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When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?


pokemon master!!!!
My first game was soul silver since my friend introduced it to me. I was a total noob back then though :D Ever since then I played the new and the older games and watched the anime and all that!


Fire Starter
When I was about 7, when the first show started airing in the US :p

My first game was Pokemon Red. I played it like my life depended on it. I learned vocabulary and strategic skill from the games.
I collected the cards, plushies, etc.
Everything. My life was Pokemon.


Future Gym Leader
My friend gave me a Charmander card when I was 6 and I traded it that day for a Sandshrew card. I had liked a couple episodes of the show as a kid too, then got Stadium one year for Christmas and Stadium 2 a few years later for my birthday. It wasn't until 2003 that I got a main series game in Sapphire for Christmas. I've gone back and played at least one version of each release in every generation except for Black or White.


Sneak Thief
I became a Pokémon fan since the early days of the anime plus I have a lot of Pokémon merchandise from the 90's.


Muda Muda Muda!
around 3rd grade when i got pokemon blue, i was hooked!


Legendary Trainer
Gen 3 (about 2003 or 2004) as a 4 year old. It was anime and cards until I got my first game in 2005, MD: Red Rescue Team. I remember seeing Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald but nothing looked cooler than RRT at the time. I still would have liked to get a main series game during Gen 3, but I don't regret Mystery Dungeon one bit. I collected many cards up until the end of the Platinum series. I would eventually go back in during BW, but leave again. (Went out with a bang, Shiny (alternate colour) Emboar.

My first main series game was Platinum, after my little brother got Pearl the year before. I loved that game so much and there was so much I didn't know. I was a really bad trainer through most of my games (probabably everything before X, where I wisened up), using my masterball on the mascot and having nothing but the most powerful moves of the same type on one Pokemon. I loved the Hoenn and Sinnoh anime, then dropped off after the start of BW. I loved all the movies as well and wanted to have all the legendaries for each title.

Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart. It's not too expensive for me, only buying the year's game, sometimes having to buy a new system (2DS when XY hit) and provides a ton for what you spend. I'd say my love for it is because of my grandma, who brought lots of cards and my first gaming system, the Gameboy Micro and Mystery Dungeon later on.
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Sovereign of Asunder
When Pokemon was essentially "dead" here in the United States. That was maybe... the period in between generation III and IV here. March of 2007, to be precise. A month before the release of Diamond and Pearl. That's kind of a bad time to become a fan of Pokemon, but oh well, that's when I became one. I'm not a Goddess and I can't go back in time and make myself like Pokemon earlier, so oh well.


Call of Fate
Well,I think it was after I finished the main storyline in FireRed that I realized I had become a Pokemon fan.


< The one and only
I can barely remember exactly when, but I think it was back when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I didn't own any gaming consoles because my mom was really into handheld gaming (so essentially the GameBoy) so I got into that too. Then one day she bought me Red Version. Since I was a little kid, I just played it like how I would play any other video game. But soon enough I got so engrossed in it. Thus, I became a Pokemon fan.

Proud to say I was able to play every generation except 6th gen (because I still don't have a 3DS). But luckily a friend of mine is gonna lend me her 3DS and she's gonna give me her extra copy of Omega Ruby, so I think that's gonna change soon.


First airing of the first episode in the US on a television with a screen smaller than that of the netbook I'm browsing on.

It's kind of terrifying to think that I might have been watching Pokemon before some Pokemon fans were born. They'll never get to experience the joyous Schadenfreude of watching haggard middle-aged schoolteachers giving up on containing cultural fads in the classroom.


Fire Starter
Back when I was 7, I used to have Pokemon everything. Notebooks, pencil sharpeners (actually SHAPED like bulbasaur too), stapler (pikachu), Charmander keyring, pencils, crayons, sheets, plushies, etc.


To Each Future
I "discovered" Pokémon late one night in July 2011, and started with White on Christmas morning of that year. I've been hooked ever since.
some time in 1999 my friend introduced me to Blue, I soon got Red and started watching the anime. It's been my favourite franchise ever since.
Somewhere in the 1st grade.
It was Awesome, I liked watching it before I went to Swimming class and me and my friends played it at school.
When I got a link cable I had the best time of my life; I had linl battles and traded Pokémon during lunch breaks and in the bus!

Poor kids who have smartphones and tablets, they will never know how Awesome this was.


Holiday season a good about 15 years ago. Got Red (and FF9 and some other games) that year for Birthday/Christmas (the two are five days apart). A little after Ruby/Sapphire I had quit the series. But then, about five years later, I Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and got re-hooked.

As for the initial decision to get Red?
I was interested from when Nintendo Power had started showing previews and various coverage since I had been an RPG fan since DW1 on NES. But I was in High School at the time and had a few questions if it'd be "too kiddy" for me and that sort of thing, due to all the marketing of the other aspects (TV show, toys, etc).

Then I was at a chess tournament for high school, and I was literally the only Game Boy user NOT playing a Pokemon game. At that point I figured if it's not "too kiddy" for everyone mature enough to play games at that age (games had barely started moving towards mainstream acceptance as opposed to child's plaything), it can't be that bad. And if someone thought it was too kiddy, too bad since they probably thought all gaming was too kiddy so their opinions shouldn't matter to me.


Dungeon Master
Ironically, I didn't become a fan of Pokémon until the Anime first aired. I had heard of it, but I didn't think anything of it. But it wasn't until I saw the first few episodes of the show that I started playing the games.

The irony is that I find better storylines in the GAMES and the anime now is no longer as appealing to me.