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When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?


Mr. Monotone Sarcasm
I got Blue the year it was released and a Gameboy Color to play it for Christmas. I was 4 according to my math.


Somewhere between 03-05, sometime after R/S came out. It was my cousin's Sapphire, but I eventually got LeafGreen.


Beginning Trainer
Gen 1 when the show was on UPN. Eventually the cards took over my school and the craze began.

Didn't get red until summer of '99, and by that time every kid I knew had a gameboy and a Pokemon cartridge.
Kind of lost interest in the series when Crystal came out, but got back into it when 4th gen information started surfacing.


I Am The Master
Gen 1 when the show came out on Saturday mornings on KTLA 5 in Los Angeles :p I was about 5-6yrs old. Then for my birthday my father surprised me with a gameboy color and red version!

It all started there and it cannot stop for some odd reason...


Well-Known Member
I became a pokemon fan in the early gen III because of the card game.
My brother got some cards for christmas and he gave 6 of them to me because I liked them. Pelipper, Slakoth, Baltoy, Seedot, Torchic and a trainer card called Desert Ruins.
I didn't have any of the pokemon games back then, simply because my parents didn't want me to have a game boy. I remember playing Firered on my nephew's GBA though.
After a while the hype in my school kind of died and I stopped collecting the cards and I didn't think that much about pokemon anymore.
I first got a DS when I was 12 (4 years ago) and I bought Platinum. But when I found out about the 2nd slot in my DSlite, I bought pokemon Emerald and that's still my favourite pokemon game because I could use all those pokemon I had on my old cards.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you with my story.


Flaming Death
I became a fan of Pokemon (last year) because I learnt that my new graphing calculator can play Pokemon up to Generation 2.


Shadow of nothing
Back right after gen 3 game out. Got firered, and have slowly expanded my collection since.

Belfry Bat

New Member
Way back when I was in elementary school and the anime first came out on TV in America. My younger sister and I were already into anime at that point, and when we saw an ad for Pokemon on TV we just had to watch it. We watched the first episode the very first time it aired in the US, and I've been a fan ever since.
I became a fan in 1999. I was five years old and saw the anime episode "Challenge of the Samurai". Butterfree appealed to me a lot, that Pokemon has great nostalgic value for me. Quickly after that, my parents bought some nice Pokemon-related things: plushies, plastic figures, a sticker book, stuff like that. Then, I started to collect and trade the cards too. And some years later, I got into the games as well. Now, I still love Pokemon as much as back then, if not more. I collect plushies and kid figures, I like the anime (older sagas), play the games, write fanfics, draw Pokemon and Pokemon characters, have TCG cards and more.


Well-Known Member
Way back when Yellow was released with the special Pikachu Gameboy Color! Though I can really blame my cousins, they had Red/Blue, and every time I saw them I got to play the first bit of the game (since I couldn't save, obviously). I think I played up to Pewter City a whole bunch of times before my parents gave in and got me my own.


Toxic to the touch
1999, back with Pokemon Red. I had originally just found the Pokemon Red and Blue strategy guide at a friend's house and looked at it again and again, so I was really excited to finally play it. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

Wild Dragonite

Ralts Evo Tree Fan
I don't remember when, but my sister inherited a purple GameBoy advance with Pokemon Silver. The backlight was shot and the screen would derp out in direct sunlight, so it was really hard to work with. I also remember the Silver cartage needing to be put in EXACTLY right- not too hard, not too soft. Despite ALL this crap, my siblings and I would sit and watch my sister play it for hours. It finally conked out, and I took it to a friend, who gave me a better GBA and Pokemon Ruby. My love was sealed then.


Just another guy
I liked pokemon anime and tcg during 3rd gen, but my first game was pearl. That is when I became a true fan.


1 more day ^^
I first played pokemon when I was 10 when it first came out but I didn't really start loving it until 2nd gen.
Ever since I can remember! I would go downstairs where the tv was already showing Pokemon so I decided to watch and then I got hooked!!

Golduck Is Cool

Well-Known Member
Got a Gameboy color with Wario Land 3 and Pokémon Silver. Was addicted immediately. Had fun with the show and the cards, but I lose interest in them. The games I never lose interest.


Am I wrong here?
When I got my DSi with Pokémon Black two years ago.