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When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?


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I became a fan way back in the day after Red and Blue came out. My brother got Blue for Christmas, while I got stuck with Mrs Pacman for GameBoy. I was so jealous! I watched him play all the time. Luckily, I got my own Pokemon Red game a few weeks later. And I have been a fan ever since!


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Naturally, I got my first Pokemon game at Christmas time as a kid. I received Blue version and a pack of the the trading cards as a present from my grandparents in 1999. Though my Blue version's internal battery died years ago, I still have it resting next to the holographic Charizard card I got in that first card pack on a shelf in my room in the apartment here at college. Am going to pick that Squirtle in Pokemon Y tomorrow to mirror the one I picked in Blue as a kid almost 14 years ago.


The light is coming
I've been playing Pokémon since I was six, with Blue. I had Gold, too, but its battery died later :(


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Played when first released on the Gameboy, stopped for awhile then finally got back into it when Diamon and Pearl came around.


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Got into it back in 2005, in elementary school. I got my first game, FireRed, in 2006, then Emerald and Sapphire not long later. :) I have been hooked since.

Puma Italia

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When the craze first started back in 1st gen. I was in elementary school, and everyone was playing it. So my friends and I all got in on the trend. It became more of a trend for me, and all of these years later I still love Pokemon.
Got a Game Boy Color with Pokemon Crystal for Christmas one year, never looked back. :)


Playboy Billionaire
When it came out. I still remember the commercial with all the Pokemon on the bus, where the driver drove them into a car crusher, which resulted in a gameboy with Pokemon Blue/Red in it.

In retrospect, that's really horrible.


Pokemon Yellow was my first! I will never forget the save I had on that game. Lasted me for years! I kinda missed out on the whole Gold and Silver hype and came back to it after falling in love with ruby and sapphire. 4th gen was meh to me whilst 5th has the best storyline I have played so far. However the game I'm playing now has knocked them all out of the park!


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i got into pokemon when i was 6. it was either Blue or Red. can't remember. it was my older cousins game. then i got Crystal a few years later.
Back in 99. A friend of mine let me play his Gameboy for a bit and I caught a jigglypuff. I was instantly hooked. My birthday was coming up a little after that so I asked for a teal gbc and blue version. Got it and the episode they played on my birthday was the "here come the squirtle squad". The rest is history.


Amateur PKMN Breeder
When I got Crystal Version, around 2001. A friend had previously lent my brother and I his 1st gen. game and I had watched the show, but I was not a real fan until I got Crystal. It was instantly amazing to me because I could finally play as a female.


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i think I became a fan around ruby and sapphire era, when my cousin gave me a dratini card. :)
I began collecting the cards, then my friend let me borrow blue, and then gave me ruby.


Since the beginning!
My brother convinced me to buy sapphire, when he bought ruby.


Pokemon Breeder
In 2010 when I bought Pearl, and I didn't know how to play right, so I beat the game with a single Pokemon. That same year I got HeartGold and did the same thing. I've gotten every other game since then if you don't count the other pair of paired games, and used a proper 6-Pokemon team.


You know it was so long ago, and I bet no one can remember their exact 'day' but I can tell you it was after Red and Blue were released in Australia in 1998, but well before the Anime series started airing here (lets say 1999).

Amazingly, I was only into Pokemon for... I guess a maximum of 4 years at first, because high school started in 2002, and from then on everyone pretended they didn't know anything about Pokemon, making fun of the names ect, really annoying game of not playing to dumb, that you obviously knew things about it and were pretending not to, and not playing dumb enough where people thought you ust to be into it, ergh HS sucks.

I got back into it in 2007, then out of it again until this year - third times the charm :)


Lightning zebra
I was about eight or seven years old and saw Pokémon anime in TV. Before Pokémon, I watched Digimon and things like that, but I absolutely fell love in Pokémon. I wished Nintendo DS for Chrismas present and I got it. Maybe half year later I bought my first pokemon game, which was Diamond. Loved that game and always when new game arrived, I always wanted it. I was quite ashamed, because I tought pokémon is for younger, not upper class stuff. But now i have got over it.

Now waiting NIntendo 3ds for Chrismas present and of course Pokemon X too.