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What's your zodiac sigh?


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I'm Libra. I don't read horoscopes but I believe in Astrology (it's not the same). I happen to know my natal chart well and understand some things about astrology. Also I often check the compitability between my partner and friends here https://astromix.net/en/synastry/. The synastry can show the compitability between two people and predict the future of the relationships.
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I'm an Aries. Occasionally I do since one of my lifelong friends has an interest and she tells me about what the daily horoscopes mean.


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I'm a Libra, but beyond the supposed "character traits" of that sign that's about as much as I know about astrology. It is quite interesting though how it all works! When I was a teenager and indecisive about creating video game characters I used to look at how personality tests, astrology and other ways of determining personal traits could indicate a preference towards particular character types in the hopes that it would help me choose what to do. It did not work.

I view astrology and horoscopes in the same way I do with religion - the concept is cool and the way it influences and "exists" within people (for lack of a better word) is fascinating, but I don't believe in it. Am open to being wrong about that though - agnostic over atheist! Astrology is pretty harmless too so no judgement from me towards folks who do believe in it. Would be cool to know what the whole sun / moon / rising stuff means though...


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Gemini although I don't really believe in Zodiac stuff


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I'm a Virgo completely down to all the stereotypes.

Also it's funny whenever this topic gets made because there's always some people who'll say that they don't match their zodiac sign even when they do. Like this dude on another forum I visit who makes at least 10 new topics every day fishing for attention. A few days after noticing his habit I thought to myself 'he must be a Leo', and then a few months later he revealed that he's a Leo but that he 'doesn't feel like a Leo'. Just lol.


Silence is Purple
Capricorn, and in some ways, I do believe the horoscope a little, but don't really fully relate to it. Some parts of how Capricorns act is me, certainly, but some are just... definitely not. I don't read my horoscope, though, don't feel like doing that.


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Taurus. A really plain and unimpressive sign I know lol. We have a reputation for being stubborn and a lot of dictators and cult leaders were Taurus but we're not all bad. ;)


Leo, although I don't take astrology too seriously. I don't exhibit any of the cliché Leo traits in any case, at least as far as I'm aware.