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What's your gym leader team? V2!

Discussion in 'Games' started by DittoDude, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    Post your results here!

    Type: Steel
    Team: :598:, :589:, ;410;
    Rematch Team: :598:, ;395;, ;205;, :625:, ;306;, ;212;
    Puzzle: The doors all have safe-like dials. There are math problems written on the walls. The answers are the numbers you turn the dial on the door to.
    Music: This.
    Before the battle: I LOVE DEFENSE!
    Win: My metallic defense overcame you!
    Lose: How could defense fail?
    Last Pokemon: This defense won't let me down!

    Attached Files:

  2. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    Type: Normal
    Team: Jigglypuff, Griafarig, Blissey, Staraptor
    Rematch Team: Snorlax, Miltank, Exploud, Ambipom, Unfezant, Staraptor
    Puzzle: A ditto transforms into a pokemon, then 2 of the same pokemon come up, and they do that thing like where you find the pebble under the cup. If you get it right, you move up, if you get it wrong, you face a trainer and the 2 pokemon that ran up to the ditto.
    Music: This
    Before Battle: So, I herd you like [Insert Pokemon 1 here]? Well, you might wanna watch it, kid. I may rule over Normal types, but I am far from being normal. Now, let's see how normal you are!
    Win Battle: Pathetic, losing to something so normal...
    Lose Battle: You are defiantly not normal, and I like that.
    Last Pokemon: Normal types are strong, but lets see you fight a Flying type!
    Last Pokemon, half HP: Staraptor/Unfezant, finish him quickly!
  3. cape

    cape [insert title here]

    No. of pkmn: 3
    Type: Dragon (what??)
    Team: ;372; ;329; ;230; (well, quite suitable for a gym match)
    Rematch: ;334; :612: :621: ;330; ;149; ;445; (where is Salamence and Kingdra?)

    to be added later:p
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2012
  4. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Pokemon #-6 o.o
    Type- Ice
    Pokemon: ;478;, ;365;, ;473;, :613:, ;364;, and :614: Talk about like a reg gym leader :D
    Rematch Pokemon: ;220;, ;473;, ;131;, ;238;, ;361;, and ;087;. Talk about worse than above. :mad:
  5. Brew

    Brew Mad dreamer

    Type: Ice

    Battle Music: Creepy Bell Carol

    Location/Maze/Riddles: Ice Palace (think PR:SoA Almia Castle) One large hallway with bookcases on either side. Five doors to get through, each rigged with a question (they're ridiculously easy).

    If you get a question wrong, you face a trainer (who battles you with a snorunt OR a Sneasel OR a Cubchoo OR maybe a combination of the three).

    Icy floors (so it's really a maze when there are rocks placed in between the door and you) and a thirty minute time limit:

    1/Which type, other than fire, is super-effective against ice?


    2/True or False:

    Lapras is NOT considered an Ice-type pokemon.

    3/True or False:

    Seel is an Ice-type pokemon.

    4/True or False:

    When combined with Shelmet, Shellder evolves into a super bug/ice type.

    5/What do you call the process when water turns into ice?


    Before battle quote: Ice-y you've made it to the end. Aha... did you like my pun there? Well then, if you manage to beat me, I'll give you some ice cream as a reward! And a badge too...

    Walrein ;365;
    Snorunt ;361;
    Weavile ;461;
    Lapras ;131;

    Super effective move: Ah! Excellent choice. Your knowledge in types is quite profound.

    Last pokemon: Hm! No matter, my knowledge will suffice in bringing you down, along with my Pokemon!

    Weak pokemon: Argh! Are my efforts failing? No! Let's finish this!

    When I win: Aha! It seems my faith in knowledge was not misplaced! Let us do battle again another time.

    When I lose: My ideals seem to be... where is the knowledge I seek..? My Pokemon...

    After battle speech: I lost and you won. Though it chills my bones to say it, you have earned the Glacier Badge and I bid you farewell. We will battle again, I assure you! May the chill be with you on your forecoming journeys. Oh, don't forget your ice cream!


    Before battle: Welcome once more to my cool palace! I take it you enjoy the air conditioning? Bwahaha! Well, let us test our skills in this frosty battle!

    Abomasnow ;460;
    Vanilluxe :584:
    Beartic :614:
    Cryogonal :615:
    Glalie ;362;
    Cloyster ;091;

    Super effective move: You've improved! I see you have gained more knowledge...

    Last pokemon: This will not be a repeat of last time, I assure you!

    Weak pokemon: I believe in you {insert pokemon name here}! Our knowledge will prevail!

