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When dose Pikachu Short will come back?


I have to be honest and say that I don't miss the Pikachu Shorts. The last one that I thought was entertaining was Pikachu's Strange Wonder Adventure because of its gorgeous animation and varied settings, but most of the Pikachu Shorts just waste time and don't offer anything meaningful to look at. That being said, I hope they stay gone.


Same here. Not much a fan of the shorts and I'd much rather they just don't them anymore.


Lover of underrated characters
Honestly they aren't necessary at all, they were cool in the OS but afterwards they just started feeling stale. I'm fine with them being gone, it's mostly just Pikachu and friends getting up to shenanigans and at least once a saga we get an actual episode like that courtesy of Team Rocket or some other plot device so what's the point?