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Whats your RAREST Card!

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by King Latios, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. King Latios

    King Latios <Rock...My Favourite

    My Rarest Card would be my Rockets Persian EX! 116/115
    Its Real! Wanna know how i got it...a lady just gave in to me for free while i was buying a booster pack
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2007
  2. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

  3. Dark_style

    Dark_style Washu's Lover

    Anchient mew.
  4. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin Creepy Coney Man :)

    My Rarest cards are:

    Sceptile ex (Crystal Guardians) I have 2 of them
    Groudon* (Delta Species)
    Kyogre* (Delta Species)
  5. My rarest card would have to be Delcatty EX (Crystal Guardians), but my most treasured card would have to be my Sceptile (Ruby and Sapphire)
  6. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Movie promo Pikachu autographed by Ikue Ohtani.
  7. Mario Man

    Mario Man M'kay.


    Got it at Pre-Release

    If you were at the Time Warp Pre-Release hearing some kid screaming I GOT MEW*! That was me.
  8. DIZZI

    DIZZI SOS Brigade Member 7

    i have a lot of treasured cards mainly my charizard (delta species) kyorgre ex
    and my rayquaza* (its shiny)
  9. futuramagirl

    futuramagirl Banned

    Mewtwo * or my prerelese ex unforseen forces bayleef
  10. squirtleboy12

    squirtleboy12 christian 4ever

    i got lots of rare cards

    1 deoxys ex
    1 mew
    1 latias....an attack tht does 100 damage
    1 attack mode deoxys
    etc........i have like 30 cards....that are special
  11. Theneedleman

    Theneedleman crazyengage

    Entei* or Japenese Blaine's Charizard
  12. Slayer

    Slayer Life's a Beach.

    I have the origanal mew,celebi and the prerelese of arodactile and mewtwo and all are mint condition
  13. Not sure, but my new rarest cards are from 2 packs of Dragon Frontiers, I got Dragonite EX and Tyranitar EX
  14. cameronius

    cameronius C_Rich

    My rarest card has to be Kyogre * (shiny version). Even though I don't really use it, it is still the only card I have that I won't trade away.
  15. mr.lucario

    mr.lucario Well-Known Member

    my ancteint mew im so lucky i have it ( i found it on the ground)
  16. Pokemaniacneo

    Pokemaniacneo Well-Known Member

    I don't have much rare cards, I guess my rarest might be Altaria EX from DF but I have shinies from the base set but not sure. -ish sucha n00b- xD
  17. Mewtoo

    Mewtoo SPPF's Castlevanic

    pre release misty's sedra, anceint mew still in plastic foil.
  18. M3T4GR055

    M3T4GR055 .%.PwNaGe.%.

    Registeel Ex in French
    RayQuaza holofoil
  19. PearlEden

    PearlEden Terrorrist ;)

    My is Mewtwo* Pika* Metagross* and other Shinings from Neo Destiny.
    And ______'s Kyogre and Shadow Lugia limited version
  20. Emerald 2006

    Emerald 2006 Well-Known Member

    My rarest are Probably

    Rocket's Entei ex
    Ancient mew
    or Regirock * from EX LegendMakers.
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