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When Walls Crumble [RP Thread] [R] [Private Fantasy RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Tangeh, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Sylvia Edelstein
    The Drunken Wench

    Sylvia never was the soundest sleeper. She sat on the small, lumpy bed that the inn provided, dressed in nothing but a eyes wide open as she looked out the window and at the crescent moon. It wasn't the bed at all - far from it, actually. She was all too used to being made to sleep on worse things. During her first several years in the Thieves' guild, she wasn't even afforded the luxury of a bed - she had to make do with sleeping on the floor, near the dying embers of the makeshift stove. Not to mention, being a Thief meant nighttime runs. She was a night wolf, and sleep was just something she learned to do without, save for brief naps at most. Not to mention, more exciting things happened at night in general - aside from being cooped up in an inn room, of course.

    The bar patrons continued their drunken revelry, and the werewolf was tempted to join them. She looked towards the far end of the room, where she saw Sir Emerick, trying his best to stay awake. Undoubtedly, Genma's departure had made the knight more wary of any of them possibly running away. She didn't care though. Rather than lie back down, she got up and put on her boots, not bothering with the rest of her armor, save for her bodysuit, cloak and pauldrons, as well as her headpiece. She strode past the other beds, where most of the others were sleeping, and locked eyes with Sir Emerick. The knight straightened himself and glared. Sylvia narrowed her eyes at him, before sticking her tongue out and slipping through the doorway, daring him to stop her.

    "Edelstein, if you're thinking of taking off-..." Emerick began, but Sylvia swiftly cut him off.

    "Bold of you to assume that I'm actually escaping. If you're looking for a coward, look elsewhere," she growled, before turning her back and leaving to join the patrons downstairs.


    Sylvia returned upstairs before the sun was up, after most of the patrons had staggered off in their drunken haze. She had a couple of bleeding cuts above her right eyebrow, her lip was split, and a fresh bruise was beginning to blossom on her left cheek. One of the patrons had nabbed her headpiece off her head, remarking that it would fetch a tidy sum in Zielmore's black market. Not wanting to negotiate or deal with the bastard, she punched him, and started a loud, violent brawl in the process. Being that the patrons involved were mostly magical humans, she easily overpowered them physically, but that didn't mean that they didn't come unarmed, and she didn't walk away unscathed.

    Only an hour or so later, the sunlight began streaming through the window. Not being able to sleep to begin with, Sylvia rose and made her way to the bathroom to wash herself. She cleaned her cuts as best she could, before putting on her armor and making her way downstairs.

    Gone was the mess that she had partially been responsible for just a while ago. Instead, there was a large breakfast buffet set out for them. Sylvia immediately made her way towards the meats, rare with a good amount of blood, naturally, and selected a variety of cuts to pile on her plate. She noticed that the princess and Lyn, as well as the vampire, were already present. As she dug in, and the rest arrived, she noticed a couple of magical royal carriages waiting outside the inn, with several members of the Zielmore royal guard watching them. She couldn't read the runes on the carriage, but she knew the guards' uniforms well enough to recognize that they were royal guards.

    "Traveling in style, huh? Nice." She remarked between bites of rare meat. It did not take long for everyone to finish eating, herself included, and within an hour, they were being ushered towards the carriages.
  2. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Princess Gwendolyn
    The Drunken Wench -> Miredom Forest

    Though she had little semblance of an appetite, Gwen made an effort to get as many calories into herself as she could manage. It was especially difficult as she wasn't sure what she was even eating - she tried not to think about what kind of meat the sausages were made of, and spread a healthy amount of what looked like jam, though the taste wasn't identifiable, onto her toast. One by one, the others surfaced. Judging by the faces of her companions, Gwen was not the only member of the party to have gotten a poor night's sleep. Emerick quirked a brow at Sylvia's appearance - Gwen was too tired to question what trouble she got up to while she was trying to rest, and Emerick didn't seem to want to question her either. However, Gwen couldn't ignore Dimmy when he descended from his room. He had his hood up and was wordlessly staring at his meager breakfast of plain toast with tea. By human standards, he didn't look well. She approached cautiously. "Dimmy?" she asked to get his attention, then peeked backwards over her shoulder. Some of the Zlelmore royal guards were beginning to enter the bar. "Are you feeling alright? We need your service to get through the forest, so if you aren't feeling up to it, perhaps we should delay - "

    "Princess Gwendolyn?" one of the Zlelmore guards barked, gaining the attention of not just Gwen, but most of the bar patrons. "We are ready to depart. The citizens of Miredom have been informed and are awaiting your arrival."

