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When did you stop watching?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Crasher, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Ninjask120

    Ninjask120 Loving the Bug

    I havent stopped. I've watched from episode 1 and refuse to stop now. I hate the new anime and mostly because of cilan
  2. Raiin

    Raiin Johto Boy

    I still watch it and it is set to record on the DVR but I find the entire 5th gen not to be as good as the other generations of pokemon.
  3. Asis Studios

    Asis Studios New Member

    I stop watching after the first few seasons. I really don't remember. I love the new Officer Jenny design though.
  4. Emily101

    Emily101 Froakie Trainer

    I watched from the very first episode but was forced to stop watching at the end of the Gold/Silver episodes as it wasn't aired on tv here anymore ( not on a channel that I have anyways :() I would have loved to continue watching. Can anybody suggest a site where I can watch pokemon episodes online? I would like to catch up with the anime as I really used to love it!

    EDIT: I found an awesome site to watch every episode! The latest episode on the site is where Dawn returns and battles Cilan so it's Piplup vs Pansage and Meloetta is a big focus of the episode. I'm just wondering is this the latest episode that was shown on tv or am I still a little behind? I know the episode guide on serebii is further ahead.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  5. _Jordan_

    _Jordan_ Active Member

    I stopped watching after the remoraid episode in Johto. I realized I was watching fillers and got bored. But then the channel that used to air the show stopped showing it or it disappeared. So I never really watched the rest of Johto. Didn't watch Hoenn. Didn't play the 3rd gen games so I could care less about remakes (more excited for 6th gen). I started watching Pokemon in early 2008 right before Ash caught Chimchar, or around there. Loved Platinum version. I've been watching Pokemon and buying the games ever since. Although I really loved DP, the early episodes of BW felt refreshing. I was sad when they cancelled the TR/TP episodes :\...Thats around the time it got boring again too. So those episodes would've helped but I'm still watching. I really liked the Roxie episodes. I watched them a couple times already :) I'm looking forward to Team Plasma and the next generation
  6. Micah Danger

    Micah Danger New Member

    I stopped watching religiously after the Johto saga was over.

    I did keep up sporadically when May joined but I really did't keep up with it much.

    I did keep up bettter when Dawn was introduced but not much.

    However, generally speaking here in America usually i fall asleep watching adult swim and I wake up to see Beyblade and pokemon airing so i'll usually DVR an episode before school. I have seen most of the Best wishes episode!
  7. Starsurfer

    Starsurfer Pokemon Idol

    Well I've never completely stopped watching it. I still see a couple of episodes in their subbed Japanese from time to time, and I sometimes will look at the pictures here on Serebii. But I haven't consistently watched the anime since AG. Once the Dub of DP came out, I felt the series was beginning to REALLY push the kids show thing. (At least in the Dub) I always knew the show was "for kids", but it became difficult to watch once DP came. I can only stomach the Japanese now, and even then, I still only mildly follow it.
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