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What's Your Underground Score?


Pokemon Breeder
You can check your underground score by going underground, pressing X, choose your name, and it will show your score. Or a faster way is to check your trainer card above land. But it won't show the things that add up to that score. Even if you haven't played with anyone else, you still get points by the number of spheres dug, and the number of fossils dug.
I personally have a score of 17,178.(I haven't played with anyone else.) I've dug up 813 spheres, and 108 fossils.
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Well-Known Member
I have 17287 points.
I've dug up 554 spheres, and 24 fossils.


Pokemon Breeder
I have an update. You can just check your trainer card above land to see your score. I'll put it on the first post. My new score is 17460, with 1005 spheres dug, and 120 fossils.


Bay Watcher
Mine is only 8430.
People met: 1
Flags obtained: 3
Spheres dug: 390 (I avoid digging up spheres because I hate them)
Fossils dug: 23

Hm, I see the "Trap Hits" score, which is telling me to put a maze of traps around my base to mess with the next person I go underground with. Yay, hurl and confuse traps!


let me see what i have at the moment,

platinum flag.
score: 149,727.
fossils found: 101.
spheres found: 2157.
people met: 117.
gifts given: 108.
flags obtained: 158.
trap hits: 114.

i stepped on a hurl trap once that was connected to a whole other bunch of hurl traps and that way i got hurled to the very other side of the map:(
the person who did that hogged the nearest dig site after that while luaghing very hard at me.

sometimes i wish i had claymores in that game.

Elite Four Muadita

Well-Known Member
MAN THATS SO AWESOME!! i find it boring at the underground because its so freaking empty!!!

my score is: 9370
10 flags obtauned, 593 spheres 30 fosiils

Phrexyian Garguantua

Gyarados Tamer
I don't know why, but I have 13,532 points.
I hate digging up Spheres.
I much rather prefer Heart Scales.


Well-Known Member
Yeah. Who really needs fossils and evolution stones anyway?


Pokemon Breeder
Well I like it. I've gotten an Adamant Areodactyl, an Adamant Cranidos, and a Jolly Cranidos, and many others. And you can sell the evolution stones for a lot of money. There are also plates, heart scales (I have 107 of those), everstones, shards, and other things. Also, the Underground is a place where you can hang with your friends, and escape the hectic life of above the ground. It's also freaking addictive.
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35,236 pts.
Platinum Flag
34 people met
5 gifts given
52 flags obtained
954 spheres dug
29 fossils dug
7 trap hits

Now I feel like I have no life, comparing my score to those of you guys (except s.i.e).

By the way, the score on your trainer card corresponds to the whole game, and the "score" you see underground does, too. So, topic defeated?


Now I feel like I have no life, comparing my score to those of you guys (except s.i.e).

yes thank you alot Blivsey, i really deserved that!

super no life guy wants to tell you that it was better to think twice
before you posted something like that.
My score is 45335, I do a lot of digging for heart scales and other items, I haven't found anyone who has played underground with me though =/

Most people at my school think pokemon is bad so I have never gone underground with anyone.


Well-Known Member
Let's see... my score is currently 10397. The rest of the card says this:

People met: 35 (all fake; it was just me trying to get Spiritomb)
Gifts given: 0
Flags: 0
Spheres: 2154
Fossils: 49
Trap hits: 0

I don't have anyone to play against down there, or I'd have more stuff. I want to get the platinum flag to upgrade my trainer card, too (does it take 15 flags or 50?).

Also, I have a book that says you can use "fossils, spheres, and trap radar" after you get 10 flags. Does anyone know about this? It seems like it would be the normal radar except for the fossils. (Thanks)