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When did you start RPing?


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All of us had our start in the dangerous, yet thrilling world of RPing. Whether in a text message, some early 2000's chat room, or a dedicated forum, you surely have blossomed from some place where your seeds for RPing were planted. So tell us when did you started joining in the world of short/super, tough, and advanced RPing in this thread!

For me, RPing on the internet did not begin until I became active in 2012 on SPPf but only the short and definitely cringey RPs that I participated with my friends here in VMs. That faded away in 2014-ish but then I discovered super, tough, and advanced RPing in 2015 but I had no clue how people did it. That was until one year later where a few wonderful folks here (you know who you are!) got me on my feet and since then, RPing has been one good way to improve my writing skills! I probably still have not improved much since then but eh

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I started RPing seriously back in 2009. On the forums of fictionpress.net. Like fanfiction.net except for original work. Before that, I did script form RP's with my friends on Neopets, but they were not serious.

After that died, I did Pokémon RPs with varying degrees of seriousness on a site called Mangafox, and somebody there introduced me to Serebii. I didn't like it at first, thinking the standards were too high. After trying it though, and sticking with it for a while, I grew to enjoy it. Now I'm a veteran RPer, and I can't RP anywhere else because this place gave me high standards. xD


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I'm a young'in, I've only been roleplaying since 2012 when I joined SPPF. But since then, I've branched out. I still rp on MSPARP, even though it is hella dead, and I've done stuff on Cherubplay as well, though I've left that website out of shame that I can't keep up. My friends and I have done our own individual RPs, and I loooove to LARP with my best friends, but it all comes back to here. SPPF is where I learned RP standards, like Mon said, it's hard to RP anywhere else because holy HECK the standards here are crazy! I showed my boyf my sign up and he got. quite intimidated.


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Oh lawwwd it is time to confess one of my greatest sins.

I started RPing when I was about 10, but didn't really get the hang of it until much later on. My first proper rp was actually right here on this forum, in fact, and you can see it right here. I was known as E-102 Gamma back then and... well... I'm extremely thankful that I improved in the end. :p

That being said, it was during this Sonic RP that I learnt all about RP standards that this forum has - and to be honest there are very few places I'll RP elsewhere because they don't have these sorts of standards - that's what makes these RPs so fun imo! I really want to, like, get into more DnD esque RPs too, but I'm ridiculously shy when it comes to meeting new people so that hasn't really gone anywhere... :/


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I started back in 2013, but that was only a small one on a site that I no longer remember. I didn't start seriously until I joined SPPF, really, and I only really started because I'd had a terrible day, and was sick and tired of having no friends in the real world.

I guess RPing has really helped me, in that it's given me a way to release my creative juices whilst effectively "talking" to people. It's also kind of helped me manage my time, and think about certain roles I've never really thought of. The fact that I was recently asked to join a private RP really means a lot to me, because it means that I'm noticed as an active RP, and that some people actually think that I'm not half bad, so yeah, I'm happy I started.


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Been roleplaying since 2008. Makes me feel old compared to some other posters here.

Started on here of all places, but not exactly where you'd expect. I started roleplaying in the games forum, in various short forum Pokemon based roleplays known as Pokeplace Town and PokeCity. I even made my own, known as Pokemon Collage (Yes, spelt EXACTLY like that.). I met many friends over doing so, and am still friends with them all to this day. I was eleven at the time, and didn't actually start to do serious roleplays until around 2011ish..? I think. I started with my own roleplay, which was a trainwreck. I like to imagine I've at least somewhat improved as a writer/GM. I'm working on a secret project with a friend, different site of course --- but I hope it will serve as a fun roleplay for beginners and the more experienced.


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I think I started RPing around 2008? It was mainly on small forums and discussion boards (most of which are dead now) and none of it was particularly good. Most of the posts were just those one liners that don't really advance the plot at all. Can't recall when I started RPing on here exactly (I want to say like 2011 or 2012?) but the first RP I was in was a pokemon one, which I believe was called Pokemon Island? It basically involved a bunch of trainers winding up on an island after something went wrong with their boat. After that I did a few RPs here and there, many of which fizzled out over time, before I ended up in the first version of 'A Tale of Heroes'. That version ended pretty quickly, but I ended up playing the same character in a revamp of that RP for over a year, during which I met other talented RPers who I still talk to a lot today!

I haven't been involved as much lately due to not having much time, and losing interest a lot of the time, but I'm hoping to get back into RPing more on here during the coming weeks. At some point I want to try my hand at GM again, as I think it would be an interesting experience to try again, and I'm still kinda irritated with myself that I forgot about my own RP for a month.


