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When Walls Crumble [SU] [Private Fantasy RP]


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When Walls Crumble [SU] [R] [Private Fantasy RP]

- When Walls Crumble -
(A Fantasy RP)
[Rated R for violence and language]

*I appreciate your interest, however all reserves have been filled at the time of this posting, and therefore sign-ups are only open to those who have reserved. Thanks.

*RP Thread

From the peaceful farmlands of Yloria, to the shrouded forests of Zlelmore. From the scorching deserts of Khusha, to the salty seas of Lochester; four kingdoms sat nestled in this vast terrain. Throughout the ages, the four kingdoms within the realm lived side by side in harmony, if not always in agreement. Zlelmore was filled with folk who valued magic and the powers that came with it; the other realms thought them to be eccentric and odd, but left them be. Khusha's monarchy had interbred with vampires and its harsh borders were infested by dragons; the other kingdoms thought them inhospitable, but left them be. Yloria and Lochester, however, had always thought themselves to be sister nations. Both kingdoms shunned magic and repressed the dangerous races of werewolves and vampires, thinking them too bloodthirsty and vicious to have among the noble human race. Together, they created a majority opinion that kept humans safe from monsters.

Everything remained this way for centuries, until Yloria's people began to question the morality of their actions. Was it really ethical to shun humans who had the misfortune of being bitten by a monster at full moon, or those who were attacked by a vampire without their consent? What of magical humans, who were merely born with abilities outside of their control? Yloria's monarchy questioned this most of all, and slowly began to reform its policies to be more open and inclusive.

Threatened by Yloria's stance, Lochester cut off trade ties with Yloria, and suffered for it. Yloria was rife with rich farmland, and grew the highest quality food in all the realm. Driven by both their hunger and adamant views to protect "true humans" from "monsters", Lochester began to send soldiers over to steal produce (justified in their mind, as it was produce they'd always had access to) and murder any magical races they encountered. Yloria retaliated, and Lochester declared war. Their excuse was they needed greater access to farm land and desired the entire Southern Sea; the reality was they wanted to take control of Yloria and bring order back to the realm. If Yloria was under Lochester control, they would control more than half the realm, and have far greater power to protect their people from the monsters that dwelt among them.

Though certainly not weak, Yloria does not have the capacity to defend against an all out attack on their own. Lochester's military is the most well developed in the realm. The King of Yloria understands this, and though will hold his stalemate for a while, he knows he may be forced to give up a portion of Ylorian land to Lochester. A small price to pay in return for peace.

The Princess of Yloria, however, does not share his sentiments. She knows this war goes deeper than a few acres of farmland, more than redrawing some lines on the map. Yloria could back down, but that would only strengthen Lochester's walls. Walls that held prejudice, ignorance, and flat out racism. Even if Yloria's defenses crumbled, she prayed its welcoming nature never would. And she certainly wasn't trained by the castle's top swordsmen to sit in her palace to wait to see how this all played out.

Without her father's permission, the princess left the safety of the palace, bringing with her a small fleet of her most trusted - if not necessarily strongest - guards to accompany her, and they made their way to the neighbouring Seaside Village, intending to sail over to Lochester.

In hindsight, it wasn't the most well thought-out plan, as she was immediately recognized by a group of Lochesterian soldiers and attacked...


Yloria - Located in the southwest quarter of the realm, Yloria is abundant with fertile earth, and the rolling fields to the west of the territory are a constant string of farmland. The abundance of fresh crops have yielded strong, healthy people throughout the kingdom. Fishing is another, though lesser, importance to Yloria’s economy, given they have a portion of the ocean and most of Crystal Lake within their territory.

Yloria prides itself on being accommodating to travellers and its people are notably friendly to strangers. Until recently, Yloria operated on the same principles as Lochester, shunning all but non-magical human races. As desire for the rights of repressed races increased, the laws began to change. Werewolves, vampires, and magical folk have full rights within Yloria, though dark magic is still very much illegal, as is any attack on another human or equivalent. This has caused notable tension between Lochester and Yloria, as Yloria regularly takes in refugees from Lochester and has made it very clear that they disagree with the treatment of lesser races.

Despite the kingdom’s stance, there is still notable fear surrounding magic and non-human races within the population, especially among the older population. It is considered less socially acceptable to voice negative opinions on the minority populations than in other kingdoms, though they are often ignored or gossiped about instead.

Yloria’s Capital: Situated in the heart of the farmland, the Capital of Yloria is an upbeat, friendly city home to a wide variety of people. The monarchy resides in a large, well-protected castle in the heart of the city. King Leonius is the reigning king, with his daughter Princess Gwendolyn next in line to the throne. Unlike Lochester and Khusha, Yloria’s capital is also its military base, with plenty of opportunities to learn to utilize a variety of weapons and fighting techniques. Elemental and white magic is also taught mandatorily to any who possess the ability to utilize it, though some parents instead choose to send their children off to Zlelmore, as the quality of education there is considered higher, though the morals there are also considered questionable to those in Yloria. A soldier of the royal army is considered the most noble occupation to have within the Capital, though farming in the fertile fields outside the city is another popular means of livelihood.

Seaside Village: The only port city in Yloria – and the only port city in the realm not to be within Lochester – Seaside Village is mainly home to fishermen and sailors. Seaside Village at one point welcomed ships from Lochester, though tension in recent months has made them wary of outsiders. Furthermore, Seaside Village – located to close to the border and the ocean – has become a central haven for refugees of races aside from non-magical humans, with many either stopping to rest or even take up permanent residence knowing that they are protected within its boundaries.

Orchid Town: Situated on the edge of Yloria’s trademark hills, just before the Flatlands begin. Orchid Town is in an ideal location near Crystal River, with the soil being both fertile and a beacon for naturally growing plants, vegetables, and herbs without human help.
Lochester – The largest kingdom in the realm, with territory extending through most of the Southern Sea, more than half of the fertile land, and through the Flamecrest Mountains. The ocean is an extremely important resource for Lochester, as much of its culture and economy is devoted to fishing. Though the land is fertile and suitable for growing crops, the climate does not always agree. Still, crops that are hearty enough to withstand the dry summers are another important export for Lochester.

Lochester and its three main settlements – Swifthaven, Saltwater City, and Basinpoint – each have large ports to make for easy ship access between each other, and to Yloria’s Seaside Village. The entire nation is well cared for by its monarchy and technological advances such as plumbing systems and gunpowder are widespread throughout the nation.

Underneath its bright and fortuitous exterior, Lochester hides a much darker side. The monarchy and its people shun magic, werewolves, and in particular vampires, believing them to be the cause of unnecessary deaths and destruction. Almost all facets of magic are illegal, with use of dark magic on another human punishable by death. Likewise, an attack on another human by a vampire or a werewolf is punishable by public execution. White magic is an exception – it is legal only within hospitals, and only with adequate training and supervision. It is illegal for a werewolf, vampire, or practitioner of dark magic to take up residence in any area of Lochester.

While it is legal for a practitioner of elemental magic or white magic to be a resident, there is still a heavy stigma surrounding magic. Children who show magical potential are often shipped off to Zlelmore for their mandatory training and never seen again. Zlelmore’s opposite opinion on magic has led to an odd adoption program that sends magical children to Zlelmore and non-magical children to Lochester. It is highly controversial even within the two kingdoms, and especially frowned upon by Yloria and Khusha, yet it saves over a thousand children each year from becoming wards of the state.

Lochester Capital: The Capital of Lochester is the largest settlement in the realm, and the people within it live comfortable, hard working lives. Lochester has excellent medical care, plentiful food, and is overall a very wealthy nation. Lochester is governed by a monarchy that has overseen it for hundreds of years, originating from conquerors of the entire realm after it was first settled before it divided into four kingdoms. Currently it is governed by Queen Eleonora with her son Prince Hendrick second in line for the throne, and her younger son Prince Aldrich third in line. A large extended family make up the rest of the throne’s birthrights. It employs a very large, very well trained army to defend and, more recently, to conquer.

Swifthaven: The culture of Swifthaven is very military-focused, as it is the closest settlement to the borders of the neighbouring kingdoms. It is heavily guarded and its people well trained – perhaps overly so – in case of attack or need for reinforcements. Many of its residents were originally from the Capital and moved to Swifthaven for military assignment.

Saltwater City:
As its name implies, Saltwater City is mostly filled with inhabitants who get their livelihood from fishing. The surrounding land is also highly fertile, making it the largest crop exporter in Lochester outside of its Capital.

Basinpoint: The southernmost settlement in the realm, Basinpoints shares many similarities with its sister town, Saltwater City. Its proximity from the capital has allowed illegal races to be more easily hidden. A scandal a few years ago revealed a small coven of vampires seeking refuge in Basinpoint: they were publically executed, along with several humans who had been trying to protect them.
Khusha – Situated in the northeast area of the realm, most of Khusha’s territory is covered in inhabitable mountains and desert. Further complicating the problem is a large dragon population that makes their home in the Flamecrest Mountains. The mountain range is aptly named, as the dragons use their fiery breath to heat the surrounding territory to keep it at their ideal temperature (which makes the mountains inhospitable to humans). The surrounding area has turned to desert as a result, with the dragons destroying any hope at plant life growing normally. Some citizens of Khusha have opted to put the dragon’s great power to use, and will raise smaller species from eggs and ride them. Dragon riders aren’t uncommon in Khusha armies, and given the species’ reluctance to breed in captivity, this has made dragon egg hunting a very, very dangerous, but highly profitable, source of business.

Despite the artificial desert, plant life can grow under controlled conditions, making the cities within Khusha essential for food production. Still, a good portion of agriculture must be shipped in from the other three kingdoms. In exchange, many in Khusha take up a hazardous career of mining rare ore from the mountain to trade.

Though Khusha is generally nervous of races other than the non-magical human, its culture has a deep respect, rather than outright fear, for vampires. This origin of this view stems from Khusha’s monarchy: two hundred years ago, vampires overturned the human monarchy, intending to make Khusha a land that benefitted only vampires. When humans fled the kingdom in terror, the monarchy quickly realized the error of their ways, as humans were a quintessential food source – and kept livestock alive for them to feed off as the only readily available secondary resource. The monarchy changed its policies to have the interests of all races in mind, if only for selfish reasons, and slowly things became peaceful and prosperous once again.

As decades passed, the reasons became less selfish, and more empathetic – after all, the vampire monarchy had begun interbreeding with humans. The current head of state – Prince Alarik – openly admits to being one eighth vampire, though aside from the trademark red eyes his powers are unknown. At only seventeen years of age, he just recently took the title of the throne from his deceased father. The circumstances of his death were kept quiet, though given the king’s vampire heritage and relatively young age, was unlikely to be from natural causes.

Khusha Capital:
The Capital of Khusha is nestled at the base of the Flamecrest Mountains, and protected very effectively by the mountains and the desert. It is no easy task making it to Khusha from another kingdom, though the citizens themselves are quite accustomed to it. Most of the trading in the Capital is therefore instead organized from Immost Outpost. Due to the heat, the citizens of Khusha dress in light fabrics, and their homes are designed to protect from the sun. As rain is rare, water is collected from underground wells.

