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When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?


Pokemon breeder
I've been a pokemon fan since the anime first aired on Canadian television. I then received a purple see-through Gameboy colour for my birthday along with Pokemon Red version (it was a gift to play on the flight to Walt Disney World~~) and I've been hooked ever since. I've bought a game from every generation and collected the trading cards with my friends as a child and even up to a few years ago. Now I mainly play the main video game series.

Prince Umbreon

Starfish and Coffee
I remember I was 8 years old, back in the 90s. I was visiting my brother in San Francisco, and while he and my mom were talking among themselves, they let me mess with the TV. I kept flipping through channels until I came across Pokémon (I think it was the episode where Ash's Metapod evolved). I remember being completely engrossed, regardless, and I insisted on watching all the episodes from then on. I got some VHS tapes as gifts, and I collected the TCG, even though I never knew how to play (and I still don't, really. Lol).

I remember I was super excited for my tenth birthday. I guess it was because my favorite cartoon (*cough anime cough*) character started a life-changing journey when he turned 10. And so I was expecting something similar to happen.

On the evening of my tenth birthday, my parents gave me one huge box. It was probably as tall as I was. Being the trolls they are, most of the box was filled with bubble wrap and newspaper. At first I couldn't find anything else in the box, and I started getting upset. But after I literally dove into the box to see what was at the bottom, I saw four cartridges taped to the bottom:

Pokémon Red, Yellow, Silver, and Gold.


I think I actually started crying out of sheer joy.

And so my love of the games has continued ever since. I watch the older seasons of the anime for nostalgia, but I'm starting to get interested in the newer X and Y episodes recently too. I'm glad I can be fully engaged in the fandom again. It might sound a bit corny, but getting those games actually was lifechanging for me, seeing as how I met my best friends because of them. We all met during the Hoenn craze, and we still play together to this day.


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I started in Gen. 4. My parents bought me a DS Lite and the first game I got was Shadows of Almia, and then Explorers of Sky. I didn't think I would like main series games so I didn't ask my parents for one until my birthday, which I didn't actually ask my parents. One of my parents' friends called and asked what I wanted for my birthday and since I couldn't think of anything I just asked for Platinum. And that's when I started main series. Beautiful, right?


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I've loved Pokemon ever since the Indigo League anime, but I started getting into the games when Black and White came out.


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When I first saw Pokemon Advance Battle so 3rd gen but didn't own the game till 4th gen


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I was interested since I was very young. I bought my first game, Platinum (I didn't like gen 5) in 2010.
I played Blue on Gameboy Color. I was the same age as Ash when the show started. Then had Silver. And trading cards. Sold all the cards at ab 12yo. 25 yo now and started playing again last July.


I remember seeing my brother watch the original series on TV, but I didn't watch Pokemon that much until 3rd gen. I got a Gameboy and Pokemon Emerald after that when I was 10 XD.


a t l a n t i s
I was in third grade when the cards/show came out, immediately became a fan. I gave up on Pokemon a little during Fire Red/Leaf Green (the only games I don't own) but joined back quickly and have loved it since.
I think I became a fan prior to Diamond and Pearl coming out. I had heard about the cards and the show from some friends, played around with some cards, and then I was persuaded to buy Diamond. I think I had it for Christmas in 2007, and it's fair to say, I enjoyed it immensely. Then I bought HG and SS, then I didn't manage to buy Black/White, and now I have X :3

Baby V Alex

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When I was 6. my uncle gave me for my birthday a pack with pokémon blue and a gameboy color (green), but my dad gave me a monochromatic gameboy before that.


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A few weeks after Diamond and Pearl first came out; some friends had gotten the game, and I watched them play it....

I then proceeded to get Red version on Ebay with a Gameboy Color instead of Diamond or Pearl....


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Around the time Black & White came out. My brother suddenly found his old Crystal cartridge and started playing it again. Then B&W came out and he bought black and when he finished it I decided to try it out and I very quickly fell in love with it. I do remember watching the anime when I was just a little kid but I wasn't exactly a fan back then.
I liked Pokemon since around 2000 being interested in the anime and other merchandise, but I didn't get a Pokemon game until 2003 (however it was the original Pokemon Blue, even though I believe R/S were out by then all my friends were playing the originals, perhaps their older siblings were passing them down). I remembering seeing my friend with Blue and crying because I wanted it so bad.