    When I win: Yes! I may have lost before, but my knowledge and Pokemon were well-trained this time. We will battle once more.

    When I lose: No! I've lost once ... I've failed my Pokemon.. My knowledge has failed me...

    After battle speech: Once more, I have lost to a worthy opponent. May the knowledge I have passed down to you aid you in your future
    journeys. And may the chill be with you.
  6. RagingStarmie

    RagingStarmie The Pokemon Director

    Flying Gym
    Pokemon: ;227; ;430; ;165;
    Puzzle: You must have a flying pokemon to fly around to each floating stage that eventually gets higher into the gym. There is a fog at the beginning when you battle me. Defog would be helpful (;
    Battle Quote: "A challenge, well I doubt you'll fly higher than me. Soar at me!"
    Winning quote: "I'd say good job, but you didn't win, so better luck next time."
    Losing Quote: "You can't always fly above the rest. Here's your Soar Badge."

    Rematch Pokemon: ;018; ;416; ;441; ;267; ;012; ;277;
  7. snivy trainer

    snivy trainer Driving myself batty

    Type: Blue style (cheap I know, but fun!)
    Pokemon: Heracross / Magmar / Sceptile / Duosion
    Rematch: Heracross / Magmortar / Starmie / Sceptile / Reuniclus / Jolteon
    Puzzle: there're panels on the floor that make the word CHALLENGE ME. Challengers must complete the puzzle to open the door to my room.
    Battle quote: So, you wish to challenge me... It's been a while since I've had a good battle. Me and my Pokemon will decide if you have the determination to win the Duo Badge!
    Win: You did well challenger, but it wasn't enough to beat me.
    Lose: Indeed, you have the determination... very well! You have earned the Duo Badge!
  8. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Type: Dark
    Battle Music: This thing
    Team: ;275;, ;359;, ;229;, ;342;
    Rematch team: :553:, ;430;, ;452;, ;275;, ;229;, :635:

    Puzzle: A labyrinth. Much like Brawlys from RSE, except it is bigger, and it does not get any more light after defeating Gym Trainers. Gym Leader's in the middle.
    Before battle: "You look like a feisty one.. Let's ge this show on the road!"
    Win: "Knowing your own Darkness, is the best way to handle the darkness of others!"
    Lose: "To be a Star.. You must enlighten your way through the darkest of darkness"
    Last Pokemon: "This isn't good.. Send them into Oblivion!"
    Weak Pokemon: "I see stars..."
  9. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    I did another one.

    Type: Electric
    Team: :523:, :603:, :522:
    Puzzle: There are a bunch of tangled cords coming from color-coded jacks in the wall. Challengers must plug each cord in to the right-colored outlet on the other side
    Music: This.
    Win: Struck down with lightning!
    Lose: My spark has gone out.
    Before battle: Let's see how you conduct the electricity of this battle!
    Last Pokemon: One last spark to keep the storm going!
    Rematch team: ;466;, ;026;, ;405;, :604:, :618:, ;171;

    Yet another.
    Type: Psychic
    Team: ;201-s;, ;437;
    Puzzle: There are riddles on the walls that you must answer correctly to proceed.
    Music: This.
    Rematch team: :606:, :561:, ;437;, :576:, ;326;, ;202;
  10. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Type: Ground

    Team: Larvitar ;246; (level 40), Golurk :623: (level 40), Steelix ;208; (level 45)

    Puzzle: Similar to Wallace's gym in Hoenn. On each floor, you have to press each switch, evading/fighting trainers on the way. However, you can only step on each tile once, otherwise the switches and floor will be reset. If you're in a dead end, you can step on other tiles until you get out. Each floor, three in total, goes deeper into the earth.

    Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oopBMLaIxQk

    Win in battle: Do you really think you can handle the earth?

    Loss: Well, it appears that you have won against me... you're good, I give you that! Here, take the Quaking Badge...

    Before battle: Ah, hello, young trainer. My name is Earth, the gym leader of this gym. For a few years, I have trained my team, preparing for this moment. Fo you think you're ready? Then face off against the power that surrounds us all!

    Last Pokemon: Time to face the true fury of the earthquake!

    Weak last Pokemon: Is this the landslide which will crush me?

    Rematch: Gliscor ;472; (level 58), Excadrill :530: (level 60), Nidoking ;034; (level 60), Donphan ;232; (level 55), Swampert ;260; (level 58), Steelix ;208; (level 63)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012
  11. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I also did another one. This is fun!

    Type: Psychic
    Number of Pokemon: 3

    First Team: :527:, ;343;, ;080;
    Rematch Team: :561:, ;326;, ;475;, ;122;, ;282;, :606:

    Puzzle: there will be voices (Or game text, lol), telling you were to go inside a labyrinth, but they don't always tell the truth. defeated trainers will give you a hint.