    Gwen hesitated, then nodded. "Of course. We will prepare to depart at once." She looked back at Dimmy, an unsaid apology shining in her expression. "Sir Emerick?" she called. "The herbicides, if you would?" He nodded and handed Gwen a brown satchel. Inside held three dozen vials of an odd purple herbicide. Gwen closed the pack and gently handed it to Dimmy. "You will have to be in charge of this, should anything go wrong." She snuck a glance backwards and lowered her tone. "You will be fairly compensated for this work, I assure you. If gold is not a concern for someone in your position, we will find a suitable alternative. I haven't forgotten that promise I made either: I will do everything in my power to find the person you are searching for." She couldn't risk Dimmy abandoning them now. Admittedly, she wasn't sure of the full effects the Miredom Forest's toxins had on humans, but she did know that a vampire guide was an absolute necessity.


    Gwen led the others onto the magical carriages, which whisked them through the Zlelmore forests as far as the path would go. It ended abruptly at the edge of a overgrown area which glowed its signature pink hue - a side effect from the plants artificially transplanted to disperse mind-altering toxins. As far as Gwen knew, it imitated the werewolves' natural pheromones, except at a much greater intensity. The theory was that the toxins dissuaded the werewolves from entering by confusing them and triggering their instinct to find a mate, forcing them to go back to their packs. They would have to keep a close watch on Sylvia, though as far as Gwen knew, she wasn't native to the forests, so the effect shouldn't cause her to return to her pack. In theory, of course. "Apologies, but this is as far as the carriages can go," one of the Zlelmore guards explained. "The road ends to make the entrance to Miredom difficult for werewolves to find, but your vampire should be able to hear the Crystal River." Gwen could hear the faint roar of the powerful current too; the implication that she wouldn't be aware of it after entering was a bit off-putting. "The bridge to Miredom is a straight line from here, only about two kilometres west. Use the river as an orientation point, should you get lost. The Miredom guards will help once you're within eyesight. I wouldn't anticipate difficulties; very few dangerous creatures live in this area of the forest, due to the protective foliage. Take your time and keep your heads." The guard bowed and didn't wait long before leaving with the carriages (likely an order, to prevent them from bowing out from their job at the last minute).

    Gwen wasn't really sure what other advice she could offer. Don't breathe? Don't touch the pink plants? She glanced at Lyn. "Do you have much knowledge on the Miredom Forest, Lyn?" Regardless, she supposed they had little choice now but to enter. "Everyone, stay close together, and try not to touch anything."

    Gwen led the charge, with Emerick close behind her. It didn't take long before she started to feel a little off - she was blinking away dizziness and her forehead beamed with sweat after a mere twenty seconds of walking. She kept a close eye on the ground and carefully avoided the pink mushrooms. She could deal with a bit of lightheadedness until they got out, especially if the guard's words were true and they wouldn't need to do any fighting.

    That is, until Gwen, disoriented, stumbled a little and the hilt of her sheathed sword brushed against a pink mushroom sticking out of a tree. It released pink spores and Gwen hastily ducked her head and ceased her breathing, but it snaked into her airway anyways and she choked. She coughed, leaning desperately against the tree as her vision swam from inadvertently inhaling more and more of the toxin. 'Princess, stop!' Gwen squinted, the hazy figure of a Lochester guard appearing out of nowhere. She shakily drew her sword, her panicked breaths coming in quick gasps. Her eyes, completely glassy, darted back and forth, struggling to focus on her perceived foe. And then, she swung.

