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Whcih region and which Starter?


Sexy Cowboy
Okay, so many people have their preferneces, their favorite pokemon, favorite legednary, gym leader/etc. What im wondering is if pokemon were real, what region would you want to live in and what strter would you most likely pick? For me its Johto and Totodile.


Does the starter have to correlate to the region we pick? If so, then Johto/Totodile. If not, then Johto/Charmander.


Steel-Clad Wonder
I would love to live in the updated Unova. Even though I don't really like any of the Unova starters, I would have an Oshawott that I would give an Everstone to as it evolves into Dewott. (I really, really don't like Samurott)and live in Seigaiha City and train under Marlon at the Gym


Stay Schemin'
I'd live in Unova, in Castelia, with a treecko. Love living in the city :D.


debeo capere omnes
Sinnoh with a Piplup!! I would live in Jubilife City probably. ;393;


johto with a chimchar


Well-Known Member
I would live in Hoenn with a Treecko. If I can have a starter from a different region it would be... well treecko is fine but I would got catch a Sneasel and Ghastly right away.



Shiny hunter :)
Hoenn mudkip. if they can be diff then probs... Turtuwig Hoenn.


Terrakion Lord
I'd live in Olivine city, Johto region, with a Totodile. I always liked Olivine and Jasmine is my favorite gym leader. Plus Olivine is near the ocean, so Totodile could have a place to play and the Miltank dairy farm is just a short run north so getting fresh Moomoo milk wouldn't be hard.


Team Builder
I would live in the Hoenn Region At Mossdeep City and have a Treeko. If its any starter, then Turtwig or Snivy


This... Is my Buddy.
I would live in the Hoenn Region (best out of all of them :D ) in Fortree City with a Torchic. Cant go wrong there


Shiny hunter :)
I would live in the Hoenn Region (best out of all of them :D ) in Fortree City with a Torchic. Cant go wrong there

"Torchic, use ember!"
Famous last words.


Lorelei's Apprentice
I would choose Kanto ONLY because my goal would be to become Misty's apprentice, then eventually Lorelei's and I would choose Charander because it's my number 1 favorite pokemon (even though it's a fire type lol).

However, out of all of the cities I'd want to live in, it would definitely have to be Castelia City because I just love loud, busy, urban settings.


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Cerulean City/ Treeko/Hoenn


The Hammiest
I would live in unova with a chimchar if the starters dont have to coincide with the region. And if they di they sinnoh with chimchar.