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When Nature Strikes!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by TomDraco, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. TomDraco

    TomDraco I'm a /tr/ainer.

    So, have any of you interacted with nature in a way that either:

    Left ya injured

    Left ya senseless

    Or left you angry?

    Just tonight, a bat decided to sneak out of our attic and explore our house a bit. I can tell you things got a little...[pun]batty...[/pun]
  2. Viridian's Yellow

    Viridian's Yellow Mmm~♪ Hmm~♪

    i have one but its a good thing to me,every weekend stray cats visit our garage and sleep there.just a few days ago one of the cats gave birth to six more.they look so cute :3
  3. Jenni

    Jenni _

    Half of the members on this forum won't be able to respond because half of them will have never gone outside.
  4. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    When I was younger, I was playing outside with my friend and we a dove. We noticed that it was really close for a bird, usually they fly within twenty feet or so. All the sudden it flew on my knee. It was really sweet too, it cooed and made all sort of gay birdy noises. It was probably someones pet bird, that, or a message from God.
  5. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    I spent the greater part of my childhood outside. Even then, most of my more alarming experiences have been due to mankind, not nature.

    I was camping once during a flash flood; that was pretty interesting. We had our tents at the bottom of a hill, and the ground was as fluid as a river. Thunder, lightning, the whole nine yards.

    One time I got really close to a wild squirrel before it ran away. Like, three feet away, almost. That was a good day.
  6. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    Up in the middle of nowhere in Michigan at my grandpa's landing I got really close to a black bear, though it was like it got close to me.

    Plus there are a ton of osprey up there, and I love those birds.
  7. GrizzlyB

    GrizzlyB Confused and Dazed

    The only significant thing I can think of offhand was when I sneaked up behind a deer and got a couple whacks in on it with a stick. That was awesome.
  8. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Why would you whack a deer with a stick?
  9. GrizzlyB

    GrizzlyB Confused and Dazed

    Because they're out to get me, and the opportunity came up. Not to mention, it was trespassing.
  10. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    One time I was out tramping and the wind out there was so strong that I was tilting into the wind on quite a far angle yet stayed upright, creepy.

    It was quite fun to be leaning backwards but not falling over.
  11. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Going off the assumption that deer cannot read "no trespassing" signs, what makes you think they're out to get you? o_o

    We've just recently had raccoons on our porch. They also got into our garbage, and my cousin caught some pics of them on her cell phone. They were quite large.
  12. Once, a pigeon flew into our house.

    We had floods at the start of the summer holidays 2009, and we had several landslides. One on the local river, another one on a stream that flows into the river.

    I was out shooting once, and a huge oak branch fell off. Had it fallen off about ten seconds later, I would have been crushed.

    I recently got within about a metre of a wild rabbit. I tried to grab it, but it got away.
    And, when I was shooting the other week, our dog went into some bushes and brought back several live rabbits. And a live pheasant.
    Our dogs are gentle with the teeth, so they bring back live, healthy animals and give them to me unharmed.

    EDIT: Wasn't there a video somewhere where a man nearly got raped by a donkey in a field?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2010
  13. GrizzlyB

    GrizzlyB Confused and Dazed

    Well, as if them being as creepy as all get-out and watching me from the mountainsides all smug-like when they think I don't know they're watching weren't enough, they deliberately try to kill me by running me off the roads when I'm driving by jumping out in front of me. These are depraved, irrational animals, seeing as they're willing to risk suicide just to get at my throat. In other words, they're the radical Muslims of the animal kingdom.

    That aside, I was not aware that one needed any particular reason to bludgeon wildlife.
  14. Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

    Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster And yet, it moves!

    Please tell me this is a typo.

    /content: i walked through 6km of waist-high snake-infested grass for a cross-country once. Luckily, it was winter.
  15. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    I've come across about 5 snakes (some were pretty big) but they all slithered off. I a worm sized one that was all angry and hissy though, and my friend almost wet herself.

    Also, I came across a rabbit that looked like it had been cut in half vertically with it's whole gut showing in my garden... Cats can be morbid.
  16. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    I went camping when it flooded during the night, and outside our tentes the place was like a salt-water lake. Camping in the Florida Keys wasn't a very good idea afterall.

    We've had many birds fly into our houses, and my older sister used to find birds. Once she found a bird that couldn't fly so she tried to teach it how, but then our cat killed it when she put it in a box for the night.

    I went walking waist-deep in mud when I was eleven. Good fun, really. Then we had to jump into a freezing stream to clean ourselves off.
  17. PsychedelicJellyfish

    PsychedelicJellyfish formerly R. New

    I've had arguments with wasps and nettles quite a few times, which wasn't fun. I also got my finger bitten by a goose when I was about three.
  18. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    Speaking of geese and the like, I was feeding a swan when I was about 3 and it got my arm down it's throat, along with the food...
  19. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Except for their patented "in the headlights" expression, deer do not seem capable of facial expressions and esoteric feelings like smugness (outside the occasional Disney movie, I mean). If you'd stop looking at those mountainside deer anyway, you wouldn't notice whether they were staring at you or not. Gosh, it's like dealing with squabbling kids in a car. I also wonder if deer are the radical Muslims of the animal kingdom, which kingdom are the actual radical Muslims the radical Muslims of?

    Last year, my sisters and I saw a cat in the street during an errand we were running. The poor animal had been hit by something, and its head was smashed to pieces, yet it was obviously still alive. It (what was left of its body, I should say) was flopping about erratically in the middle of traffic, limbs spasming and tail lashing wildly, leaving a bloody mess where its injury leaked. It was an awful, vivid, and frightening sight, and both of my sisters began crying hysterically and calling on me to save it, save it. I couldn't stop anywhere in the busy highway, though. We drove back around a bit later, but by then the cat's life had faded. Not that there was anything else that could've happened...

  20. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Because they wouldn't respect his authoritah. </late>

    edit: Because I forgot to mention, I was once very nearly defecated on by a pigeon. It was... a very, very mind-destroying experience.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2010

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