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What's your Pokemon "Holy Grail"?


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What's the one attainable thing you want the most involving Pokemon? Your ultimate dream item that you'd pay anything for or spend 1000s of hours grinding for if time/money wasnt a factor?

Could be game related (A living Dex? A certian Shiny? A shiny living dex?)
Anime related (Autographs from the Voices? A complete collection of the whole series?)
TCG related (First edition Charizard card? One of every single pokemon ever?)
Merch related (A certian exclusive plush? A vintage figure lost to time?)

Who knows, maybe someone here will know just where to get exactly what youre looking for!

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
There was a statue of Jirarudan that was apparently at the second movie premere and I want that. It was probably destroyed years ago but if it still exists, I want it.


Feelin' Fine.
I guess for me it' my Shiny Venusaur. It was my first Shiny and is one of the many reason it's my favorite Pokemon.


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The existence of Mega Pinsir - I was waiting for that or something similar since about 1999. I suppose my runner-up would be a UK-based region.


That damn smile
Seeing a Sinnoh remake. It'd honestly feel good seeing how much both me and the franchise have developed


It would be really cool to get a shiny spinda. The design isn't that great. But because each Spinda's spots are randomly generated so the odds of having a shiny spinda that looks anything like another shiny spinda are astronomical. But the odds of having a spinda like that that's a useful nature with contrary are pretty slim. So I guess I'd have to SOS battle a lot of them to get a brave or adamant one with contrary.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
I want to see how Red, Green, Blue and Yellow from the Pokemon Adventures manga grow up as adults together. I'm talking about what their plans are for the future, how many of their friends have grown up, have they been in touch or have they've been out of touch because of other priorities as an adult, what careers do they plan on having (since Pokemon Champion and Gym Leaders seem to be more of a side-job than a main one, I can see all of them being Pokemon Professors to be honest), heck does Red marry Yellow, they aren't like ten-year old Ash and Serena or whatever, they're adults as of now and I feel like Pokemon fans want to see how Red and the gang progress adulthood, the ORAS cameos not really doing a good job on that. I suppose I ask this question because I have noticed an increasing trend of many many characters in manga, anime and games growing up as adults, the most famous and recent example I can think of is how the Naruto series begun and ended, the protagonist starting out as an orphaned troublemaker to a mature married adult in charge of an entire settlement. Maybe I should make a thread out of this, I feel like a lot of people who grew up with the series as children and are now fully grown adults who are starting to have children of their own could relate to this honestly not so far-off idea.


Merch related (A certian exclusive plush? A vintage figure lost to time?)
This is like, my third post in forever, and I feel like if I mention Abra again, it's going to leave some kind of weird impression of me, but... I've always wanted an Abra plushie, and apparently they recently made one, and evidently it's available at Target. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it might be too late to try getting one now... ;_;

Archangel Azazel

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The ARTFX Kotobukiya Touko statue. I ALMOST had it, but for some reason waited to get it and... it sold. It was at a good price too. I love her design as a trainer. She's honestly my favorite protagonist design.


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For me, its always old, obscure magazines and things. Reviews and previews from Generation 1 and 2, old fanzines and kid magazines. I like looking back on the early days of the franchise when there was so much less access to information so it was rife with speculation, unofficial art and dumb rumours. It always gives me a nostslgia kick.

On a similar note, anything from development. I'd love to get my hands on the original Capsule Monsters documents, and any time we see stuff like the Tajiri manga and the GS Beta leak, thats right up my street.


I've always wanted the full set of Gen I Takara Tomy figurines, by which I mean the first edition ones, not the newer common ones. I have almost ten of the figures, but I doubt I'll ever have the whole collection.


Cynical optimist
Have a pokemon card for each pokemon to fill my binders, which I know isn't too hard to do but I've been working on it for a few years now by just buying dollarama packs of 5 cards or so. Soon I'll have to make a list and actually go into a card shop to get the ones I need, but I feel like it's slightly cheating so I'll wait for that when I get stuck towards the end.

Tis my personal goal anyways


cat burgler
A full set of the base set cards. I had it but then unfortunately lost it.
I'd also love to have all the ARTFX figures, too bad they never released them outside of Japan.