    Her blade nearly hit Emerick, who retreated backwards. Gwen had ignored his first call to stop, and he wasn't sure what else to do. "Princess - " She swung at him again, and he blocked her unsteady swing with his own sword. "Put your weapon away - "

    "I shan't give any from Lochester mercy, you scum!" she yelled, her third swing missing her target completely and instead driving itself into the tree next to Emerick. More spores erupted from the tree, and it was Emerick's turn to choke as Gwen yanked her sword out and paused for a moment, her eyes darting erratically to colours and morphing objects that only she could see. She swayed, stumbling from side to side, until a new target erupted in her vision. She weakly thrust her sword toward another "Lochester guard", though in reality she was aiming - albeit badly - for Sully.

    Emerick, meanwhile, had enough common sense not to draw his sword after what he'd just witnessed. He leaned against a tree, unable to do much to stop her, but listened intently to make sense of what was going on around him.
  3. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Lyn Grier
    The Drunken Wench > Miredom

    Shortly after Lyn had gotten comfortable, Dimmy and Sylvia made their appearances. Sylvia was quick to tuck into what was on offer, piling a number of rare meats onto her plate. Dimmy, on the other hand, didn't seem to eat at all, only grabbing a small piece of toast, which he proceeded to simply stare at. Not wanting to fill up for the journey, Lyn ate lightly, managing some slices of toast and a plate of eggs, washing it all down with some fresh water.

    They had barely finished their meal, when some of the Zlelmore guards began to spill into the inn, likely having made the final preparations for their journey. Gwen had only just moved to speak with Dimmy when one of the guards announced that they were ready to depart and that Miredom had been informed and were now awaiting their arrival. Upon hearing this, Lyn made a quick comment about running to grab her bag, quickly heading back to the room she had slept in the following night to retrieve it. When she finally returned a few minutes later, everyone else was ready to go, and Gwen quietly led them outside to the carriages.


    The journey from the capital to Miredom was not a particularly long one, the greenery of the forest moving past them rapidly as the carriages whisked them through the Zlelmore landscape. For much of the journey, Lyn remained in her own thoughts, feeling a little happy to be so close to home again. Ever since coming to work for Gunther three years ago she hadn't come back to Miredom - at least not the village anyways. As part of his lessons, Gunther had often dragged her out to the forests, testing her knowledge on the local flora and fauna. The journey via carriage ended abruptly when they arrived at an overgrown area which glowed its signature shade of pink - an effect from the mind-altering flowers that had been planted around the area. Due to the adverse effect the toxic plants could have on werewolves, Lyn knew they would need to keep a close eye on Sylvia to ensure she didn't break away.

    The Zlelmore guards took their leave and giving a few instructions to the group, and then suddenly the group were all alone in the Miredom woods. They had only walked a short distance when Lyn was aware of Gwen glancing at her for a moment. "Do you have much knowledge on the Miredom Forest, Lyn?" She asked, before quietly advising everyone to stay close.

    "Well, I was raised in Miredom, so you could say I have a certain familiarity with the place," Lyn responded politely, a hint of humour seeping into her voice. "I'm not sure how many of you have travelled to Miredom before, but for the sake of avoiding any accidents, I would advise you do not touch anything." How much any of her words sunk with the group were unknown, as unbeknownst to Lyn, Gwen had already begun to feel the effects of the forest. "Try to avoid the red mushrooms with yellow spots - we call them Miredom Red-caps - they're highly toxic to touch and have long-lasting effects. The ones you really need to avoid are the pink mushrooms all around us. The spores alone are enough to trigger effects."

    Lyn carried on walking ahead, the general effects of the area causing her little issues. She was not completely immune to them, as she suffered from slight light-headedness still and beads of sweat clung to her brow, but having grown up around them, she had developed something of a natural immunity to the worse effects.

    She had been talking about if the group were unsure of anything to ask her questions when a sudden commotion behind her forced her to turn around. To her shock and horror, most of the group seemed to be succumbing to the effects of the forest. Many of them seemed to be turning more erratic as the effects took hold, though Goran seemingly turned overly chivalric and flirtatious if the comments he mouthed in her direction were anything to go by. She hadn't seen it happen, but judging by Gwen swinging her sword around wildly, something of a manic expression of her features, she had inhaled some of the spores. Emerick seemed to be her initial target, but after causing more spores to spill out onto Emerick, she turned looking for another opponent, focusing on Sully and aiming right at him.

