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What's Your Playstyle?

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I make sure i have at least one legendary on my team because that's the pokemon i usually use to win or finish the battle.


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Mine has changed to total and utter stall (ubers only)

Otherwise I hardly play the conventional metagame but HO in the lower tiers is so much fun :)


I love stalling teams. Usually a team with Substitutes, Toxic and Protect. My team is obviously bulky walls with one or two sweepers.

Lately I've been trying to theory craft an all encomposing pokemon team, I've run into a few blocks though. Im not looking for a team of super powers, but more or less 4-5 awesome tanks/walls/stalling monsters with one Sweeper/Revenge killer to snag those last second KO's.

As an ultimate team (W/O any UBERS) what would be a team of 6 that has The following:
-Normal, Ghost, Ground, Steel, Dark and Flying types present for full immunities.
-Motor Drive, Flash Fire, Water Absorb Etc. abilities to give certain immunity to those types (As many as possible, not the full team, thats impossible)
-Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rocks for environment.
-Rapid Spin or Defog as a defense to those.
-Recover, Moonlight, Wish Etc. to increase survivibility.
-Extreme Speed, Quick Attack, Mach Punch, Sucker Punch Etc. for quick hits to add some damage.

What I have so far:
Donphan (Choice Scarf) , Umbreon (Leftovers), Dusknoir (Leftovers), Tentacruel (Black Sludge) and Snorlax (Leftovers)

Any input on my crazy idea just let me know, for now Im going to level these 30 some odd monsters to 100 and hope I figure it out through trial and error.


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I like to build abnormal sets for pokemon. Sometimes they work incredibly well, other times they fail miserably, but its much more interesting then just using the most popular builds that seem to be used by most everyone.


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Bulky Offense and the partners can support one another. Or one support and head messer and one sweeper. I've been trying to stay out of the uber enviroment just to make things interesting. One of these days I really need to check Smoogon's lists...
For the record I only have Dialga on my team because I like him.


Flood Of Red
i dont really have a set playstyle, i just throw teams together :3
Tbh, I prefer just plain offense however it is kinda hard to play lately. I also hate HO teams. Stall seems very annoying, the fact that you only have to survive and rely on passive damage to beat the opponent just yells "try to hax me *****". Bulky Offense is ok too, but Offense is just much better and fun


Sic Transit Gloria
Tbh, I prefer just plain offense however it is kinda hard to play lately. I also hate HO teams. Stall seems very annoying, the fact that you only have to survive and rely on passive damage to beat the opponent just yells "try to hax me *****". Bulky Offense is ok too, but Offense is just much better and fun

I too am a fan of offense particularly bulky offense. My reasons being that with straight offense you have to really play smart and well or risk losing something important. With bulky offense you have more bulk obviously which allows you to pivot around with mons to get the right change to strike back. I like straight offense just as well though because its always fun to apply huge amounts of pressure to your opponent and cause them to squirm. As for stall I'm not a big fan its a great playstyle for some but I just don't have the patience to play it out well haha. HO is bogus imo as it requires absolutely no skill to operate, its a brainless team that just keeps on attacking.


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Most of my teams mainly focus on attack and speed, but as of late I've been throwing in some stall to throw people off.


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So far, all of my teams have been of the Balance type. I'm relatively new to the competitive scene, so that's what I've deemed best. A lead, and a combination of semi-bulky to glass canon sweepers.

The only common occurrence with my teams is that they use at least a few pokemon that I like a lot, but aren't necessarily OU. Currently, they've been Breloom and Ampharos. Gastrodon and Froslass have been on the roster recently.

Next, I'm going to be looking into playing around with TR and Hail (or maybe even a mix) as I like a lot of ice types, and slow pokemon, so yeah, seems like a good direction to go.
I'm still new at battling, but my teams tend to have fast and powerful sweepers (glass canons) and a good defense. Generally I go with 3/4 Sweepers, 1/2 Walls and 1/2 supporters.


Fire breathing moth
Heavy Offense ain't my style. It feels like trying to drive a godly death beam mounted to a truck made of paper mache. I like a few things that fit the style, like Mienshao and Alakazam, but its just not for me.
I prefer balanced or bulky teams. If it can take a hit and smash a face in, I'm all for it. Conkeldurr, Vaporeon, Reuniclus, Rhyperior, that sort of thing. Generally, I pick a sweeper or two, like Latios+Volcarona, two or three tanks, and a cleric somewhere. I feel naked without Aromatherapy and Wish.
I'm also perfectly content with stall. If I can probably win by watching something slowly but surely gasp for air and die, I'm perfectly game for that. Some of my favorite pokes can't kill anything faster than Toxic. Mandibuzz, Vespiquen, Claydol, etc. I should build a stall team, I don't think I've ever actually thrown more than one staller into a team...
My playstyle is mostly Bulky-Orientated, usually Bulky Offence, but recently I've tried more Stall-ish teams


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My style is a priority offense (ex: bullet punch scizor), because once they are done setting up, they just can't be touched unless you have priority moves also in your team


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i miss miror
Bulky Offense is just so good... It's been somewhat depopularized by HO and voltturn but honestly, it's an overarching genre of team that can play just as offensively as any team while not horribly dying. Having speed issues? Predict. A counter for everything puts everything in its place.
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