...I don't know. This is why I don't like coffee. ;P

Which category would 'salty' fall into?


Well-Known Member
I actually really like all types of genres of food !
But I guess my top would be Sweet / Sour / Bitter. Haha, I guess I can't choose. If I had to, that
would probably be the order they would be placed in. :3​


Based on the flavors, my nature is Naive...(O,o)
I see myself as Modest but I like Spicy.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Love Spicy hate Bitter...my nature is NAUGHTY!!! >:)


Silver forever <3
Love spicy, sweet, and dry, don't care for bitter one bit! (except for the olives... lol)
I love sweet, but hate dry or bitter.


I love Sweet~ and a bit of Sourness (like oranges and pineapples), though I hate Spicy, even though I come from a country that is bundled with spicy dishes.