    "Princess, no!" Lyn shouted, hoping to distract the princess away from her target for the time being. Not wanting to end up potentially stabbed herself, Lyn was then quick to move so she was out of Gwen's immediate line of sight. Stepping back slightly, she looked over at Dimmy, who being a vampire was immune to the effects of the mushrooms, and was looking rather perplexed at what was going on. "Dimmy!" She called out to him pleadingly. "I need your help getting them out of here. They've ingested too many spores!"
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lord Dimamire Nightshade
    The Drunken Wench

    People filed downstairs at their own paces, filling up their plates to their own desires, and Dimmy ignored them all, just glaring at his toast. His head hurt and all he wanted was just to lie down in a dark quiet spot. Like maybe a grave, yeah a grave would be nice, okay, maybe that was bit dramatic, but it did feel like it in the moment.

    He became aware of someone talking to him and looked up. Princess Gwen wanted to know if he was okay to go today, but before he could answer, she was informed of carriages arriving and apologized instead of waiting for him to decide. Dimmy stood up, his chair clattering away noisily. He grimaced, then half lied, “I'm fine, it's just a bit of a headache.”

    It was not really fine, he knew that, but he had to make it fine. He reached out and accepted the satchel, making sure it was closed securely before slipping the strap over his head to wear it cross body. He followed Gwen outside, wincing at the sunlight, and suggesting, “We can discuss that later, My Lady.”

    Miredom Forest

    The ride wasn't the worst thing possible, but it was not great. The enclosed carriage was better on his eyes then just being outside, but the motion of the carriage and the noise of his healthier companions was not great. So, in a way it was nice to be walking under his own power in the forest, shaded by the canopy of trees, but he was still sure he would have liked it better without the migraine.

    Lyn advised them not to touch anything, as apparently a lot of the forest was toxic. He wasn't worried for himself in that regard, he was immune to most of the poisons that effected other creatures. Still he figured he should try to be careful as well, so that he didn't release any spores on them.

    He followed close behind the Princess and her guard, not far from Sully. Suddenly there was a puff of pink, from a tree near her. That was when things started to get weird. Emerick tried to stop Gwen, who swung wildly, finally targeting Sully for reasons unknown, and accusing him of being Lochesterian. Dimmy stepped back in shock at this turn of events. Now he could hear Goran whispering flirtatious things as he tried to catch up to Lyn. Really not the time buddy. Do you not see this?

    Then Lyn called to him, insisting they needed to get everyone out quick. This was really not the day to have a headache. He called back irritably, “Is this what you meant by toxic? I thought you meant they'd get sick. . . and maybe die. Not go totally insane.”

    How were they supposed to control this? Probably the first thing was to get the damn sword away from the princess. He swallowed hard, realizing it was with his vampire speed and dexterity, of course. Dimmy dashed around the other party members, coming to a stop behind Gwen and grabbing her sword swinging hand with both of his. His head throbbed exceptionally painfully. Oh crap, was this ill advised.

    Now he just had to get her to let go of it. He could probably use his magic to force her, but he really didn't want to hurt her. Not to mention, using magic would hurt his head as well. Maybe he could logic it out of her hands? Might as well try, “Princess you really don't want to do that. Now let go of the sword.”
  5. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Princess Gwendolyn
    Miredom Forest

    Gwen could hear somebody calling to her, telling her to "stop" - but the voice sounding like it was coming from all directions, echoing manically across her brain, though not across the forest. Her hesitation was enough to allow somebody to wrap their hands around her sword. Her instinct should have been to thrust sideways and try to thwack her assailant in the head with the hilt of her sword- instead she weakly jerked her entire body sideways and toppled onto the forest floor, relinquishing her prized weapon to the attacker. Gwen was barely aware of the words meant to coax the sword from her, but they were unnecessary. At the very least, Sully had been spared.