Immost Outpost: Similar to Lochester’s Swifthaven, Immost Outpost serves as the military base for Khusha. It also serves as a central point of trading for Khusha and the other three kingdoms, being in close proximity to all of them.

Sandhold: Located on the cusp of the Khusha and Zlelmore border, Sandhold has a larger non-human population than any other formal settlement in the realm. It is a haven for vampires and werewolves alike, and there is no stigma against either race. Few humans take up residence there, as it is considered a highly dangerous place for them (magical or not).
Zlelmore - Located in the forests northwest of the realm, Zlelmore’s territory is a natural home to many magical plants and fungi, contributing to the kingdom’s odd and mysterious aura. Zlelmore’s residents are curious about the unnatural, in particular the study of magic. It is home to more werewolves than any other kingdom combined – but they live almost entirely in the thick trees of Lostacre Forest, hidden away from the discriminatory human population. Lycanthropy being one of few things magic can’t fix – or even treat – it is considered a terrifying curse amongst the human population, especially as Lycanthropy exterminates the ability to use magic once contracted. Vampirism gets a similar treatment, though there is more of a natural curiosity toward vampire magic. Some people even dedicate their lives to studying vampire magic.

Zlelmore is unusual in that it has a preference for magical humans above any other race. Non-magical humans are thought of as inferior, though due to the rarity of magical humans they are still the largest population of Zlelmore. If an infant of magical parenthood is discovered to not possess magical powers themselves, they are frequently abandoned. An adoption program set up with Lochester allows many such families to select an unwanted child with magical abilities instead, and though this practice is frowned upon, it is frequently utilized. The government of Zlelmore does not see any issue with the practices. Unlike the other kingdoms, which rely on a monarchy, Zlelmore instead gives its head of state title to the most powerful wizard in the kingdom. This is generally revisited via a magical duel every couple years, with the victor granted dark facial tattoos to signal their leadership – these are permanent until overthrown, and it is illegal to replicate them in the general population.

At the edge of the kingdom sits the Watchtower, a very tall spirally stone building which can see into the territories of all four kingdoms. Military personnel are constantly stationed there, on alert for any sign of conflict.

Zlelmore Capital: The central hold of Zlelmore contains nearly all of its non-werewolf residents, exempting a small population in the northern bogs and a few eccentric types whom instead choose to live a life of seclusion in the forest. The Capital of Zlelmore is home to the finest magical institutions in the entire realm, and much of its culture is centered around magical training. The streets of Zlelmore are home to potion salesmen, the air constantly sparks with elemental spells, and the people are constantly studying to improve their own magical mastery. The current head of state is Sorcerer Glikore, though he has two teenaged protégées; his daughter, Veneas, and the top magical student in the kingdom, Ixrius.

Miredom: A swampy area home to many who prefer to study magic without the bustle of city life. Located on the western side of the Crystal River, the bridge to Miredom is further protected by an artificially planted grove filled with foliage that releases toxins designed to disorient any intruders into leaving. Originally planted to prevent werewolves entering the settlement, it also serves to keep Miredom a secluded location from all outsiders.


Non-magical humans: By far the most populous race in the land, naturally making them the dominant race. The strength of a normal human doesn’t come from extraordinary abilities, but rather their increased access to weaponry, education, food, healthcare, and opportunities throughout the entire realm. Non-magical humans are not feared by any kingdom and may take up residence anywhere. Zlelmore is the only kingdom where they are not the preferred race, as magical humans are the favoured race there, though non-magical humans have every standard right in Zlelmore as well.

A non-magical human is considerably more physically apt than their magical counterpart, but without weapons are outmuscled by werewolves and some vampires (depending on their specific powers). Humans tend to rely on weapons for combat – swords, lances, bows and arrows, crossbows, axes, clubs/maces, etc. are widely available to humans, as is the training to properly utilize them.
Magical humans: About 5% of the human population is born with the potential for magical abilities, with some genetic predisposition. This is generally discovered in early childhood and usually first appears during a period of high emotion. In Zlelmore, where magic is coveted, it is considered normal to force an infant into using magic by subjecting them to fearful or even painful situations to discover their abilities or lack thereof. A magical human is considerably frailer and physically weaker than the standard human; strong of mind, weak of body.

Magical education is mandatory for all who are born with the ability, as not being properly educated can lead to stunted magical abilities and dangerous and potentially deadly spurts of immature magic. In Lochester, magic is feared and is outlawed. The kingdoms of Khusha and Yloria also have stigma and fear against magic, but elemental magic is not illegal in either location. In certain parts of both kingdoms (generally surrounding the magical institutions) magic users are accepted and treated no differently from normal humans.

Magic wielders usually gravitate toward a particular branch of elemental magic, and their initial spurts of magic will congregate in this type (wind, earth, lightning, fire, or water/ice). Learning another elemental form besides their natural alignment is considerably more difficult, but mandatory in all magical institutions for proper magical growth. Given proper training, elemental magic wielders can produce a variety of powerful attacks, but most tend to have favoured spells that they are especially talented with.

White (healing) magic is another branch that magic wielders can learn, and is generally easier than learning a second element, making it a popular elective given its more obvious practical uses.

Dark magic is taught only in Zlelmore, as it is illegal in every other kingdom. This branch of magic concentrates around spells that are designed purely to hurt, injure, or torture others. Necromancy is another form of dark magic that can be learned, though is considerably difficult to do perfectly. Learning dark magic involves devoting oneself to inflicting pain on others, and generally requires a sadistic mindset to be appropriately effective, making its wielders potentially highly dangerous. Zlelmore considers it useful for army defense, but widespread misuse and connections with evil minds have rendered it illegal elsewhere.
Werewolves: Lycanthropy is a disease spread through werewolf bites to otherwise normal humans (vampires are immune). This curses the affected with forcibly turning into a large half human, half wolf beast that acts purely on the instinct to bite and spread the disease further whenever there is a full moon in the sky. Lycanthropy also disables the ability to use magic in magical humans. Due to this, werewolves are feared throughout every kingdom. Lochester has gone as far as to make it illegal for werewolves to take up residence there. There is no cure for lycanthropy, though the only way the disease can spread is from a werewolf bite inflicted during a full moon.

Outside of the moon’s peak cycle, werewolves can learn to control their shapeshifting abilities to transform from pure human to pure wolf, and anywhere in between. This does take practice to effectively learn, and usually has to be self-taught unless the werewolf in question is a part of a pack. A werewolf’s wolf and partial wolf forms can overpower most humans with enhanced speed and strength capabilities. Werewolves have a aversion and weakness to silver, being particularly weak against silver weapons. This weakness is more pronounced the further into their wolf form they are.

Due to the stigma surrounding werewolves, many have relegated themselves to living in packs outside of towns, with the vast majority residing in Lostacre Forest. Others choose to live their lives entirely in their human form in secret, leaving town or locking themselves into solitude when the full moon arises. These werewolves may therefore have had the opportunity to train with weapons as a normal human would, while other werewolves instead rely on teeth, claws, and brute strength.
Vampires: The least human of all races as the DNA itself is affected, vampires are obviously distinguished from humans up close as they have deathly pale, inhuman coloured skin, blood red eyes, and two long sharp incisors that often stick out of the mouth. A pure vampire will subsist exclusively off blood, with a preference (but not necessity) for human blood. With the exception of Khusha, vampires are feared throughout the realm for this reason. Vampires also have an intense sensitivity to sunlight, with pure vampires burning to dust after several minutes of direct exposure.

In exchange, vampires – though not immortal – live very long lives, and are not susceptible to human illnesses. While unable to learn elemental or white magic, they are blessed with a particular subset of vampiric magic which is designed to enable them to more easily catch prey. This magic is unique to each vampire, and can include increased speed and/or strength, increased sensory abilities, specific dark magic spells, etc.

Vampires can be created through bites which inject venom to the victim, though the instinct to bite for the point of procreation has been long evolved out of the species, as outside of Khusha humans historically have treated this much as they’d treat a crime of murder, and was (and in Lochester, still is) punishable by death. Vampires can also propagate the traditional way, and can interbreed with humans to create vampire hybrids. Unlike werewolves and magical humans, the way DNA is affected in vampires enables partial vampires to exist. They have less of the vampire drawbacks (can eat food as well as blood, more tolerant of sunlight, etc), but also less powerful abilities.


1. No god-modding / no Mary Sues (no perfect/ invincible characters. You cannot dodge every hit or land every strike!). Characters should be well-balanced, with defined strengths and weaknesses. Follow along with the guidelines provided in the race descriptions above.

2. No powerplaying (“bunnying”) without permission, unless exceptionally minor in order to progress the RP. This in particular includes auto-hitting (do NOT harm another player’s character in your own post. It is up to the RPer themselves to decide 1. IF they are hit by an attack and 2. To what DEGREE the attack affected them)!

3. The character limit is one per RPer.

4. Sign ups are limited to the reserves taken beforehand. Unless we have significant drop-outs, sign ups are closed.

5. Please ask if you have any questions, or wish to suggest something to add to the world.

Sign-up form

Your character does not need to be from Yloria, but needs to have a reason to be in Seaside Village at the start of the RP. In addition, they will be forcibly recruited to travel with Yloria's princess at the start of the RP. Don't make a character who would take issue with this to the point that the princess would decide they aren't worth the trouble.

Gender:[/B] (you are welcome to list sexuality here if you wish)
[B]Age:[/B] (18+)
Class:[/B] (basically just sum up their fighting style from the skills you list below)

[B]Skills and abilities:[/B]

[B]Appearance:[/B] (at least 100 words)

[B]Personality:[/B] (at least 100 words)

[B]History:[/B] (at least 100 words)
RPer list:
1. Tangeh - Princess Gwendolyn Esyl Hefina Quince Silverose (Non-magical human Royal Swordswoman)
2. *Jean Grey* - Sylvia Edelstein (Werewolf Death Knight)
3. Cometstarlight - Hazel Cornix (Werewolf Adventurer)
4. Minteh - Lynneth "Lyn" Grier (Non-magical human Scout)
5. Monster Guy - Veronica Lance (Magical human Sorceress)
6. Schade - Brother Genma Valerious Windcaller the Third ("Gen") (Magical human Cleric) [old char] Goran Labolas Sanguine (Non-magical human Dracoknight)
7. Sketchie (reserved)
8. TikTok13 - Zane Crowley (Werewolf Thief)
9. VampirateMace - Dimamire ‘Dimmy’ D. Nightshade (Half-vampire Rogue)
10. Vern - Sullivan Van Daal (Magical human Electromancer)
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Name: Princess Gwendolyn Esyl Hefina Quince Silverose (she may allow those close to her to call her "Gwen", but insists on "Princess Gwendolyn" or at least "Princess" otherwise)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race Non-magical human
Class: Royal swordswoman

Skills and abilities:

Swordsmanship - Gwendolyn has been trained from a very young age how to properly wield a sword and shield in combat, as well as how to defend and retaliate against the fighting styles from the armies of each of the four kingdoms. She is highly proficient in this art. She carries with her a sword imbued with silver, and its golden hilt is studded with precious gems. It was passed down through many generations and has seen many battles. Her shield is small, circular, and metallic, with a matching silver hue to the sword, and displays the golden Silverose family crest along its front.