    Battle Music: Sacred Dawn

    Battle quotes:
    Before battle: "In me.. Place all your trust! The voices told you the way.. Let's see, just how lucky you are!"
    SE move: "I saw that coming!"
    Last Pokemon: "The voices are telling me things... Bad things!"
    Last Pkm Low HP: "Why do you resist your savior?"
    Winning quote: "I command you. Obey my every wish!"
    Losing quote: "Congratulations, -player's name-. The world has become a utopia filled with true order! I present to you, this badge"
  12. Romain

    Romain Err'body Luv Mama!

    Here's mama's one, y'all!

    Type: Normal
    Number Of Pokémon: Three
    Mama's First Team: ;040; ;115; ;242;
    Mama's Rematch Team: ;132; ;018; ;036; ;463; ;424; ;241;
    Mama's Puzzle: Mama be centre stage sanging and dancing in a stadium, with backup sangers and dancers performing with her. A spotlight will be flashed upon the trainer, and they'll be asked to sang along to the next few lyrics mama is sanging. If y'all get it wrong, ya'll be having to face a trainer.
    Mama's Gym Music: S&M
    Mama's Battle Quotes:
    - Before Battle: "Hey gurlfriend! Mama gon' go PUT IT DOWN!"
    - When Opponent Uses Super Effective Move: "Guuuuurl, why'd y'all have to go do that to mama?"
    - When mama down to last Pokémon: "OH HELL NO! Mama ain't losing to y'all!"
    - When mama's Pokémon is weak: "Don't worry boo-boo! Mama got chicken!"
    - When mama wins: "Mama put it doooown!"
    - When mama loses: "OH HELL NO! Y'all ain't gettin' yo badge anyway, gurl!"
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012
  13. Indigoodra

    Indigoodra Well-Known Member

    Ice Gym!

    ;087; ;364; ;124;
    Puzzles 'n' Fun: The gym itself is a giant, icy castle. Your job is to enter all of the rooms and find the several furnaces within the castle and turn them on to reach the leader's room, which is a giant throne room.
    Muzak: Oh, this is super icy.
    Before a battle, I say "Look, we both know I'm better than you, so make this quick, won't you?"
    When an opponent uses a super effective move on me, I say "Huh, the normal has some brains."
    When I only have one pokemon left, I say "We'll pull through, just you watch."
    When the aforementioned last pokemon is weak, I say "I won't let myself lose. I simply can't."
    When I win, I say "Mmhmm, okay, next?"
    When I lose, I say "Don't you dare let yourself lose to anyone else. Second best is bad enough for me."

    Rematch team: ;087; :584: ;460; ;131; ;473; ;124;
    Before a rematch, I say "Well, you again. Now I can finally prove myself better than you."
    When an opponent uses a super effective move on me in a rematch, I say "Hmm, you've been getting better too, it seems."
    When I have only one pokemon left in a rematch, I say "Awfully close, isn't this?"
    When my last pokemon is weak in a rematch, I say "This is too close for comfort, how about I troll you with a Full Restore?"
    When I win a rematch, I say "Finally I can regain my glory."
    When I lose a rematch, I say "Well, I can only get better, can't I?"

    This is insanely fun, I am totally doing this again :D
  14. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    I think I'm addicted.

    Type: Ghost
    Team: Drifblim, Dusclops, Misdreavus, Chandelure
    Theme Music: This beast.
    Rematch Team: Jellicent, Shedinja, Genger, Spiritomb, Drifblim, Froslass

    Type: Ground
    Team: Marowak, Larvitar, Gastrodon
    Music: Scared yet?
    Rematch Team: Swampert, Stunfisk, Gastrodon, Mamoswine, Torterra, Camerupt

    Type: Bug
    Team: Combee, Dustox
    Rematch Team: Scizor, Wormadam, Beedrill, Galvantula, Escavalier, Armaldo
  15. Ugarking

    Ugarking God of Creation

    Type: Water
    Team: Wailord, Gorebyss, Mantine, Samurott
    Rematch Team: Seel (0_0), Corphish (o_O), Crawdaunt, Whiscash, Blastoise, Magikarp (o_O) (What's wrong with my brain, it remembers weak pokemons)
    Theme: The Final Countdown lol
    1. The platform would be shallow water so you could walk on
    2. There will wave currents that will draft you obviously
    3. There will be whirlpools that could be waiting at the end of the current, making you go to another place that could be water or more currents
    4. Your eyesight will be blurred by and by when you enter a current or a whirlpool until your vision is like caves that requires flash
    5. It... will... be... extremely... difficult...

