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When did you have your Pokepiphany?

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A Lazy Breeder
I just don't get the people that opt to avoid the typical trainer battles. Don't they have fun battling trainers? If they don't enjoy the battling, then why are they playing? The games are easy enough, theres no way a few trainers on a route could roadblock you.

That's more how I feel on the matter now, but I think it was more of being impatient and wanting to get where I'm going instead of not enjoying battling. Plus due to being underleveled I would usually beat them barely and have to go all the way back to a pokemon center to heal.


Nostalgia Addict
Yeah, I over trained my Dugtrio in Pokémon Yellow. I've started a new game recently and I'm gonna train my team in a balance way. :D


From Zero To Hero
After a runthrough of Pokemon Ruby using only a Swampert, I realised how boring it was to play with one.

My next Ruby file was;

Pansy :]

When I relized that gothia and its evelutions were psycic, I'm already using a Victini. and I don't like to over lap on types.
I also don't like using legendaries on my team, and when I found out victini was legendary, I think I did the biggest scream of horror ever.


Forever now
I've always played w/ balanced team in any games of any versions.
It makes me have sense of belonging to my pokemon games more, since I really truly enjoy the game that way. Building team from low levels, beat every trainer, talk to all characters, etc.


Well-Known Member
Since the days of RBY I always used my favorite Starter and the local bird (Pidgey/HootHoot/Taillow, etc.). That didn't change until I got HeartGold (On release day), where my first full team was: Typhlosion, Electivire, Togekiss, Primeape, Hypno, and I think Vaporeon.

Pokemon Trainer Blue

Smell ya later!
When I relized that gothia and its evelutions were psycic, I'm already using a Victini. and I don't like to over lap on types.
I also don't like using legendaries on my team, and when I found out victini was legendary, I think I did the biggest scream of horror ever.
Yeah, its got insane base stats, making the game more of a joke than it is.


My favourite
I've used "balanced" teams since RBY, but the movesets at that time weren't as varied as now (ie a Blastoise with Surf/Hydro Pump/Bubblebeam)
Hmm, I always loved pokemon games, but always sucked royally because of that.
Blew through Blue with my Charizard my neighbour trained for me (I was only 4! XD)
He beat the Elite 4 for me.
Never played G/S/C..
In Sapphire, I had a nice over powered Swampert with a Breloom accomplice. (Hey, double battles!)
Eventually rage-quit because I couldn't beat the the last 2 gyms.
LeafGreen... Got destoryed before I could do anything D: (teething puppies...)
I got my Pokepiphany in SS. I got it for '10s xmas.
And I finally beat the 4 with my balanced, hard trained team and I was so happy :D
First time I ever beat the elite four :D
(I used Lugia too, but I used all my other guys too! I used him mostly for Lance's effin' dragons x.e)


Don't Mess With Me
Honestly, I think it was when I started Platinum. I usually would always blaze through the game with my stater and one, maybe two, other Pokemon. I actually never minded this, but then I decided to actually TRY balancing my team.

It felt better when I wasn't always worried like "If my main dies, I'm screwed" since I would have backup.


Well-Known Member
I had my pokepiphany when I bought HG. I had had a 4-year break from pokemon. Halfway into my playthrough (in which I used only my starter), my friend also bought the game, so I restarted again. At that point I realised that I would, for the first time ever, have a full six-pokemon-team. I think my team was:
And one more, I don't remember who it was.

Pokemon Trainer Blue

Smell ya later!
Recently beat Black, here is my team...


The Elite Four and N were jokes. Ghetsis was somewhat challenging.
My first was with Red Version when it launched, and consequently Blue and Yellow Version after that. I had one again when I got Gold and then Silver and Crystal later. Again with Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. I don't remember having one after those until now. I picked up Black Version and it would be an understatement to say that I like Pokémon right now. Rather, I'm heavily into it at the moment.


Well-Known Member
I always had a balanced team and a slave for HM's.


Well-Known Member
Never, by your definition.

I still and probably forever will use the main legendary for in-game. It doesn't wreck the game for me, even though it makes it easier, it sort of cements what the endgame is to me.


Well-Known Member
Ive never needed one.. Since i've always played balanced.
I could never make up my mind for what pokemon I really wanted, so I always ended up having at least 6 to train, mostly I'd rotate them with pokemon in my box that I wanted as well ^^


Whem I looked at my boxes and thought "so they don't level up while in storage? Damn."


I'm not josh'n
I've kinda always had a balanced team, the first game I played, FR, I had a charizard, Pidgeot, Blissey, Alakazam, Mewtwo, and I'd always switch one of the three birds on my team. Pretty good for my first run when I was little. Now I actually focus on games, if I do a re-run of a game, I try not to catch previous pokemon (ex if I play Ruby that had a Swellow on the team and I restart it I won't catch a swellow, or if I get a clampearl on Saphire and restard ruby, I'm not catching Clampearl either).

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
I forgot what it was like to start a new game, so I thought I'd get a balanced team. I was really happy when I saw my happy little team, all balanced, and I told my friend about it, and she replied that I'd done exactly the same when HG came out.
I was pretty disappointed.
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