Royal influence - Being next in line to the Ylorian throne naturally grants her a lot of respect, even outside of Yloria. Within Yloria, her word is law, as decreed by her father on her eighteenth birthday. She is not shy about using this power, though takes care not to abuse it, and rationalizes all of her official decisions.

Wealth - She carries with her an abhorrent amount of gold shillings - a universal currency throughout the realm - yet can still promise far greater from her family's royal wealth if needed.

Body guard - Gwen travels especially close to her personal body guard, Sir Emerick. He has cared for her since she was a child, and the two are quite close. Though Emerick does not often agree with the decisions Gwen makes, he obeys her every command. Like Gwen, he carries a sword and shield, and as a longstanding member of the royal guard, is proficient in using it. Though not as young as he used to be, he is still a formidable opponent with a lot of experience under his belt. His personality is standoffish, speaking only to Gwendolyn when spoken to and rarely conversing with anybody else. He would give his life for her without hesitation, and by the King's law must strive to protect her - the one order Gwen cannot give Emerick is to leave her alone when they are outside of the castle.


Gwendolyn stands at 5'5" (average height) and has a straight, poised posture, stemming from years of childhood etiquette training. Her gait is similarly smooth and graceful, every step purposeful and well-practiced. Despite this, she has a tendency to walk quickly, giving the impression that she's practically floating across the room. Though she likes to give the impression of fragility and grace, she is stronger than her slight build would imply. She was trained the the art of the sword from an early age, at her father's request, and still studies with the royal guard should the need for her services be required (though this was against her father's request).

Her hair is long, smooth, and straight, despite having a healthy amount of volume to it. The deep indigo colouration comes from her mother's side of the family, but the thick healthy aspect of it comes from her father's. Though her typical royal getup keeps it down and intertwined with golden flowers, her compromise for traveling is to keep it mostly down, with only about half of it tied to keep it behind her. Side bangs sweep across her forehead. She has an oval-shaped face, with a thin, slightly upturned nose. Her eyes are a pale lilac - a colour that had skipped her father's generation but had been previously associated with her grandmother and great grandfather. They are highly expressive, as is the rest of her face. She makes her emotions easy to read, but is also very well practiced at faking emotions in order to get what she wants.

The traditional royal gown she wears is much too large to even walk in properly, let alone fight. Hence she has abandoned it in favour of a much lighter long emerald green (the official colour of Yloria) dress and overcoat. Her footwear is similarly for practicality purposes - black boots which, although not unsightly, are much more comfortable to walk in than the heels she is accustomed to. As is traditional for Ylorian royalty, she wears a lot of gold. Thick golden bracelets cover the whole first half of her forearm (they double as armor, though admittedly weak armor), along with golden necklaces, rings, earrings, and - of course - the golden tiara which signals her official position as next in line to the throne. She is strongly attached to her jewellery as she has worn variants of it since infanthood, and feels naked without it. She also carries with her a black cloak in case a need for stealth arises.

Princess Gwendolyn is intelligent beyond her years, having spent countless hours being privately tutored in an array of subjects, including and beyond those taught in typical Ylorian schools. She thinks fast and is quick tongued, rarely missing a beat, and when caught off guard tries hard not to show it. Her responses can sometimes come off as condescending, as she does think her opinions matter more than the general population's. She has a habit of using longer, more roundabout words when she wishes to state an unpopular opinion without others catching on that she's insulting them. Though anybody who's been around her for an extended period of time should catch onto this and be able to infer her true thoughts, even without knowing the meaning of the words she uses. Gwen is used to getting whatever she wants and is not used to being told "no" from anyone aside from her father. The very usage of the word against her is enough to set her off guard, as if she had not planned for the scenario.

Gwendolyn is proud and self-confident, which is evident in the way she carries herself and the way she speaks. In theory she knows a lot about the realm, as she has studied all of the kingdoms extensively, despite having rarely left Yloria except for controlled diplomatic meetings. She is rather naive about the reasoning and culture behind the laws of other kingdoms and is therefore judgemental of some of their practices, feeling that the other three kingdoms need to adopt Yloria's laws and culture, as it is superior. Though she rarely openly admits when she is wrong, she is very quick to change her opinion when she gains additional insight into a problem. Her flexibility and quick decision making can make her come off as erratic and immature, which isn't far off from the truth.

Despite her brash exterior, she is genuinely a warm-hearted person who desperately wants the best for not only everybody in her kingdom, but everybody within the realm. The discrimination in other kingdoms against minority races greatly angers her, but at the same time, she is naturally a bit nervous around races other than the standard non-magical human. This mostly stems from a lack of contact with minority races, coupled with a belief that they could easily overpower her (vampires in particular, as their powers are more unpredictable, and they have a built-in motive to attack). Her own fears frustrate her, as she understands logically that they are all still humans, and deserve all of the same rights and respect from her that non-magical humans have.

Princess Gwendolyn Esyl Hefina Quince Silverose was born when her father was king, therefore she was born next in line to the throne. Her long name follows the traditional naming pattern for children of the Ylorian head of state - her first name is unique to her, to become her personal legacy. Her subsequent three names are important ancestors: Queen Esyl, the first ever monarch of Yloria (and a unanimously popular second name for royal girls); her grandmother, Queen Hefina (the last reigning female monarch); and, in an unconventional twist, as she was not of royal blood, her mother, Quince. Her mother was frail and the pregnancy was very hard on her, and despite warnings from doctors not to have any more children, she passed away while expecting her second child. This left Gwendolyn an only child, and her father didn't have much time to spend with her, having so many other responsibilities than child rearing. She was essentially raised by dozens of palace servants, and all of them feel a parental connection to her and are highly protective of her. She does have a couple similarly aged cousins who reside in the palace with her, acting as surrogate siblings.

From a young aged she was privately tutored and groomed to be the next reigning monarch. Everything from swordfighting to etiquette to international diplomacy - it was all instilled in her from an early age. When she was ten years old she was permitted to attend her first diplomacy meeting with Lochester, though it was more of an educational experience than one where she could test her abilities or voice her opinions. It would be a couple more years before her father allowed her to attend meetings in Zlelmore and Khusha, and the differences between the kingdoms was shockingly apparently to her. It was odd having the head of state of Zlelmore look down on her and her father due to lacking magical abilities, and almost more odd for the king of Khusha - one quarter vampire, and sitting next to his fully human wife - to regard them as equals.

As years went on, her father began to instill in her the important of equality, and how it would be a strength for Yloria has to welcome those unwanted in other kingdoms - to be inclusive to all. Gwen had a different opinion on the matter, believing equality should be treated not as a strength for Yloria, but as a right to everyone within the realm (prompting lectures from her father about not meddling with the affairs of other kingdoms). As Yloria's laws began to change, Lochester was very vocal about disliking this new dangerous methodology, which threatened their way of living. When diplomacy talks failed to remedy the situation, Lochester invaded Yloria, and declared war when Yloria retaliated. The King held Yloria's stalemate, but was comfortable with settling for less land in exchange for peace. Lochester would be satisfied with greater control over the realm, and Yloria would be satisfied with upholding their own laws and way of life within a smaller territory.

Gwendolyn had other plans. During a traditional ceremony held on her eighteen birthday barely two months ago, she was given greater military command and it was decreed that her word was law unless overpowered by the King's. She used this power to gather a small group of soldiers - including her trusted personal bodyguard, Sir Emerick - and headed for Seaside Village. If her father was unwilling to fight, she decided she couldn't hesitate to step up. She truly believed that many repressed people needed her to be their voice, and it was her duty to do more than just stand by and watch. If she could just get to the Capital of Lochester, just try her hand at reasoning with the monarchy... surely they would see reason. ...Wouldn't they?
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Veronica Lance
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race Magical human
Class: Sorceress

Skills and abilities:

Fire Magic: Veronica has a natural affinity for the element of Fire. Thus she has the ability to create and control fire. Any fire she makes, or is manipulated by her is always purple. Her favorite fire based technique is conjuring up balls of purple flames, that she can manipulate. She can also fire a stream of purple flames from her hands if she wants to fight more directly. Due to her affinity for Fire Magic, Veronica is immune to heat and flames. Somehow, this protection extends to the clothes she is wearing as well. She can actually absorb fire to make her own fire magic stronger.

Dark Magic

Shadow Tag: Veronica conjures a shadow to bind someone's feet where they stand, temporarily preventing them from escaping. The effect automatically ends when Veronica is far enough away from the target. The intended target must be directly in front of her to this work.

Hex: Veronica starts chanting, and summons shadows around an opponent. The shadows cause the victim intense (but not fatal) internal pain. The pain is worse if the victim has an affliction of some kind, like a burn. Similar to Shadow Tag, she must be directly in front of the intended victim.

Pain Split: Veronica is able to drain life energy from one, and transfer it to another. It can be used to heal wounds, essentially transferring those wounds to another victim. She can't kill anybody with this. She must able to touch the target(s) to use this.

Night Shade: Veronica uses dark magic to cause the victim to have a vision of something frightening. Veronica has no control over what the victim sees, and what they see is personal for each victim. Often the victims of this are left in a state of terror, that makes them unable to fight back. Those with strong wills can overcome this.

Minor Necromancy: Veronica learned some basic necromancy in black magic class. She can raise a dead corpse as a zombie for a short time. She also has the ability to summon undead skeletons to do her bidding. She uses it to summon skeletal cats that vary in size from the size of a housecat, to a tiger. Most people are creeped out by them, she thinks they're adorable.

Appearance: Veronica is not the type of person who could easily blend into a crowd. She stands at exactly five feet tall, making her a little bit on the short side, not that this matters to her. Her figure is willowy, lacking in curvature. Not that she's a block, rather her curves are just understated, again, not that this matters to her. She has a heart shaped face, and a small nose. Her hair is long, and slightly wavy. It goes past her waist, with blunt cut bangs that go to her eyebrows. It naturally grows out of her head in a lavender color. She keeps her hair tied up into pigtails on either side of her head. Her eyes are an intense yellow color, that almost appear to be glowing, which tends to freak some people out. Her eyes have long, dark lashes attached to them. Her skin is naturally pale, and made more so by her not going out into the sun that often. Her pale complexion makes her other features stand out. Apart from black eyeshadow, she really doesn't wear much make-up.