    Before Battle: Ah, I see that you have managed to surpassed the waves and whirls, but know prepare yourself for battle!
    SE Move: Hahaha, you think that you could defeat me with that, prepare for some whipped cream!
    Last Pokemon: Incredible, you were able to surpassed my creamy marshmallows...
    Won: Tss, I'm too awesome.
    Loss: I will still not give you my badge, but I could give a TM999 Splash which is the strongest move OF ALL TIME!!!
  16. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Type: Ghost

    Primary Team:
    :562:, ;302;, ;355;, ;292;

    Rematch Team:
    :563:, :623:, ;094;, :593:, ;302;, ;356;
    Have a multiroom maze with a bit of a hazy background. Each room has at first has no exits after entering into it except the entrance. Each room looks like a cemetery and you need to find a different colored "grave" and touch it to unlock the door ahead. Be careful because as you continue there will be more exits and exiting through the wrong one will send you to a trainer battle.

    Music: This

    Before the Battle: "This place has an interesting aura wouldn't you say? I love fighting with ghosts because most attacks just go through them. You think you got what it takes to beat me? Then we'll see."
    Win: "Try again with better typing."
    Lose: "It seems that I wasn't as incorporeal as I thought."
    Last Pokemon: "My last one already? Well then, let's make it a grande finish."
    Weak: "It seems you're ready to move on. Let's finish this battle."
    Super Effective Move: "Well well, it seems you're smarter than you look."
    Rematch Quote: "Nice to see you again. But are you sure that you're ready for another match? I'm pulling out all the stops now."
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2012
  17. amittal12

    amittal12 Sceptile Maniac

    Team:Forretress, Bisharp, Bastiodon, Metang(Pretty good for say 6th gym in-game)
    Rematch Team:Forretress, Steelix, Bisharp, Scizor, Magnezone, Aggron(great team with other types to balance out)
    Challenge-Find five different steel things with your dowsing machine and give them to gym trainers who will give clue where the next thing is when they are defeated.
    Before Battle:You must be smart enough to come till here but it will take more than that to break through my steel pokemon's defences.
    First non-KO hit:You seem sharp like a Bisharp
    Sending Last Pokemon:You're breaking through my defences.
    Last Pokemon's HP fell to less than half:Oh no!My steel-hard pokemon
    After being Defeated:Wow,that was a fantastic match.You used both your wits and power to break through my steel pokemon's defences.You really deserve this badge.
  18. amittal12

    amittal12 Sceptile Maniac

    Another one

    Team:Froslass,Duskull(good team for a third gym leader as even though Froslass are evolved pokemon,it is stone evolution so it can be obtained as soon as the stone)
    Rematch Team:Shedinja,Mismagius,Drifblim,Golurk,Dusknoir,Spiritomb.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2012
  19. Romain

    Romain Err'body Luv Mama!

    Mama did another one, y'all!

    Type: Poison
    Number Of Pokémon: Four
    Mama's First Team: ;073; ;315; ;169; ;003;
    Mama's Rematch Team: ;435; ;269; ;015; ;003; ;110; ;024;
    Mama's Puzzle: Mama be in a circus arena with clowns, magicians and freaks, y'all. Mama be the ring leader who sends her freaks on y'all to battle. If y'all avoid them and live or just win y'all's battle thang, y'all get to challenge mama.
    Mama's Gym Music: If Y'all Seek Amy
    Mama's Battle Quotes:
    - Before Battle: "Hey y'all! Mama hopes y'all is ready to sang and dance, guurl!"
    - When Opponent Uses Super Effective Move: "Dayum! Mama don't like y'all, y'hear!"
    - When mama down to last Pokémon: "OH HELL NO! Mama gon' go and throw her weave at y'all!"
    - When mama's Pokémon is weak: "Don't worry boo-boo! Mama got chicken!"
    - When mama wins: "Mama put it doooown!"
    - When mama loses: "OH HELL NO! Mama'll fight y'all for mama's badge!"
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2012
  20. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Type: Poison
    Team: ;434; ;070; :568:
    Rematch Team: ;435; ;071; :569: ;110; ;317; ;169;
    Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w12R_PmXHEM I kind of cheated on this one, I admit. :(
    Before the battle: Hello. Smell that aroma around you? That's the smell of your Pokemon going down in defeat. En guarde!
    Lose: So my gas couldn't weaken you're Pokemon... fine, take it. This is the Smoke Badge.
    Final Pokemon: Ha! Your Pokemon will tremble under the power of this one's toxic!

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