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What's your grail?


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Ah yes, the grail. That one item that you'd potentially and almost definitely sell all of your vital organs for.

Do you guys have any? If so, what is it? Do you own it?

My grails (that I have managed to acquire) were/are the Pokedoll Mew keychain, and the Petit Chara Flygons figurine thingies. I got the Pokedoll keychain as a gift (MOOT B| ), and I got the other ones from stalking Y!Japan for years and paying wayyyy too much for them, but hey. Whatever. Whoever said money can't buy happiness is out of their mind, lmfao. The shiny Flygon, Roselia, and Absol kids were also grails of mine that I managed to nab. C:



I'll add more photos when I stop being lazy,lmfao.


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The "grails" I currently own are plush toys of Darkrai and Yveltal. The ones I do not have are the Banpresto Roserade plush, Vaporeon and the sleeping Mudkip from the relaxed plushie line and if it exists a plush toy of Dragalge. Would have included my Rosalina plush and Rosalina and Lucina amiibos but they don't really count since they are not Pokémon related products.
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I’ve got quite a few grails. My ‘Holy Grails’ are The Giant Pokemon Center Raikou plush, Shiny Raikou PokeDoll, Sleepy Snivy plush, and Blaziken PokeDoll.

Some of my biggest grails at the moment are; Virizion PokeDoll, Virizion PokeCen plush, Black Kyurem Pokedoll, Black Kyurem PokeCen plush and the Zekrom Pokedoll.

As for grails I have obtained, well I have 2 in particular. For many, many years there was one plush that I wanted so desperately that you’d probably call it a ‘Holy Grail’ of mine. The Tomy Black Kyurem plush. Obviously to a collector this would be fairly easy to obtain, but for me (who was not yet a serious collector) it seemed near impossible. I wanted it so bad that I’d even have dreams about it and I’d just stare at pictures of it on Google images (I know, I was really dumb). Anyway long story short, I ended up getting the plush for Christmas last year thanks to my amazing mum. He now sits proudly on a shelf overlooking my room.
The Samurott PokeDoll has been a huge grail of mine for the last 6 months or so since the sea lion Pokemon has really grown on me lately. Unfortunately the rarity and prices of this PokeDoll meant that I probably wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it in the near future. Well, that was until the Ebay seller hobby_japan (who I buy from all the time) listed a few Samurotts for $30. Obviously I didn’t hesitate to buy one XD I also got myself the Emboar Pokedoll since it looked so round and adorable. I can’t wait until they arrive!

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My Grails come along as I look them up, but so far I have been looking for the Shiny PokeDoll Suicune, The Pokeball Yveltal, The Primal and Normal Kyogre, The Full Body Art Reshiram Card, Pokemon Best Wishes Reshiram, Mega Rayquaza Plush and the New Lugia Poke Plush Large that I recently saw in the PokeCenter Website X3
There's still many that I missed growing up, like small figurines when Pikachu was fat.
Now I'm searching on the internet, like the BK and McDonalds Poke Toys as well. It's funny as I worked at McDonalds when they had this:


and I was actually looking sooooo freaking hard for the Yveltal Ball :c I only got 3 out of the 12 :C Was happy I got my Venusaur though. Also had found a destroyed Mewtwo Ball but didn't pick it up :c

Another Holy Grail I managed to capture is Yveltal the Plush. Got it as soon as it was up in the Pokemon Center Previews before the website opened up:



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for pokemon, definitely this:


last one that went up sold for i believe $1,500 so i am sure i will never own it, but i can dream..


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I've had so many Pokemon plushes and figures accumulated ever since I was a child. I'd hate to say that I don't care that much about them anymore, but they've just been staying in a bunch of plastic bags and collecting dust...

Surprisingly, my grail would be the Froakie standard plush that I had gotten from Nintendo World in 2013. I don't know how I became so attached to Froakie soon after XY was announced. Since then, I've been hoping to get a plushie of one and was able to find an opportunity to go to the city during the holiday season later in the year. It may not be a rare or valuable kind of plush, but I love it so very much and brought it along with me for college.

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Clearly we're great!

This thing. I don't even know how big it is and the face is all wonky but uggggh I want it so much. I THINK it's from the second movie premiere but I haven't been able to find that out.


And this thing. I don't know if there's any official copy but this is promo art with a VASTLY different design for the Hikoukyuu as well as Melody's instrument.

I'd love to have either of these. There's something fundamentally strange about collecting the collector, isn't there?


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That sitting Chesnaught Poképlush.. I'll definitely buy it if I get the chance.

I have this REALLY CUTE Cyndaquil plush though. In a way, that is enough but it actually isn't.


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A life-sized Lilligant Plushie. If they were to come out with one of those... well, I'd very much want to get one.
Any of the large legendary dog plushes.

I also love the new giant squishy ditto plush that is currently Japan exclusive. I'm hoping they bring it to the poke center online stateside.