Veronica has a very particular taste when it comes to clothes. Her wardrobe consists of frilly gothic style dresses. There are a lot of lace, ruffles, and bows in her clothes, and it's always in a black and purple color scheme. Her current outfit is a frilly purple and black dress. The bodice is purple and black, and is vaguely corsetlike in design. It has puff sleeves, ruffles, and two small purple bows decorating it. The bell shaped skirt is black, and it reaches to just past her knees. It has ruffles on the bottom. She wears black lace stockings on her legs, and black Mary Jane style shoes on her feet. Elbow length, fingerless black gloves, with crisscrossing purple lace ribbons in the center cover her hands. On top of her head sits a black headband with a purple bow attached to it. The only jewelry she wears is a black choker with a purple gem in the middle, as well as black stud earrings in both earlobes. Some people find her choice of clothing odd because it tends to look extravagant when it's not necessary. Veronica doesn't care what others think. She likes the style, and that's all that matters to her

Personality: Veronica is a quiet young woman who doesn't show emotion very often. She usually has a serious look on her face, and it's rare to see her smile. She doesn't talk very much, not because she's shy or anything, she just doesn't have much to say. It's hard to get more than a few words out of her at a time. When someone does try to talk to her, she tries to get straight to the point, and end the conversation as efficiently as possible. This often leads to saying things bluntly, or respond with a snarky comment. She is patient and stoic, and doesn't get angry easily, but can be quite scary when she does get mad. These days, she has a tendency to push people away because of her experiences with bullying, often playing up her bad reputation, and demonstrating her abilities to keep people away. While she is grateful for the gifts she was blessed with, she knows that they can be dangerous if left unchecked, which is why she keeps people at arms length, so she doesn't hurt people again. She struggles to not let the influence of her dark magic drive to be like her parents. It's difficult because she actually enjoys casting hexes on people who annoy her.

Her favorite activity is reading books. She is actually fairly intelligent, and she likes learning as much as she can about magic, or anything else she thinks is relevant. She also reads for pleasure, and reads fairy tales and horror novels, in addition to scholarly texts. Although, she seems to prefer reading about people having epic adventures, than actually being involved in one herself. She knows the potential dangers involved, and Veronica doesn't like casually rushing into danger without a plan.

For all her intelligence, Veronica is lacking in physical ability. She's not very strong (though she can somehow pick up big heavy books without a problem), not a particularly fast runner, doesn't take hits well, and gets tired easily after doing physical activity for too long. Combat wise, Veronica relies on her magic for everything, and is useless in a physical fight. She typically avoids exerting herself too much. However, when it becomes necessary to perform manual labor, she will never complain about it. She'll just suffer in silence until the task is complete. Complaining is something that irritates her more than physical fatigue.

Despite the fact that she actively studies dark magic, Veronica isn't actually evil. She actually would like to put her powers to use doing something good, and show people that not all practitioners of dark magic are evil, and it that it can be put to use doing good. The reason for her reserved personality is because of the bad reputation she's gotten due to her powers. In reality, she is quite friendly deep down, and would appreciate companionship from someone willing to look past the darkness. She can be one of your closest friends if you have the patience to deal with her.

History: Before she was born, Veronica's parents were both sorcerers from Zlelmore who studied dark magic. Both mother and father hailed from a long line of black magic users. They terrorized many towns, took many lives, and did awful things simply for the sake of becoming wealthy, and making their own lives as comfortable as possible. After a few years, they settled down in Yloria's capital, a place they believed to be more comfortable than their native kingdom in order to focus on starting a family. They also liked the idea of being the most powerful dark magic users in the kingdom, something they weren't going to get in Zlelmore. They wanted to raise a child who would grow up to follow in their footsteps. They tried many times to conceive a child the old fashioned way, but either failed to get pregnant, or miscarried. They considered adopting an orphan at first, but decided against it, as they wanted their progeny to inherit their magical abilities, and have their blood in their child's veins. So, they decided to use magic to help them conceive. It worked, and nine months later, they welcomed a baby girl into their lives. The girl was born with lavender hair, and yellow eyes that neither parent possessed, but was otherwise perfectly healthy. They named their new daughter Veronica, and blamed her unnatural hair and eye color on the fact that she was conceived magically.

Veronica grew up in a very lavish lifestyle. Her family was able to afford the best of everything. Her parents were very upfront about their past, and how they obtained the wealth they possessed. Veronica was horrified by the terrible things they'd done, much to their disappointment. They were worried that she was too nice, and that she would never develop dark powers. Regardless, they were still loving parents, and Veronica still loved them in spite of their evil ways. Veronica was interested in the use of magic, and in ways to apply it for doing good. However, Veronica had not displayed any signs of having magic herself, thus she went to public school to get a normal education. Due to her interest in magic, odd choice of fashion, tendency to keep to herself, and unusual appearance, Veronica was very much an outcast. She was the victim of bullying and mistrust by others, who believed her to be a witch. People suspected her family was studying dark magic, but no one had any proof. Veronica was hurt by the constant teasing, but dealt with it as best she could. While she didn't have any powers of her own, that didn't stop her from reading about magic, and learning everything she can about it.

It all came to a head on one particular day. While she was walking by, she overheard someone say, "Oh look, here comes that freak, Veronica. I bet she's just waiting for the right moment to kill us all." She got upset by this, and then suddenly, without meaning too, a purple fire suddenly appeared next to him. The person tried to put it out, but the flame spread, setting himself on fire. When she walked up to try to help the person, he responded with "You did this didn't you?! Get away from me you witch!" Which made Veronica more upset, causing the fire to grow. Veronica ran away tears streaming down her face.

As Veronica ran, random things she passed started bursting into flames. Eventually, the whole building she was in burst into flames. By the time help arrived, flames had consumed the school, several people were burned, and some even died. Veronica was the only one to walk out of the building unscathed. After that incident, it was confirmed in everyone's mind's that the Veronica really was a witch. When they learned what happened, her parents were thrilled. Their daughter had finally shown she was capable of following in their footsteps after all. Veronica on the other hand, was not at all enthusiastic about what she had accomplished. Of course, she didn't tell her parents that.

The family was forced to flee the kingdom, and Veronica was sent to the best magic school in Zlelmore to hone her craft, and teach her to be a better sorceress. She hasn't seen her parents since being left at the school. Veronica was disgusted by the fact that her parents thought she had wanted to be a villain like them. While she was glad to indeed be capable of using magic, she was frightened by the things that could happen if left unchecked. She did however remain at the school because Zlelmore's magic classes were second to none. She learned that she had an affinity for Fire Magic, and while she was there, also chose to study dark magic. Despite the ill reputation it gets, Veronica believed that the dark forces could be used for the greater good. Making friends was not her top priority. She threw herself into her studies, and kept to herself during her entire time at the school. She excelled in her lessons, and learned a lot in her time there. She found herself loving the idea of causing pain to people that have caused her pain in the past She knew that could make her become like her parents if it wasn't kept in check...

After graduating from school, Veronica wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do with her life. Magic was her life, but with a stigma against anywhere other than Zlelmore, she wasn't sure how to start being useful. She returned to her home in the capital of Yloria, to figure out a plan, and make a life for herself. Even though she didn't leave on the best terms, it was still her home. She figured years had passed, surely the people would have forgotten that incident from long ago. As luck would have it, they didn't. She would come to find that her reputation as a witch stayed with her. She received death threats, harassment, and constant reminders from citizens of their dead loved ones. She didn't stay in the city for long. She was tempted hex these people to teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget. However, she knew that would be breaking the law, and would only cause more problems. Instead she fled to Seaside Village, knowing of it's status as a haven for everyone outside of non magical humans, planning to only stay there temporarily until she has the means to return to Zlelmore. She just arrived in Seaside Village, and has very little money to live on.
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Name: Sylvia Edelstein

Gender: Female (Pansexual)

Age: 24 (October 30)

Race Werewolf

Class: Death Knight

Skills and abilities:

Shapeshifting - Being a Werewolf and having trained herself to control her forms outside the full moon, Sylvia could freely shift between her wolf and human forms, as long as it isn't the full moon. As a wolf, she doesn't use weapons, but makes up for it with her immense physical strength (a strength made even greater by toughening herself up on the Flamecrest Mountains) and a much-enhanced agility and endurance that allows her to run long distances and makes her difficult to tire out. She also gains heightened senses, that allow her to see, hear and smell much better than a person could.

Brute Strength - Sylvia is very strong, and her physical prowess is remarkable, even for a werewolf. Some of that strength (though not all of it) actually applies to her human form as well, making her a fearsome, brutal fighter who doesn't pull the punches in battle, whether using her body and claws as a wolf, or wielding her scythe as a human. It doesn't help that she has a killer's instincts and is merciless in battle as well...

Survival Skills - A life as a Thief in the slums of Lochester, as well as living alone in Sandhold and the Flamecrest Mountains shaped Sylvia to be a street-smart survivor who knows how to take care of herself. She's a more-than-capable hunter, able to track where the best prey meat are, and knows how to find water. She also could recognize common poisonous plant species and isn’t very fussy over shelter and sleeping arrangements.

Cooking - While Sylvia is content to eat rare or raw meat, she's a surprisingly good cook, and she particularly enjoys incorporating Khushan spices into her creations...which may or may not appeal to certain types of people. She doesn't understand why more people can't appreciate good old fashioned raw or rare meat, however, and she also somehow refuses to cook vegetable main courses.

Scythe Skills - When in her human form, Sylvia wields a large, imposing scythe in battle - not the fastest of weapons, but strong to compensate. She favored this weapon ever since she first used it while fighting in Sandpoint's Colosseum. She typically uses it to slash, stab and shred at her foes, though her scythe being Zielmore-forged means it also has a special property of its own...

Weapon Curse: Reaper's Pact - Sylvia's Zielmore-forged black iron scythe is imbued with a dark curse that draws strength from blood. The scythe draws some strength from her own blood at the cost of stamina to make her strikes and slashes more powerful, and it also draws some life from the spilled blood of her enemies to restore her stamina and allow her to continue fighting. It does not however, heal her wounds or remove her pain. Wielding the weapon is a matter of balance really, and Sylvia worked hard for years to keep that balance in check - too much drawing strength from her own blood can weaken her to the point of collapse, while being too bloodthirsty and taking too much life force from spilled enemy blood could make her lose control of her shapeshifting, leading her to shift inadvertently and making her uncontrollable, to the point of hurting just about anyone.

Hand-to-hand Combat - When Sylvia is disarmed, she has her strength and her fists to fall back on. Many would call her a brute when it comes to fighting barehanded, and her style is indeed rough, straight-to-the-point and unrefined, reflecting her wildness as a werewolf and much like a cage fighter. She isn't averse to using dirty tricks either, and employs them whenever she could.

Seduction - Sylvia is a woman of practicality and loose morals, and one who knows how to separate emotions from physical acts and jobs. Even before her bad romance, she never saw a problem with being proud of one’s body and using it to settle things. With the striking looks of a natural temptress, it’s easy for her to get anyone to take a few drinks and get into bed with her, her straightforward, instigating and hard-edged nature being a turn-on for surprisingly many a drunk person. She can potentially utilize this to get close to certain people in order to gain information while in bed with them. Obviously, she only does this when it’s her own idea, and hates It when others demand for her to do it, as if it’s all she’s good for. She’s no one’s bitch after all.