The Reforged Soul
Eh, I'm feeling my age with this question. I honestly don't remember the exact year, but I want to say in the 13-16 age range. So that's as easily as 2002 or 2003. I can say my first rp was a zoids rp on its own website. I'm not even sure how I got lured into rping in the first place. Seemed like it had 30 or so people for a year or two before things slowed down. It wasn't one liner rping, but actually paragraph writing from the get go for me. Wow those where the early days for the internet.

I've jumped around a bit on and off with rping as I had time over the years. But aside from the initial zoids rp. I've done 3 unique transformers rps. Each of these lasted a span over several years before I move to the other. Finally I came over to Serebii forums in 2014 after discovering the original Digimon Epics and reading them all. Funny thing was a few months after I finished reading them. Kamotz announced the reboot versions. I just on at the first opportunity! I haven't rp anywhere else since. I have certainly branched out in trying a few other genres as they caught my attention. I've probably improved the most in creating a wide cast of characters to play and hearing their voices come to life in my head.

So that's my mini saga. And don't you dare guess my age. (though to be honest it's probably on my profile here, oh well)


Faithful Crusader
I started right here on Serebii sometime during the winter of 2008.

So next year will be my ten year anniversary on this site and that makes me feel older than it should. I mostly started small, joining simple RPs based in fandoms that I was familiar with. Back in those days I had trouble just getting a full paragraph or two per post. But I stuck around, started making my own RPs, met a bunch of awesome rpers, and generally had a great time on here. I looked at a few other sites in the early days, but like a few of the other posters here have said, there is something special about the standard serebii has that really makes the RPs on this site stand out. So I've never actually participated in an RP on any other site.

But my time here on serebii has done wonders for my craft and I'm hoping I can start expanding to fanfiction sometime soon. In the meantime though, I'm not going anywhere.


God of Monsters
I started back in...2004 or 2003 (I think) on the mediaminer.org forums. Those forums were mothballed not too long ago, but activity there had taken a pretty steep dive after 2007 or 2008. Between the lower activity and all my web-friends leaving the forums I eventually found my way over here more and more -- it's hard to believe I've been here for over 10 years now. I initially drifted back and forth between here and the pokecommunity forums, but I found the RP quality higher here, and I didn't have to wait for moderator approval when posting a thread as well.

Anyway - I completed a few RPs over on mediaminer and then even managed to finish 3(!!!) here as well. That's a big deal in my book.


Fire and Ice Combo
Hmm... thinking about it I'm not really sure if I RPG anywhere else before serebii, it's been so long... I didn't really like writing much before, and English was my weakest subject in school at the time. So I wouldn't have been looking for one... I remember RPing other places but I feel like I found them only because I was on this site already. So I'll say I started RPing seriously right when I joined serebii in May 2005. You cannot find my first RPG here because serebii had a server problem and all threads before November 7 were deleted. From serebii, I've been to many RPG based sites with much lax rules, though they were mostly light-hearted, slice of life RPG forums. They were really on the popular back then. You just post your character in one of the locations or join someone else and interact. There wasn't a real end to the RPG though one of my characters did get marry to a vampire XD

I've even RP in the game section a few times when they allowed it for a less strict rules RPG but I find the RPing section here quite fun and a chance to improve my writing skills. I don't RP anywhere else but here nowadays. And because I'm an adult now, I don't have as much free time as I used to but I like to be immerse into a fantasy worlds especially pokemon-related ones. Pokémon Fan 4 Life!


Knight of RPGs
Looking back at my post history, I actually started RPing a few months after I joined in 2008, fittingly enough with one of the RPGs that's probably my most memorable: Kamotz's Civil War. I've had various things since, most notably continuing to serve as part of Kamotz's Digimon Epics series right until its hiatus and now in the reboots, along with multiple other projects, some my own, some Kamotz's, some others. The only ones I've taken part in that have finished are the first three Digimon Epics ones though.

I think for me it helped develop my writing, albeit to a point where I was writing in a very elevated style even when it wasn't necessary because I was just used to writing that way from the atmosphere of the Digimon Epics predominantly. And I both haven't really engaged in RPing elsewhere and I like the high standards that Serebii has in general anyway.


Oh, when did i start, i thinkit was back in 2011? i tried my hands at a pokemon mystery dungeon RP. i was a sandshrew lol. Never done any RP'ing outside of these forums, nor would i want to. this is where the crew's at anyways lol. But yeah.. 6 years ago. ish