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when the games and special meet the anime

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Jazzy-Strings, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Jazzy-Strings

    Jazzy-Strings Aggression

    hi all. this is my first ever fan fic that i have written down and my first ever shipping fan fic. there is mutishipping but its not very obvious in the first chapters the title is subject to change. :) hats off to an old mate of mine who insdpired me to do this. please comment! constructive critisism but please no flaming! thanks ;)
    Age rating for now is T :)

    Chapter 1- red hot ash.
    On top of mount siver Red stood, majesticly looking over Kanto and Jotoh. Pika jumped on to his shoulder. Red followed the direction of Pika's eyes. They lead to his home town of Pallet. Red silently sent out his Aero and commanded it to fly him there. There was someone he had to see. And it wasn't Green, his no.1 rival and best friend, Blue, his friend or even Yellow, his beloved. It was someone who didn't even know he existed. Until now...
    Down at saffron airport Ash Ketchum hopped of his plane and on to a bus. Within 5 gours he was bach in Pallet and Prof Oak and his Mom had set up a party. Even Misty, Gary, Lyra, May, Iris and Dawn had been forced to attend (brock sadly couldent make it as he had a date 0.o) and they had braught along their mates Jimmy, Brendan, Lucas and even Barry to the party. Yup. As far as everyone knew this would be the best home coming party Ash had ever had. But...
    As soon as Ash walked in to the room everyone jumped and shouted "suprise!!!" Ash looked at everyone, he was abasalutely delighted taht people had been going to so much trouble to do something nice for him. When the party started to get underway, Ash's Mom, Deliah and Prof Oak braught out the food and Ash immidiatly started to tuck in to the jelly- and pikachu into the ketchup but we wont go into that- Suddenl a masculin figure appeared at the doorway. He was tall, really tall. 6 foot 3 Inches in fact.He walked up to Ash and pushed him aside. He looked a lot like Ash. He had raven hair, wore baggy trousers, trainers, waist coat and even a pikachu on his shoulder. He walked up to Deliah and tilted his hat up.
    "Hi Mom." he said flatly. Deliah looked up at him, her eyes tearing up.
    Misty whispered to Ash "He's your lookalike. What a jerk. I bet me and psyduk could beat him with our eyes closed!" Ash was shocked. so shocked that he couldent think let alone move.
    Ash had been braught up on the fact that he was an only child. But this man had just gone up to ASH'S mom and called her THEIR Mom. andright after they had pushed Ash aside so violently as well!
    Deliah wrapped her arms aroud the red eyed man. "Oh Red!" she cried,streaming down her cheeks. " you havent been home for 8 years! why did you leave me and Ash alone so long?!"
    Red looked at Ash and then looked back at Deliah, "you werent alone. " he said, "you had Ash."
    "I know!" Deliah whispered. "but afteryour father left i needed you! we could hardly cope!"after she said that Red finnally accsepted his mothers embrace. He then turned to Ash and crouched to get to his eye level . His red eyes met Ash's and he put his hand on Ash's head.
    "youve grown" Red said from under his hat. He then made his hat tilt up in order to reveal spikey hair that kept his hat propped up. "Now..." he shouted. "LETS GET THIS PARTY STA..."
    "RED!!!" Someone shouted. All the faces turned to the door. there where 2 more figures. this time one of a spikey haired boy and one of a tall straighet haired girl. Gary nearly fainted when he saw the boy.
    "Hi Green, Blue!!! i ahevnt seen you guys in 2 years! How are ya? Wanna oin the party?"
    "No Red now is not the time for remenicing." said the spikey ahired boy. Green.
    "Yeah Red this is rerious." said the straight haired girl, Blue.
    "Its about yellow..." they both whispered. Red looked alarmed. He grabbed his rucsac
    " im coming," he said
    "oh great." misty remarked. "first our party gets crashed,your lookalike, a gary lookalike and now this?!"
    Ash ignored Misty. Her opinions did not matter to him right noe. He was still in shock about the fact that he had a brother with 2 personalities. this brother was still a mystery and Ash wanted to learn as much about him as possible.
    He walked up to Deliah and whispered somethingin her ear
    "Ok" she started crying again." Just be careful." Ash then picked up his bag, still in perfect silence. wnt and got Pikachu and then gave his unova pokeballs to Oak.
    "See ya. " he said. and stood along his red eyed brother.
    "NO!" screamed the entirety of Ash's harem in relisation. commernts such as "its too dangerous" and "but Ash!" where being shot back and forth like a tennis match. Eventually thye boys had to break it up.
    " look girls" they said " we know you're concerened but Ash needs to be able to make his own choises."
    "OK" May gave in "i guess you're right"
    "i guess so." Dawn and Lyra agreed.
    "Ok If your sure." Said Iris. " but dont get lost you're such a little kid"
    Misty looked suspicious. she swiftly darted out the back door.
    "thanks girld" Ash said. "I'll be carefull after all i'll be with Red i promise." Ash then proseeded to say all his goodbyes and then left.
    Nearly leaving Pallet Ash,who was wallking next to Red, Blue, who was holding tightly on to Greens arm, Green, who was lookig mean and moody and Red who was talking to Pika who was talking to Ash's Pikavhu all walked toward route 1. "wait!"
    everyone turned around. Missty.
    "Misty?" Ash quiried "what are you doing here?"
    "Im coming too." misty panted. she was adament alright. you could see all of her tomboy passion burning in her eyes. " there is someone i want to confirm exists."
    "OK!" Said Red" Then to Virdinian!"
    thanks for reading! please comment! my spelling and grammar is rubbish and i hpe to get the next chapter up soon! preveiw chapter 2:- red flames and yellow sparks...
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  2. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

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