Though rough around the edges and the furthest thing from elegant, especially as a werewolf, it's hard to deny that Sylvia has striking looks. Perhaps not the kind of conventional, sweet summer beauty that most people prefer, but rather, the type that makes one look twice, to see if they missed something. In her human form, she stands at 6'1" and has a lean yet muscular body type, with long legs, a toned torso, strong arms and very large breasts that she isn't shy about. Her skin is very light in tone, and her hair is a deep blue color, with long bangs that cover the left side of her face. She usually wears it twisted and clipped up, its ends fanning out into spikes that crown her head. However, during the rare occasions that she lets it down, one could see that it's longer than it looks - nearly until her waist. If one flips up the fanned-out hair, they could see that she secures her hair with a large black hairclip adorned with a black velvet ribbon, its ends hanging down to the top of her neck. Her striking icy lavender-blue eyes, surrounded by long, thick dark lashes, ringed underneath with faint black circles (due to lack of sleep...she hardly sleeps actually), and set on a rather angular face, look intimidating to most people, yet somehow also have the tendency to be expressive and at times even betray her emotions. Her eyebrows are of medium thickness with a strong arch and her nose aquiline and pierced on the right nostril with a dark metal hoop. She has more piercings in fact - one on her navel, and a whole line of them (about 5-6) going down each ear, in order to accommodate her several piercings. She has tattoos as well, all of them done in black ink; a stylized wolf on her left hip, and a pair of skeletal dragon wings on her back. She also has a prisoner's tattoo (or rather prisoner's tattoos) and rather than hide them, she actually shows them off - they're a set of four numbers, one on each of the fingers (except the thumb) of her left hand, just below her fingernails. It's not rare to see Sylvia bruised and scratched on her face and body from fighting or brawling, and she doesn't bother hiding it when she does. In her wolf forms, her body becomes covered in thick, black fur, her face becomes that of a wolf, and she sprouts wolf ears, sharp claws and a tail.

Sylvia favors the color black in just about everything, and her armor is no exception, being black itself and themed around the motif of a revenant. Her breastplate is short, tight-fitting and black, with faint engravings of a ribcage down its middle. This is worn over a short black high-necked and long-sleeved yet backless bodysuit that exposes her legs and has a chest cutout. On her shoulders are pauldrons of black metal, shaped like skulls with sharp, black spikes crowning each of their heads. Her black armored boots have similar black metal spikes on their tops, reaching well up to her thighs. Said boots also have a single sharp spike coming out from each of their fronts. Her metal bracers are black as well, with a row of smaller, but still sharp, spikes running down their backs. On her hands are gloves that are black leather and fingerless, and on her hips is a dark metal armor piece fashioned to look like skeletal claws. Her cape is long, black and torn at the edges, and her headpiece is a small, simple ornament made of black iron. It's something her mother gave her when she was very young, and though she doesn't know what exactly it implies, it's something important to her, and she wouldn't take kindly to anyone calling it a "tiara" or anything similar. Notably, her armor does not cover her entirety, given as she lives in Khusha, and being a werewolf, she runs very warm to begin with.

Personality: Sylvia is impulsive, brave, tempestuous and fearless, to the point of recklessness. Growing up in poverty as a Thief, and having had a stint in prison on top of that (she has the tattoo to show it, in fact, and isn't ashamed of it one bit), she already knew from a young age that life would never be easy and that she might as well face everything head on and muscle her way through instead of running away from her problems. Hence, she's hardly fazed by anything and never, ever backs down from a dare or a challenge, often claiming that she's "seen worse things" all the time. This can lead her to do very reckless things and go looking for trouble when she shouldn't be. She gravitates towards danger, to mixed results of course. A tomboy by nature, she's very rough around the edges and doesn't care for traditionally feminine ideals and pursuits, and prefers to settle things with her fists or a fight (or in the bedroom in some cases), rather than diplomacy...she's not much of a negotiator and doesn't care for those kinds of "smooth skills" anyway. Her manner is brash, crude and straightforward, being the type who swears a lot and when she does crack jokes, expect them to be either dark, inappropriate or both. She's quite the irreverent as well, with the tendency to break social norms and throw etiquette and bearing out the window, even if she's in the presence of someone much higher-ranked than herself. She's casual like that, without much care for using titles and instead prefers first names or hell, nicknames that she comes up with (which aren't always exactly the most flattering). This young woman is blunt and never minces her words, she speaks her mind and doesn't care much about the implications and the consequences when she criticizes someone or insults them. She also has more than a few problems with authority as well, and would much rather break rules than follow them, especially if said rules are unreasonable or stupid. If most people do things carefully and cautiously just because that's "how it's done"? Oh, hell no, Sylvia does things as dangerously as she wants. She's daring like that, and prides in that trait...which does unfortunately make her judge those who are more cautious, calling them "wimps" and "pussies" very casually. It's easy to see that Sylvia is one who hates being controlled, manipulated or being under anyone's thumb for that matter. She often refers to herself as "nobody's bitch", and many consider her to be too stubborn and proud for her own good. Expectedly, she definitely has a fiery temper that is easily triggered and that she isn't afraid to show in many ways.

Sylvia is a person of action. Sitting pretty, reading, and things along those lines bore her. Elaborate plans? She doesn't have patience for making them. Theories? She's only half-literate, so don't bother with them. She'd much rather be in the thick of things, and actually experience stuff rather than listen to stories. Nothing good happens when people just sit there and keep thinking and talking amongst themselves after all. She's a warrior, not a tactician, and actually making a move is what she prefers...she didn't become a Death Knight just sitting around and dreaming about brandishing a large weapon and wearing armor after all! Impatient to a fault, she fearlessly jumps into the fray and acts before thinking, consequences be damned; a real Leeroy Jenkins. And when this passionate, hot-blooded young woman sets her mind or body on doing something, she never, ever gives up until she manages to accomplish it. She's willing to try many things, as long as they sound exciting, dangerous or both. In fact, she extremely revels in fighting and showing people up. She's very strong and violent, and doesn't hesitate to show it...be it in an actual arena or in beating up someone during a pub brawl. If she threatens you with physical injury...chances are, she would follow through and more, being even more bite than bark at times. She's also not above flirting casually or having one-night stands...she does have a sexual, lascivious side and is confident in her body. She even is confident enough to go as far as to use her body to settle things when she thinks it’s the best way. She’s practical that way and doesn’t give a second thought for stupid ideals of morality and standards of behavior. However, she only partakes in such as long as it's her own idea, her own choice and that it won't get serious, of course. Nothing good comes out of romance after all. If anyone tries to coerce her or force her, though? She will make them regret thinking that she could be anyone's bitch.

Sylvia tends to be cynical when it comes to people and their motives, and is generally slow to trust others...especially those she deems as "too smooth" and "silver-tongued", as well as those she thinks just want her for her body. Thus, she could come across as hostile at first impression to most people. She is not at all shy or reserved, however. In fact, she makes a great fighting partner, drinking buddy or gambling mate, as long as people are willing to deal with a person with a lewd sense of humor, who's an arrogant winner and a sore, violent loser. Shallow, fleeting interactions such as those, she doesn't have much of an issue with, and she gladly initiates and joins in...what's difficult for her is really allowing herself to make deep connections to others, or to even allow herself to lean on someone for that matter. She refuses to give her full trust so quickly, having been betrayed one too many times in the past. Romance is an even bigger issue for her - she's disillusioned towards it, knowing most men are out to use others...and she also knows that heartbreak hurts. She isn't immune to attraction, but she actively pushes those thoughts away and denies said thoughts repeatedly. She knows that at least, being alone means nobody can hurt her or try to use her. Sylvia is also one who doesn't take betrayal well. She never, ever forgives or forgets, and holds grudges for very long periods of time, and doesn't let up. But when someone does earn her trust? They'd be proud to call Sylvia a friend. She still wouldn't mince her words and she still gets snarky, but she would never leave them behind. She would stand by and go through anything, no matter how dangerous or difficult, for someone who manages to gain her trust and friendship. Just don't expect her to play vulnerable around actual friends though, she's really not that type...she's more the type who looks after people in her own rough-handed, tough-love manner, which she thinks makes people learn to be stronger. Sylvia is not one who tolerates emotionality, especially when taken too far. She finds it difficult to accept idealistic and heart-based ways of thinking...she doesn't have much in the way of morals, and doesn't exactly understand why something as foolish as idealism exists in the first place. She thinks it doesn't really have a point but to make people have unrealistic expectations about everything...unrealistic expectations that can only disappoint in the end.

A streetwise, independent and tough young woman, Sylvia knows her way around things and doesn't like it when people offer to help her out, seeing it as a slight to her own capabilities. She is one who thinks that she can handle her issues and problems on her own, and deal with them in her own way...they're hers for a reason, and she's no damsel and no fragile flower. She especially dislikes it if self-righteous people try to impose that there's only "one right way" to deal with certain things. Her past experiences, as well as spending most of her formative years as a Thief, gave her a knack for sniffing out bullsit and lies. And she will call anyone out if she thinks they're trying to mess with her. Of course, with at least a black eye or a cracked jaw for good measure. That being said, Sylvia is a terrible liar, something that she is very aware of but hates admitting. This is partially due to her expressive face and eyes - try as she must, it's difficult for her to hold a straight face or a cold, even voice. Her temper and impatience also makes her an epic fail at being cold and calculating. You see, while emotionally-charged situations make her uncomfortable and test her patience, and while she would much rather die than spend an evening listening to people cry their hearts out, she is not emotionless. Very much the opposite in fact, if her tempestuous disposition and her expressive face are any indication. Her emotions run very deep, so deep, and she feels them very strongly. She may not be a crier, but she does have feelings...which she feels much stronger than most, and which she only shares to those she truly can trust. She does laugh from time to time after all. It's just that she scoffs at the idea of showing vulnerability and being vulnerable in particular, knowing that the only things that can come out of being so are being used and manipulated, betrayal, and helplessness, among other undesirable things.

While clever for the most part and most definitely not stupid, Sylvia lacks in book smarts and is the furthest thing from scholarly. Reading bores her and she finds it difficult to grasp more erudite subjects in general, in contrast to her own more practical, hands-on knowledge. She isn't bothered by it much, however. She is a warrior first and foremost after all.

Like any normal, sane person, Sylvia appreciates good food and drink, particularly meaty dishes (especially rare meat) and strong alcohol. She has a very high alcohol tolerance that could make many grown warrior men cry, in fact. When she does manage to drunk, though? She becomes extremely sensual, being prone to heavy flirting (even with inanimate objects), taking off her clothes, speaking in a lot more innuendo and the likes. She also would pretty much lose control over her shifting...of course, this means anyone who happens to be present better restrain her before she causes too much damage.