    "Princess...!" Emerick stumbled over to her side and propped her to a sitting position. She wasn't unconscious, as she put one hand to her head with a light groan. Despite not looking too well himself, Emerick stared between Lyn and Dimmy. "Y-you must get her out of here, now. Do not waste time chasing after the others. The princess is your only priority - is that clear?" Beads of sweat were rolling down his face and he coughed several times after speaking. Gwen would not be happy about this command, but he didn't care - he just wanted her away from everything toxic and psychoactive. The prospect of leaving Gwen's care in the hands of these two strangers was alarming, but potentially necessary if he too lost his head.
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lord Dimamire Nightshade
    The Drunken Wench

    As the pair toppled, Dimmy felt Gwen's hand loosen on the sword, and he worked to pry it the rest of the way from her hand. Well, not so much pry, as just take the sword she now barely held. The herbicide bottles in his bag rattled threateningly, but did not break. And all the while his head pounded fiercely. Sitting up, he squinted at Sir Emerick, who pulled the Princess away, and started issuing orders to him and Lyn. Basically they were Lyn's earlier comments, but reduced to Princess Gwen only. Get her out of the forest. Whatever happened to the others no was no longer their problem.

    “Yes,” confirmed Dimmy with a sharp nod to him. This was followed by a wince, because it hurt and he really should be avoiding quick head motions right now. He stood, and looked down at where she was sitting. He didn't have long to think about the situation and he knew it, but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to carry her far, especially not right now. She needed to walk under her own power. So with her sword in one hand, he reached down with the other and grabbed her arm, pulling her upward, “Come on now My Lady, we need to get out of here.”

    Stumbling forward as he held onto Gwen, Dimmy rotated the hilt of the sword in his hand to the proper position. If any thing came now he and Lyn would have to defend the three of them. It wasn't his preferred weapon, but as a noble he'd had fencing lessons, and could handle a sword well enough.
  7. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Lyn Grier
    Miredom Forest

    It was fair to say that the group's time in the forest was not going well. In hindsight, having been raised in the area and familiar with the adverse effects of the forest, Lyn probably should have given some warning to what might happen. Besides of course her earlier advice not to touch anything.

    After calling out for Dimmy to help, he shouted back to her in a somewhat irritable tone. Apparently, he had not expected this sort of reaction from the others. Lyn frowned a little at that, but she supposed it was a fair comment on reflection. After all, as he said, when you warned against toxic effects you expected sickness - and in the worse cases, death - certainly not, well...this. Despite his uncertainty, he was quick to leap into action. Whilst Lyn danced around the others, narrowly avoiding being struck by any of them, Dimmy carefully moved around behind Gwen, eventually making a grab with both of his. Probably not the smartest way to try to stop, but if it worked, Lyn would not be one to complain.

    Lyn moved to avoid one of the others in the group, and when she turned to look back at Dimmy and Gwen she found them collapsed on the ground, Dimmy simply taking the sword out of the princess's hand as she was barely holding it anymore. Seeing that they were okay for the moment, she took the moment to squat slightly and take a breath. She was beginning to feel the effects more now, which was unusual for her. However, with all the stress they had faced in the past few minutes, it wasn't surprising she was beginning to feel the effects a bit more. Her line of thought was suddenly interrupted by Sir Emerick barking orders at her and Dimmy.

    "Y-you must get her out of here, now. Do not waste time chasing after the others. The princess is your only priority - is that clear?" Beads of sweat rolled down his face, and he coughed a few times after speaking. Green eyes snapped to the rest of the group. She felt bad about leaving them all alone and almost went to open her mouth to protest before she noticed Dimmy nodding in agreement. "Yes," Lyn finally responded, giving Emerick a small bob of the head.

    With little else to say, the three of them took off, Lyn leading the way, whilst Dimmy followed, stumbling slightly as he dragged Gwen along with them. As they moved, Lyn opened her bag and withdrew the small elm dagger from within it, retracting the blade and gripping the hilt tightly. It wasn't a large weapon and was unlike to do major damage to any larger foes, but Lyn felt much safer holding it.

    Lyn slowed her pace after a while, raising her free hand to shade her eyes as she quickly looked around. Unfortunately, she underestimated how bad she beginning to feel, as the sudden head movement made her head spin, and it took everything within her not to topple forward. "If we keep heading this way, we should hit Miredom soon," Lyn told her two companions, turning her head back to look at them. She mustered a weak smile of reassurance, but it faltered quickly thanks to the sickly feeling washing over her, so it ended up looking more strained than reassuring. "Is she okay?" Lyn asked, gesturing towards Gwen. A moment passed before her gaze shifted to Dimmy. "Are you okay?

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