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What's your stance on choosing one version or getting both, and why?


Reason I'm asking why, well it makes for a more entertaining read than just providing preferences. As for me,

I try whenever possible to get both versions and the additional third. Since several Pokemon are really hard to get, I don't much care for restarting the game and erasing my progress, so by getting the additional version, I get one more chance or two to play through them.

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I don't get both versions because my brother and I both play Pokémon, so obviously we'd both get the opposite version. If there's a third version, we'd get our own copy.


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I usually buy one of the original versions (ex; Red/Blue, Ruby/Sapphire, etc) then buy the 3rd version.


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I usually get both because its easier for me and then I dont have to ask for things like version exclusives on a trade forum and I can get more event pokemon.


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I usually get one and both of my brothers get one each. We end up with both versions, so I dont really see the point in spending the extra $35 just for like 20 pokemon you cant get in another version. I mean you can always find someway to access wifi. Maybe Im just biased though. Either way Im not against it, just dont get it

Oh, and yeah. We each get the third version usually.


I usually buy both because I have twin brothers. But if I were to buy just one version, I look for the version exclusive that best fits my liking.


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I usually just choose one and then get the third installment when it comes out. With the ability to trade online via WiFi, there's really little need to own both besides wanting to physically have the game and the pure enjoyment of it all.


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i use to get both but since my sister started playing pokemon in the diamond era we get the opposite version aswell, & for the third game we both get it.


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I will get both versions. These games are just too much fun to only play through once so having both versions will allow me to play as many times as I want.

Then I will get the third version. This one is always better than the first two.

In short, I get all three of them, then both the remakes. This is what happened in Generation IV and will happen again in Generation V


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I only get one original version, then get the third version when it is released.

I'm an only child, so I don't have the advantage of siblings' games. But since the advent of wifi, I can easily find ways to get the pokemon that I want from the other version (even though my wifi is kind of crap...), anyway. Before that, I usually traded with my cousin or friend.

This time, my roommate is getting the opposite version than I am, so we plan to trade each other for version exclusives. Luckily, her boyfriend is also getting the game, so we plan to all pick different starters and breed them for each other as well. =)
Usually I don't get that lucky, though. xD

So yeah. I just get one version because I usually don't have any problems getting the pokemon I want from the other version. But I get the third game also because I like to play through multiple times and usually they add cool features to the third game.


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I get one version, then get the third. Usually my cousin gets the other version so we have each other to trade version exclusives.
Though there is the exception where I have both Gold & Silver and Ruby & Sapphire, but I have my reasons. Out of those, Gold and Ruby are what I would call my 'proper games'. Sapphire and Silver have little-to-no game data on them.


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I usually get both, so I won't have to worry about trading for version exclusives. Plus, it's fun getting to play through the game twice without restarting. And you can get more event pokemon.


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I have a dilemna. I can buy just one game, White, or I can trade in 2 Wii games to get both versions. The problem is that there is only 1 game I would be willing to trade in. What do you think? Is it worth it for me to trade in 2 games for these 2, or should I just get 1 of them?
Usually I only get one, becuase it isn't worth the cost to get both.
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I get one. I am only one in family who plays so :/
I pick one with most attractive main legendary.
But now there is more because of B and W exclusive Places.
Anyways If you can get both and third


I usually only get one version, except for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum when I bought all three. I'm only getting the White version this time.


Get the first two that came out and the Third installment. For getting pokemon and moving them into the third which is the most awesome out of the three.


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I only get one version, so far I haven't gotten any of the third versions either but I might it there is one for 5th gen that is good
I think im going to get both versions. I can never stop playing Pokemon, and honestly I hate deleting a file, so its why I saved up money for two versions.