Sylvia is no fan of the Lochester monarchy and does not agree with their policies and discrimination against magic and most other races, thinking that they're needlessly close-minded and cowardly.

History: Beware the wolf, my girl, and may your father find you...before the wolf does. These were the last words of the werewolf Renate, four-year-old Sylvia's mother, as she died, succumbing to her injuries after she was shot on discovery. From her childhood to when she was eighteen, the only life Sylvia knew was that of an unwilling Thief. Born in Lochester to a single mother, she never knew or even saw her father, the only thing she was sure about him was his dark hair...her own midnight hair that the blonde Renate certainly did not possess, as well as the fact that he was surely human. Raised in the slums of Lochester by a band of Thieves, the girl was immediately thrust into a life of risk and danger. Alberich Schwanz, an Assassin and the particularly charismatic leader of a notorious Thieves' Guild, found her on the streets days later and decided to take her in, but that didn't mean her life was that of a normal young girl's. Only a few days after being taken in, Alberich thrust a small sword in her hands, and told her that the only Thieves who stayed alive were the ones who knew how to take care of themselves. At first, the young girl didn't understand why so much was expected of her, but then she was repeatedly reminded of her mother and her death. Did she want to die and rot on the streets? Or did she want to survive and live? Alberich taunted her by telling her that he knew exactly what her mother was, and he was the only one protecting her from potentially turning out that way. Sure, Sylvia had a roof over her head, and technically, some form of protection, but Alberich was demanding, stern and didn't hesitate to use his fists when dealing with her...and even more violent was his chief enforcer and right-hand man Graeme Oprano, an ex-convict brawler with a penchant for smoking Miredom mushrooms and using heavy clubs to deal out punishment. From the time she was taken in, she spent her days trying to learn the tricks of the trade, and the hours between were spent cleaning up after the senior Thieves and doing the difficult, menial tasks they pushed onto her - they claimed it built character, and they always reminded her that she was lucky that she had them.

Realizing that life wasn't going to give her any favors anytime soon, the once-confused young girl toughened up, pushed herself hard and take training seriously. No longer did she cry when Graeme struck her, and she learned instead to fight back and give as good as she took. She soon gained a reputation for being fierce and gutsy, the type who charged head-on during a fight, and who just hated the notion of giving in to anyone (especially to a particularly annoying little magical boy named Alois, who was Alberich's son, one year older than she was and whom she totally didn't like). It helped that she had no qualms fighting dirty from that young age either, which was something that might've been forbidden and beaten out of her by the respected schools of battle, but always encouraged in the Guild. She, however, also had a reputation for being too warlike and impulsive, lacking a certain measured calculatedness that many of the others developed more quickly. While she was a great fighter, and she proved herself clever enough, she didn't exactly have the lightest fingers or the patience to plan things. This, Alberich blamed on her "poorly controlling" the "wild beast" in her, thanks to her “imbecile of a mother”, and he demanded that she better learn soon enough. By the time she was eleven, she was the strongest fighter among the kids in the Thieves' Guild, yet her tempestuous nature and lack of patience for formulating plans were glaring weaknesses. She was also one of the worst pickpockets and probably the worst lockpicker in the guild, often succeeding by pure luck, or if she failed, managed to escape by the skin of her teeth. She was strong, but she was seemingly not a natural at being a Thief, something that were often pointed out by some of the more experienced thieves, who mockingly called her the "little warrior" or "the animal". Knowing her shortcomings, they forced her to continue doing the menial tasks - anything to break the arrogance they suspected she had. Alberich, however, thought that perhaps, all Sylvia needed was to learn them in a different way...the harder way, if she was going to become a proper Thief.

Thus, one night, when Sylvia was not quite twelve, Alberich and some of the other Thieves took her with them to one of the wealthiest parts of Lochester. An excellent opportunity presented itself, they claimed, and they wanted Sylvia to know how things were done, now that she was almost an adult by their standards (which was fourteen...sure, she was not quite twelve, but her tall height and better-developed body allowed her to pass as a convincing fourteen-year-old). What she didn't count on was the fact that they were actually planning to leave her alone to carry out their agenda on her own. And that's what they did, under the made-up excuse that they forgot to take some of their supplies. This being the first time she went out for a job, Sylvia naively waited, only realizing after an hour that she was on her own, coupled with the fact that there was a blood moon that night. Not wanting to give Alberich or Graeme the satisfaction of deeming her ineffectual, however, she impulsively broke into the estate. It didn't take long before she heard footsteps running towards the room she had entered, and so she quickly stole the first expensive-looking item she laid her eyes on and leapt out the window - injuring one of her arms, but managing to escape. Her luck, however, ran out once she returned to city's slums. It was still the night of the blood moon, and the blood from the wound on her arm inevitably was bound to attract something. In short, a rogue werewolf attacked and bit her. As it was the night of the blood moon, Sylvia was infected. The one good thing? It was the dead of night, so nobody, not even the rogue werewolf, clearly saw Sylvia's face. This allowed her to take off and head back to the safety of the Guild before she fully transformed. It was there where the beast fully took control and the other Thieves bore witness to the transformation.

Alberich was furious at her. He reprimanded her for making such a stupid mistake that could put all of them in danger. Sylvia drily pointed out that it was his idea to ditch her during the blood moon to begin with. This was met with a fist from Graeme, and Alberich told that she better shape up, unless she wanted to end up like her mother. She was lucky, Alberich claimed, that he was still willing to put up with her. Thus, Alberich's treatment of her went on, and he continued to use the same techniques to make her learn to "become a real Thief". In dealing with her lycanthropy, they often tied her to a chair or used illegally-smuggled binding charms from Zielmore whenever she transformed, and even hours before the full moon rose. She had to get it under control, they said, unless she wanted to be turned in. Thirteen-year-old Alois, however, who turned out to be a practitioner of dark magic himself, wasn't of the same opinion. He didn't agree with magically binding her, and, while he did bind her in front of his father, he would often release her whenever he turned his back. He couldn't do anything about the ropes, however, being a magical human and all. With time, she improved at controlling her transformations, cleaning up her own messes and killing swiftly, though she still never planned ahead and hardly exercised caution, which almost got her into trouble more than a few times. At fourteen, she became so strong that no ropes could bind her any longer, and Alberich and the other Thieves were forced to leave her alone during the full moon - she usually locked herself up and dealt with it on her own, and eventually learned to keep it . On the one hand, she enjoyed living on the edge and the excitement of action, but on the other, she increasingly grew resentful of having to be made to play maid to the senior Thieves whenever they felt like it, and to report to Alberich, Graeme and the rest of them...Alberich, who mockingly called her "Princess Sylvia" whenever she didn't follow orders, and who constantly lied to her face that he only wanted the best for her (when he clearly wanted to be rid of her), Graeme, who was not only violent, but also had become extremely sexually depraved around her, and the senior Thieves who were never impressed with the way she handled things and habitually made her dedicate what time she had between heists towards drudgery - such as carrying out the manual labor they were too lazy to do, cooking, doing the laundry and doing most of the cleaning up. There was one bright spot in the Thieves' Guild, however, and that was Alois, who grew up to be a clever, skilled and handsome young man. He had become her best friend after overcoming their initial rivalry and finding out their styles complemented each other. Being a magical human with the capability to use dark magic, he was the planner and tactician, and she was the fighter and warrior, and though he tried his best to stay on his father's good side, he also took the time to be with Sylvia and tried to spend time with her so that the other Thieves would bother her less often. Together, they became a dangerous duo. They often carried out successful heists and assassinations together, and it was only a matter of time before they fell in love with each other. He was reason enough for her to stay. So, she remained, resigned to the fact that at least there was Alois, whom she loved and cared for, and at least being a Thief still had an element of excitement. She hated being used...yet there was Alois, who was different, and it wasn't as if she was forced to live in full captivity. It could always be worse, couldn't it?

Unfortunately, "worse" came earlier than she thought, and it all started with a stolen invitation to a masked ball in Lochester's royal palace. When she was seventeen, Alberich sent her out to eliminate an important, high-ranking nobleman who was going to show up at that very party. The perfect opportunity had presented itself, he assured her, as he produced an invitation to the fiftieth birthday celebration of the King of Lochester, famously single and childless (and thus, heirless) even at his age (though there were more than a few rumors that he had been attached to someone who disappeared many years ago, and some claim that said woman might've even been his wife). No, the King wasn't the target, Alberich assured, but rather, one of his most important guests. Alberich emphasized that Sylvia had to kill the man before the clock struck midnight during the party, if she wanted to live and escape with them...unless of course, she wanted to be arrested or turned in. Alois, knowing that Sylvia had to blend in, used his magic to create Sylvia a beautiful black gown that glimmered like a starry night sky, as well as a mask, accessories and shoes, all made out of shadowy, obsidian glass. He also took the time to coach her as best he could on how to pass off as a young noblewoman, and for the time being, Graeme kept his hands off her, not only because of Alois' efforts, but also because the gown Alois had conjured up was low-cut and had no sleeves.

The day came sooner rather than later, and for the first time, Sylvia found herself inside a royal palace, attending a grand ball that she wasn't meant to be a part of in the first place, with a few weapons strapped to her thigh and hidden under her gown. Once she was inside, she knew that to carry out the assassination sooner rather than later was best for her. She knew who her target was, and she had every opportunity before midnight. However, she found herself unexpectedly enjoying her time, and time flew by more quickly than she expected. For the first time, she felt as if she could do so much more than being anyone's punching bag, and that she didn't have to answer to Alberich or Graeme. For the first time, she knew that she could do anything with the time she had. She found herself unexpectedly enjoying her time, and wishing the night wouldn't end so that she could experience a real ball. If only Lochester were different...she thought ruefully as she drank and danced. The King himself, hidden behind a lion masquerade mask, noticed an unexpected guest himself - he knew the nobles he invited, and he was sure that none of the nobles he knew or invited looked like one particular standout whom everyone couldn't keep their eyes off of - a mysterious young woman clad in midnight and dark glass. Who is she? He thought to himself - he guessed that she might've perhaps been from Khusha or Zielmore, judging from her attire, but he could be wrong. When she glanced at him fleetingly and unknowingly, he caught sight of her lavender-blue eyes, framed by the obsidian glass butterfly mask she wore. Definitely not one of the nobles he knew, alright, but not just anyone had eyes, and even hair like that. At eleven o' clock, Sylvia finally figured out how to eliminate the target, but as she was about to prepare herself, a tall, strongly-built man dressed in royal finery and a lion-themed mask approached her and asked for a dance. Sylvia was hesitant at first and had her reservations, knowing that her only opportunity was going to slip away if she didn't act fast, but part of her did want to accept it, and so she did. He took off his mask and revealed dark hair and lavender-blue eyes - he was the King, and while Sylvia was initially uncomfortable, after a few minutes of talking to him, she grew comfortable enough to smile and laugh around him...and comfortable enough to forget what she had to be doing. She peeled off her own mask, and the King softly murmured "Lavender blue...you have beautiful eyes", a rather odd compliment to Sylvia as he himself had a similar eye color. He asked her simple questions, and unlike Alberich, he wasn't demanding even though she knew she was a total stranger to him. She did not reveal her true name, and though she didn't notice, the King almost imperceptibly bristled when she raised her mask from her face. She of course, wondered whether his warmth was all genuine or just an act to unmask an intruder and a would-be assassin...he didn't seem to outwardly react with doubt to her fabricated stories. Even if he was genuine, how much of that warmth was he still going to have if he found out what she really was? He did, after all, uphold Lochester's oppressive laws.

