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When Walls Crumble [RP Thread] [R] [Private Fantasy RP]


Raleigh Ferghus Eachainn
Khushian Royal Palace

The look of fear on Lyn's face had stung more than any blade ever could - and Raleigh had been stabbed by a fair share of blades in his time. Perhaps asking her not to hate him had been too unreasonable a request. And yet, if only he'd let his gaze linger a moment longer, he might've caught the worry on her face. But he'd turned and left in a hurry instead, too ashamed to look his saviour in the eye. A monster had no such right.

Raleigh had barely managed to reach Gwen and Dimmy, when more guards poured into the scene. These ones were Ylorian, but that did not mark them allies. What followed was a heated exchange between a father and a daughter, both desperate to convince the other. When the former ordered Emerick to seize the princess, Raleigh's body shifted as if in preparation to intervene - but it turned out there was no need. In the end, Emerick chose the princess. Like her, he chose Yloria.

The guards chose otherwise.

Before Raleigh could act, shadows leapt at the guards to restrain them as well. Startled, the Lochesterian looked to his hands as if unsure whether he'd been the cause - only for his attention to be stolen by a peculiar man floating near the ceiling. The figure cackled like a twisted hag, pointing a finger at him. He spoke out loud the words Raleigh hadn't dared to for years; dark magic, a power him and this fiend seemed to share. The words alone made his heart beat faster in shame and regret. Had he made a mistake displaying his powers so openly? Being revealed as an abomination had been but a matter of time, but he hadn't thought how it would reflect on the princess and her cause.

"She did not know," Raleigh insisted, anger seeping into his exhausted tone. "None of them did. It was through my lies that I--"

The sorcerer paid him no mind. Raleigh had assumed him an enemy, but he offered the princess a gift instead; all of their gear, returned to them in a flash of magic. Astonished, the Lochesterian held his lance as one would a long-lost friend. It had taken many a life, but it had also saved his more times than he could count. It was his blood-soaked brother in arms. But why did...? Wait, did the king call him Glikore? So that was---

Raleigh had no time to dwell on that thought further. Emerick walked up to him, entrusting the princess to him. Raleigh looked at him, incredulous. "Me? Surely you jest. You know what I a-"

“Hurry!” Gwen called.

Raleigh did as he was told and hoisted Dimmy over his shoulder. As expected, the vampire protested with words and fists alike, but to no avail. His desperate punches were little more than an annoyance against his armour.

"Behave," the soldier hissed to his captive, "Or this will be even more uncomfortable for you."

Gwen's approach was different, and arguably more effective. She managed to coax directions from the vampire, though he still didn't seem to agree with the situation. Raleigh was about to butt in, only for someone else to beat him to it. Someone unexpected.

The Lochesterian looked back at Lyn with startled awe. He had... he had yet to hear cuss, or truly show her irritation in a manner like that, and, well.

Whatever argument he'd meant to present, Raleigh swallowed back and bent his neck into a bow. "Yes, m'am."