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When do you think the series will end?

Now that Pokemon is in it's 11th year, I have a really bad feeling that Nintendo and their staff at the Pokemon Comapny and GAME FREAK are running out of good ideas. Anyways, I'm still trying to make a split desion on wheather or not if I'm going to get both Dimound and Peril. I already have a Nintendo DS, it's just that I'm fimalar with the first two genrations.


Red: True Master
When Ash wins a league, when all the Coordinators win a Grand Festival, When Max becomes a good trainer and Brock a great breeder, and when Misty is the world's best water trainer. For the finale they'll bring everybody back, even Tracey(*Grumble*).

Daaku JJ

Well-Known Member
He's talking about the games not the anime.

Anyway, i think it may end in the next ten years or so, nothing lasts forever.


Ravenclaw Pride
When they start to make pokemon based off of kitchen appliances.


When people start to hate making money.

It's not a difficult concept to understand.


After the 6th Region I hope, otherwise there will be too many pokemon for my brain to remember, or until they make the 1000th pokemon


******** Guy
-When GameFreak starts using our fakemon.
-When they can't even remember what PKMN they made.
-When Nintendo makes a new portable that plays new games AND DS games AND GBA games. Where should you put all that?

Don't get Dimound and Peril. Those are fakes, believe me. Get Diamond and Pearl instead. Hahaha.


Back here. >.<
when the people who makes pokemon were too old so they passed away..


Well-Known Member
Well im not realy sure becouse of a few things. when they first started they aimed for kids like from 5-11 so as they get older fewer and fewer still like the games and things but then they go back and start over again like ther going for the 5 year olds again and slowly get back up till there about 11 and keep doing this over and over also they have even more becouse of the ones who still like it from before so they could keep doing the games and the TV show for a very very VERY! longe time......or it could end next year heck if i know...

(sorry about spelling)


persona non grata
I have a feeling this generation will be the last... after a few years they'll make G/S remake (at least I hope so) but that's gonna be it.

Maybe they'll do more pokémon-themed games, but not the catch'm-all-beat-8-gym-leaders-and-then-elite-4-kind-of original.


I'm Back? YAY!
when they stop making money. Nuff said.

When they run out of ideas, maybe they will finally listen to the fans...Us fans have the potential ofmaking Pokemon endless!

Ms. Zira Fell

I'm. A. GIRL!

I dunno, they've pretty much sucked the current manner of gameplay dry with RBY, GSC, FrLg, RSE and even DP, so I don't think that they'll be making any more games of that genre.

But still, you have platforms, strategy games, different manner of RPGs [i.e. different engine]. If they alter the gameplay in future games they can make them interesting to new players as well as the old ones. I just can't imagine them giving up on something that makes them that much money [I'm reluctant to use the word 'earn' :-/ ]

I mean, even though Mystery Dungeon games left a lot to be desired, it was still a nice refreshment. Give it some time and future versions of it may have what the former ones lacked, such as greater replayability, for example. ;)

Who knows what the future brings, I still wouldn't mind a nice, big, spectacular PC Pokemon RPG with multiplayer options to blow your minds. You think Nintendo isn't out there right now plotting a Pokemon MMORPG? Think again. ;) But, I guess we'll have to wait and see ;)


Serial Fangirl
Pokemon is a killer Franchise. They make big bucks, and until they stop doing that, Pokemon ain't gonna stop!


Scary Faerie♥
When Ash wins a league, when all the Coordinators win a Grand Festival, When Max becomes a good trainer and Brock a great breeder, and when Misty is the world's best water trainer. For the finale they'll bring everybody back, even Tracey(*Grumble*).

That's a great idea! I hope that does happen, but I hope it doesn't happen for a while!


somewhat backwards.
I fail to see how GameFreak are running out of ideas, personally.

If Satoshi Tajiri resigns, Pokemon may well get taken over by someone else and carry on.

So, like everyone has said, they won't stop as long as they are making money.