In the end, it was because of him that she impulsively decided at that moment not to go through with her job. She didn't want such a life anymore...not when she tasted freedom, even if for just a few hours. The freedom she experienced was nothing like the freedoms she thought she had while out on heists - this was something more dangerous, more beautiful and more real, and she was willing to take any risk. Alois...maybe he would understand her. Better to break off the moment now and drop all pretenses rather than think about the "what ifs". Screw Alberich, that bastard, she thought as the clock's hands approached midnight. She then confessed to the king that he had no right to be talking to someone who was sent to infiltrate the ball on a stolen invitation to begin with. The king tried to ask what was wrong, and Sylvia merely raised the skirt of her gown and showed the King the weapons she was hiding, telling him that she was being set up, that he shouldn't be trusting her at all, and someone in the room was a target and that said person had to leave as soon as possible. The King, at that moment, hugged Sylvia tightly for reasons she did not know, and asked her who was behind it...he did not believe that the young girl could plan an elaborate crime all by herself. Sylvia mumbled Alberich Schwanz in his ear before pushing him away. She knew the laws, and she knew that he would be reacting very differently if he knew the truth. Unbeknownst to Sylvia, Alberich had sent Graeme to follow her inside in disguise, as he didn't trust her, and Graeme saw what she had done. He immediately framed her in front of everyone, exposing her weapons while showing his lack of them. Who, indeed, was the real criminal? The one holding the weapons, wasn't it? Graeme tauntingly reminded everyone of this as he gripped Sylvia by the neck. Angered and sick of his abuse, Sylvia wrenched out of his grasp, clawing and mauling him as she lost control and transformed into her wolf form, killing Graeme right in the middle of the ballroom just as the clock struck midnight.

In the end, amidst the fading dark magic and shattered glass she left upon transforming, Sylvia was arrested by the guards and thrown into the dungeons. Because she killed inside the royal palace, and was an adult at seventeen, she was to be made an example of and publicly executed in a fortnight's time. For a couple of days, she languished inside. Perhaps it was a foolish thought, but a part of her thought that Alois or one of her superiors was going to pose as a relative to bail her out, if only because the latter would more than likely want to shut her up, to protect Alberich. She was right about only one thing - Alois did show up. Yet, she was terribly wrong about the rest. He didn't bail her out or even try to break her out. He just told her to "hang in there", and that it was her own fault that she lost control and put him on the line as a result, reminding her that his own dark magic was equally forbidden, and that thanks to her, his father and the guild could be hunted down. This made Sylvia furious. Was Alois that spineless and cowardly after all? Spineless enough not to be able to make his own decisions? Stupid enough to think that all was rosy with the guild? She cursed at him, reminding him that he would regret being such a coward. All he did was shrug and bid her good luck before leaving, without once reassuring her, or even looking at her. Languishing in her cell, Sylvia felt her heart break. Did she really mean that little to him? Had she been played with for all the time they were together? For a while, she lost her will to live, and even suggested to the prison guards that they could just stop bringing her food and starve her, for all she cared. They (save for one guard), as well as the other inmates, had other thoughts about her and not exactly clean or nice ones at that, and they often acted on said thoughts. In the end, she wasn't executed yet that didn't mean that she walked out truly unscathed. The only thing that kept her going was revenge - revenge against the guild as well as against anyone who would try to use her in any way again.

On the thirteenth day, the lone decent guard unlocked her cell and told her that she better leave Lochester and never return. Sylvia challenged him, daring to ask whether it was a trick or part of the execution process. She was told that she was released on the King's orders, and he commented that such a thing never happened before, and that she better get out of the city by the end of the day if her "death" was to be believed - the King's sister, Eleonora, wasn't going to be pleased if she found out the truth, they warned her. When she asked why that was such a problem, the guard merely shook his head and told her that sometimes, it was better not knowing. She pondered at those words, and, recalling how the King had asked to dance with her and looked into her eyes for too long to be considered mere glances, came to the (very wrong) assumption that he, in his middle age, might've developed a taste for much younger women with light eyes. Heeding his advice, Sylvia set out for Khusha and settled in Sandhold, alone but no longer under anyone's thumb.

Living in Sandhold, she no longer had any reason to hide. However, she no longer wanted to live as a Thief. She wanted to be something more, and she was willing to do anything to leave her old life behind. Knowing that she needed to train herself, she began to do so by fighting at Sandhold's Colosseum, one of the few forms of entertainment for werewolves in town. She fought brutally hand-to-hand, as well as experimented with different weapons, and found that she became particularly comfortable with the scythe. She knew that she already had the ferocity and the guts that made her more warrior than thief. All she needed to do was master the scythe, and of course, find herself her own scythe. Now, mastering the weapon was the easy part. Already adept at handling weapons in the first place, within a year, she adjusted almost fully, and won much more often than she lost. There remained the question of getting her own scythe, one that wasn't from the Colosseum's armory, however. Scythes were not the most ubiquitous of weapons, and she knew they were difficult to obtain, as they were mostly made in Zielmore. Now, a weaker-willed person would've taken the easy way out and chosen a more common weapon, such as an axe or a lance, but Sylvia was too stubborn for her own good. She augmented her Colosseum winnings by gambling and even using her body at times. She also strengthened herself further on the slopes of the Flamecrest Mountains, pushing herself hard and purposely undertaking dangerous hunting missions involving said mountains, using nothing more than the scythes she borrowed from the Colosseum, or the occasional axe or spear. Another year passed, and soon her strength became known throughout Sandhold, enough for one of the commanders of Khusha's military (and a werewolf living in secret himself), a man named Jurgen, to take notice and offer to take her in. Sylvia did not want to reject this offer, yet there was still the question of her weapon. She promised that yes, she was going to join him, but she needed a fortnight. One fortnight to cross over to Zielmore and get herself her weapon.

And cross into Zielmore she did. Knowing that werewolves lived in Lostacre Forest, she first made her stop there for a couple of nights. As she forgot to shift before she entered the settlement, she was arrested, her captors asking what the hell was a "rotten Lochesterian princess" was doing here. Sylvia balked. "What princess?!" she asked incredulously as she shifted, showing her true, wolf form. Her would-be captors apologized and let her go, explaining that it was just that her lavender-blue eyes were the same color as the King of Lochester's, and they made an honest mistake. They then let her stay, and hearing that she crossed over to obtain a scythe, they told her to head to the back alleys of the capital, where the seedy gambling houses were located. It was easier to bump into more careless, more drunk gamblers there, they claimed, and it wasn't rare for obscenely high stakes to be made. She was told to look out for cheaters, however, as they ran rampant, and it was very common for dark magic users to use their powers to their advantage. At that she smirked cockily, and told them that not even magic can beat an experienced cardsharp.

For the next few days, she lingered in the seediest part of Zielmore's capital, frequenting bars and gambling houses. As said days passed, not one opportunity came up, and she decided to leave for Miredom and steal one, poisonous plants be damned. Hours before she was to depart, however, an opportunity presented itself, when she overheard that a particularly foolish man had drunkenly offered up his potions, his books and an assortment of rare weapons as a wager after losing all his money gambling. She took the opportunity to head for the gambling den where said man was. Not wanting to miss her chances, Sylvia took the risk and bet all the money she had upon noticing that among his possessions was a large, sinister-looking scythe. The worst thing that could happen was, well, losing the money. Money which she could earn back anyway. She ended up winning after a tense game, putting down a Spades royal flush to end it. The man tried to go back on the deal, demanding that Sylvia pay up an obscene amount if she wanted to have the weapon. The girl protested, stating that she did win whatever it was that was offered up on the table. After all, she had the royal flush...a Spades one to boot. The argument escalated into a full-on bar brawl, the two of them hurling both pints of beer and punches at each other, Sylvia easily overpowered the man in her human form, as he was a magical human of weaker constitution, and delivered a painful beatdown, and only when the owner of the establishment stepped in and threatened to throw both of them out did she stop. The man began blubbering, trying to explain himself, but the owner said a wager was a wager, and gave Sylvia her winnings.

Once Sylvia held the scythe in her hands, she felt an odd essence in it call out to her blood and drawing on it. The weapon was Zielmore-made, which meant that it wasn't anything ordinary, and it might've been possibly imbued with some kind of minor dark or vampiric curse. As Jurgen trained her further, she discovered that the scythe did have a strange ability of its own - a strength drawn from blood. Within less than four years under Jurgen's tutelage, she mastered its use after overcoming some difficulties, (as werewolf blood has a volatile nature) and became a powerful, full-fledged Death Knight. Jurgen offered to let her join his regiment full time, but Sylvia declined, both of them knowing all too well that her wild, untamed, thrill-seeking and reckless nature was an ill fit for the military with all its rules, discipline and order. Instead, Sylvia became a solitary, wandering Death Knight, one who was not bound by rules or a master. It was during her travels to Lochester months later that she learned the old King - the King who had spared her life for some odd reason that she still couldn't put her finger on - had died a couple of years back, and that his sister, Eleonora, had taken the throne in his stead. Not that it mattered to her - she was only back in Lochester for one purpose, and that was revenge. It wasn't too difficult to find the old Thieves' Guild, even after all those years, and she stormed in without hesitation, brandishing her new scythe for a stunned Alberich to see. The older man, who had evaded capture for so long, spoke calmly, telling her yet again that all he did was for her own good. Did she not escape execution, standing here in front of him, by supposedly seducing the King during that night? Sylvia coldly replied that she was through having to be his bitch, or anyone's bitch for that matter, before subduing the aging Assassin quickly with pure strength - pure strength that he had looked down on, and killing him. Alois, hearing the commotion, went to check where it was coming from and saw Sylvia with blood on her face and clothes. She looked up at him slowly, remembering how he had abandoned her, remembering how cowardly and spineless he turned out to be. Before he could open his mouth to reason with her, and before he had the opportunity to cast anything, she killed him as well by stabbing his heart with her scythe. Her love had died long ago, and it wasn't coming back.

She left Lochester for Yloria a few weeks before the former invaded the latter. She wanted to spend a couple of months to enjoy herself in Seaside Village, enjoy the nightlife, have a few one-night stands, and of course, take up a few missions for its residents when needed. Seaside Town was a lively place, as full of gossip and stories as it was of different kinds of people. Most stories and gossip were decidedly anti-Lochester, and one of the most popular pieces of gossip that prevailed around the time of the invasion was that Queen Eleonora wasn't the true queen - that the old King might've had a surviving son of some sort, a rumor that branched out from the popular ones about the old King's alleged affair or marriage so many years ago. Her enjoyment was short-lived, however, as Lochester made a move on Yloria. Immediately, Sylvia, having almost fallen victim to Lochester's outdated, cowardly laws, knew that she didn't want to sit back and watch...she had to do something...
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Why not both?
Well, I'm just gonna throw a WIP up and work on it more later.

