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When did you first get into Pokémon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by NovaBrunswick, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. eViL-nErD

    eViL-nErD Member

    1999.. I got into Pokemon Yellow when I got a blue Gameboy Color.
  2. DuncanDonuts

    DuncanDonuts New Member

    Diamond and pearl for sure. I first watched an episode where ash and dawn were in a contest and was really confused thinking that it was the final tournament lol. Needless to say, I was shocked that ash lost and dawn moved on to the next round. On another note however, has anyone realized that the d/p battle dimension intro pretty much describes the plot of Spider-Man far from home?
  3. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Don’t really know. Maybe I just lost interest? I did hear the XYZ arc is pretty good though, and even some parts of the SM anime.
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  4. GymTrainerAlex

    GymTrainerAlex Breeder

    It was in 1998, so I was 12 years old at the time. I remember that I briefly saw a part of an episode of the anime which was “Sparks Fly For Magnemite” and only seeing Jessie and James with the talking Meowth lol. I went to school the next day where we had recess inside because of rain and a friend was playing Pokémon Blue. I remember asking if the guy and girl with the Meowth were in it lol (this was before Yellow was even out.) I saved up money to get myself copies of Red and Blue, then eventually Yellow, and never looked back. Also love the anime too. :D
  5. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    Summer of 2003 when I purchased Sapphire version. I was already aware of Pokemon at that point but I had never played the games, so I wasn't really a Pokemon fan until I bought that game.
  6. Lemonski

    Lemonski Active Member

    I was very young, like preschool-age, when I first learned about Pokemon; I'm not sure if I exactly got all the way into it right away even though I liked the franchise. At least I do remember owning a couple of Pokemon plushies around that time, as well as seeing my cousin's collection of Pokemon stickers and getting to wear a Pokemon sweatshirt (that was probably also originally owned by the same cousin).

    Although I've been aware of the existence of Pokemon for a long time, I'd still say I properly got into Pokemon when I bought my new 3DS xl along with Omega Ruby in 2015.
  7. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix justice for johto

    Well I watched the series before I ever played the games. I think I was like 5 or 6 in the late Johto/early Hoenn era. I didn’t start playing the games until I was around 8 maybe? I’m not sure on the specifics but I started played my older brother’s crystal version and I loved it. I would just keeping playing, beat the game, restart and play again over and over.

    When I was kid watching the show only, I remember my favorite Pokémon was Rapidash but when I started playing the games I really liked the cyndaquil and mareep evolutionary lines.
  8. Eternalfalcon

    Eternalfalcon Unova champion

    I got into Pokemon around about 2010/2011 when the pokemon unova anime was released I must have been about five or six, when I wasn't at school I was watching pokemon and then I kinda left it until sun and moon came out I however didn't play sun and moon i first played platinum, and ever since I've been obsessed and I think a lot of that comes down to the YouTube community I don't think I would have stayed with pokemon if the poketubers didn't help to fuel my love for the games. It's kinda weird hearing practically everyone say they they got into it like 20 years ago makes me feel really young
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  9. Emboar_Rulez

    Emboar_Rulez Pokémon Master (Kinda)

    I first got into Pokémon when I was little at my school my friend brought in Pokémon cards and shows me how to play and gave me a few.I still remember my first cards which were a tepig,meowth,and buizel I still have the first 2.Then for my birthday I asked for a Pokémon game and I got Pokémon Black which all my friends were jealous because they all had gen 4 games.I not used my Emboar because I didn’t know how to switch the party position of my Pokémon.I got stuck on Elesa and lost my game .I then played Pokémon Y were I actually knew how to play.A few years ago I found my copy of Pokémon Black and was overjoyed so I beat it finally about 3 years ago.
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  10. RoughCoronet0

    RoughCoronet0 Dragon lover

    I got into Pokemon in 1998, when both the Pokemon Anime And Pokemon Red came out. I have been a fan ever since, playing every generation and remake title as well as multiple spin offs like Pokemon Stadium, the Mystery Dungeon series, Pokemon colosseum and XD, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Pinball. I even collected the cards as a kid. I’ve seen a good chunk of the anime (up til X&Y started completely and on and off a bit with X&Y and Sun&Moon) and have seen nearly every movie and short as well.

    I think I can safely say I’m a pretty die hard fan of the franchise.
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  11. Golisopod_Propaganda

    Golisopod_Propaganda Emergency Exit

    I kept seeing this commercial for a game called Pokémon Gold and Silver. I wondered what Pokémon was so at school my friends were surprised I had no idea what it was and suggested watching the show. I started watching and was instantly hooked. I got a Gameboy Color with Gold Version for my birthday that year and the same year I got a Base Set Charizard card for Christmas
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  12. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Was it THE Charizard card?
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  13. Golisopod_Propaganda

    Golisopod_Propaganda Emergency Exit

    Oh yes it was THE card. That year it was given to me in a birthday card and with it was a Dark Charizard, Blaine's Charizard and Japanese Charizard card with different art. I can't recall much about that one though.
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  14. Italianbaptist

    Italianbaptist Informed Casual

    I distinctly remember my 3rd grade year being THE big Pokemon debut year for me, and that was 98 when the games first came to the States. I still remember Red being my very first game in the series and Squirtle being my very first Pokemon. Other than a very short hiatus in Gen IV that ended with the Johto remakes, I've been involved in the fandom ever since.

    Apparently the anime was imported first in 97, but I slept in on Saturdays so catching the show was a rare thing for me.
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