Name: Sullivan Van Daal
Gender: Male.
Age: 22
Race Magical Human
Electromancer: Sullivan was born with the ability to create and ‘control’ lightning, although at times his use of it seems closer to ‘just make it and let it explode’. Having had less official training than probably advised considering the power of his ability, it tends to manifest itself much more wildly than normal. Generally, he tends to use his power to create an electrified ‘aura’ around parts of his body, since the further away the lightning is, the more erratic its power and aim becomes. While this 'aura', along with his stupidly aggressive, no-holds-barred style of fighting can usually more than make up for his natural physical weakness in the brawls he gets into, it does come with the drawback of not actually shielding him from damage, making him a bit of a glass cannon. He prefers close combat, where his abilities are most flexible and effective, but when it is necessary he can fire long-ranged attacks as well - although those are inaccurate and difficult to control the power of, often causing a whole load of collateral damage. The fact that he enjoys smiting buildings with lightning bolts doesn't help on that front.

Skills and abilities:

Close Combat: Although he’s a magic-user, he likes to fight up-close and personal. He never received training in martial arts, instead relying on his lightning and abnormally fast reflexes to make up for his lack of technique and physical strength/speed/stamina.
Thunder Punch: Sully's preferred method of attack. Pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes becomes thunder-kick and thunder-headbutt, or occasionally thunder-bite.
Charge: He can create an electric field around him that shocks enemies and repels weak projectiles (I.e. small rocks) and slightly weakens strong ones (i.e. arrows).
Discharge: Sully releases a large burst of lightning in all directions. He likes to start this move by punching the ground, but doesn’t actually have to. Often ends up causing more damage than he intends (or says he intends).
Thunder/Thunderbolt: He can call down lightning strikes, and shoot lightning bolts, but only to a general location. Very low accuracy, but very intimidating and satisfying to use.


Sullivan stands at slightly above average height, but not by enough for it to be something people remember him by. He has a lithe figure for a human born with magic powers, and carries himself with an air of relaxed self-confidence that makes his (relative) physical ineptitude very difficult to discern. His facial features are sharp and angular, with a pointed chin and nose. His skin is naturally quite pale, and his eyes are a burning, red-orange-ish sort of colour, and they have a piercing, slightly manic quality that tends to put people on edge - like someone's focusing a laser-pointer on your face. Most would say that his gaze is fierce and unsettlingly focused, like a predator stalking its prey. Partially because of this, he tends to keep his eyes closed when vision is unnecessary, and also allows a few strands of his long hair to hang over it. His hair is a vibrant gold, and he doesn’t bother to take care of it, allowing it to spike up or hang down as it pleases, usually ending up with a bizarre mixture of both. He likes to wear a pair of glasses, although he isn't actually nearsighted. He says it's to make his eyes less striking (and therefore make himself less memorable), but it's probably because he thinks it's cool. More often than not, he takes them off when fighting.

When it comes to clothing, Sully ends up with an odd middle-ground between comfort and 'coolness'. He dresses primarily in black, with some greys scattered here and there. He wears a sleeveless shirt under a black overcoat, which he keeps hanging loose and with the sleeves rolled up, leaving his arms mostly bare. He wears no armor, which allows him to move fast and freely, with the upside of being more comfortable. His pants are generally long and tattered near the ends, almost always a black color. When possible, he tends to prefer walking bare-footed, and doesn't mind getting his feet dirty. He keeps his traveller's cloak loose, allowing it to billow out behind him like a cape, and wears a similarly loose black scarf. While he spends daily life without it, he owns a white, fox-like mask, with dark patterns etched into the surface, and he likes to wear it when in combat, or when mingling with dodgy individuals in bad parts of town. His red eyes glow menacingly through the mask's two eye-holes.

Personality: Sully's personality can be easily split into two ‘states’ - normally, he’s a fairly aloof person, the type who spends most of the time with his arms crossed and eyes closed, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He usually carries himself with an air of detached self-assurance, content to just watch from the sidelines while other people go about their business. He has an aura of complete self-confidence that is often interpreted as arrogance, and is seemingly capable of being relaxed in any situation, no matter how tense it might be. Oddly enough, this sort of unshakeable faith in his own abilities can make him a surprisingly charismatic person in spite of his many obvious flaws, and in dire straits, he is often the person people turn to for leadership. He has a way of reassuring people (people who are on his side) just by being in the same room with them, simply due to the complete ease with which he assumes everything would work out fine. Surprisingly, he takes losing quite well, and over time has developed a knack for getting out of almost any situation, no matter how shameful, without embarrassing himself, being the kind of person who would rather lose his life than his dignity.

But all it takes is to run into Sullivan at an inopportune moment to realise that he’s not quite the aloof person people assume he is at first glance. He has a somewhat stereotypical ‘bad boy’ attitude, being brazen, wild, and having an almost complete disregard for safety, as well as law and order. He’s known to be rude and often openly disdainful of people he dislikes, and isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks of them - usually, it isn’t in a very positive light. Many would describe him as being slightly unhinged, and while the motives behind most of his actions generally aren’t hard to understand, the actions themselves tend to be wildly unpredictable. He relishes causing destruction and using his powers, but derives no joy from causing others pain, although he certainly doesn’t mind doing so. He does what he wants, when he wants, and if he gets in trouble for it, then that’s too bad. In some ways, he is like a stereotypical villain, not caring about society’s laws or the wellbeing of other people. If you were to ask him why he did whatever, you’d probably get some variant of ‘because I could’ or ‘because I felt like it’ in response. A lot of the time, he has a manic grin in his face, as though he’s delighting in the absurdity or sheer craziness or even the stupidity of whatever’s going on at the moment - even if it's not particularly absurd or crazy or stupid. However, contrary to appearances, he’s actually very capable of cold, meticulous planning, having a strange knack for predicting what people will do and convincing them to do things they might not initially want to do. His callousness makes him a dangerous strategist, willing to use people in whatever way he wants if it’ll benefit him.

Sullivan is cynical and completely disillusioned with just about every aspect of the world, but instead of being depressed or spiteful about it, he derives a perverse enjoyment in taking in just how screwed up he thinks things are. I’m not going to list all of his cynical beliefs here, but essentially, he’ll take it upon himself to denounce anything you think is sacred or beautiful. Nevertheless, he’s not a particularly depressing person to be around - in fact, you’d hardly be able to tell how crappy he thinks the world is just by looking at him. In fact, he generally seems quite happy and content. He treats most things like a game, as though they are fun, engaging, but ultimately of little consequence. While this can make him spontaneous and surprisingly fun to be around when he isn’t being deliberately antagonistic, It also causes him to take stupid risks. He seems unable to really perceive or feel the magnitude of whatever repercussions his actions may have until they've already caught up to him, and even then, it's like the punishments he inevitably receives don't stick at all. He also has a tendency to get drunk a lot.

Because of his inability to take things seriously and his often off-putting personality, Sullivan has never had any people he would call friends. He knows many people and are on good terms with a not insignificant amount of them, but none of his relationships are what you'd call 'deep' or 'meaningful'. He had never cared for anyone besides himself, and doesn't know how to deal with powerful, emotional connections (such as live or even friendship) to another person - in fact, he doesn't believe they exist. Not knowing how to express these feelings or act in the presence of that sort of connection, he defaults to his usual behavior, which he is so used to that he can pull off an air of in-caring-ness perfectly even if he does care. And because he's nonchalance is normally so obvious and the last thing people expect from him is veiled emotion, the few friends and significant others he may have had if he'd been less insistent on treating everything as a game all disappeared from his life, leading to him being constantly alone. He normally doesn't mind, but every now and then he'd look at a happy group of friends or even a couple, and feel this inexplicable urge to punch a wall.

History: It was obvious from the get-go that Sullivan’s life wasn’t going to be an easy one. Born with magical powers in the kingdom of Lochester, he would be discriminated against and looked down upon at every turn. However, while that may have been bearable enough, his parents - two aristocrats with a good reputation to uphold - didn’t want anything sullying the perfection of their bloodline. The instant they realised what their son (born in the privacy of their own home) was capable of, they disowned him and ordered the nurse who had helped birth him to take him as her own child. And the nurse, kind as she was, was also of limited financial means. She was not coldhearted enough to abandon a young child to die, so she opted for the next best thing - leave him in an orphanage.

So, Sully grew up without any knowledge of the identity of his parents beyond the fact that they were nobles. From early on, his arrogant and combative nature alienated him from his peers, and soon, he began moving between orphanages at an alarmingly fast rate, due to the fact that he would rarely stay at a single one for long before getting into some sort of fight - and, of course, the fact that he could shoot lightning from his fingers didn’t help much. Those in charge knew he would be dangerous if left to his own devices without being taught to control his magic, but also knew that they couldn’t be bothered to spend the money to get him that training, so the instant they found out about his powers, they’d find the nearest opportunity to drop him off somewhere else. And, born with the physical weakness of a magical human, he couldn’t exactly afford to hold anything back in the fights he so often got himself into, so his magical ability never stayed hidden for long.

Eventually, though, he found what seemed to be a permanent home, in a small, enclosed compound of old houses. It was an orphanage by name, but really an elaborate cover-up for a series of child experiments being run by a few people who were interested in the nature behind magical power and how to manipulate it. The children were given a single number (Sully’s was 16) and then left to their own devices when not being injected with needles or fed with potions. Food and water was left in grievously inadequate amounts by the door for them to fight over. It was a world in which you had to be strong to survive, and Sully quickly learned to be strong, using his powers to make up for his physical ineptitude. Having been getting into fights his entire life, he quickly developed a reputation for being like a feral animal when fighting, to the point where many compared him to a werewolf - behind his back, of course.

This sort of life continued until he was thirteen, when a band of thieves broke into the complex in order to get their hands on some potions they had been paid to retrieve. Seeing potential in the child, their leader - a man named Kale - ordered him, along with a few others, to be taken along as well. Not exactly feeling incredibly attached to the grey prison, Sully followed along quite willingly. The thieves were much kinder than their previous captors had been, and he, along with the ‘few others’, quickly got used to their new life. Kale, who was undeniably intelligent but somehow incapable of attaching numbers to faces instead of words, quickly gave the nameless children names: Sullivan, Iris, Alf, and Crow.

Under the Rowan (the only one among the thieves with magical experience) ’s tutelage, the children were taught to control their powers the best they could, and also leaned to fight, to steal, and above all, they learnt the identities of - or, at least, the big, general name for - the people who had made their lives the hell-hole it had been. Kale was of the opinion that all of Lochester’s troubles stemmed from the kingdom’s corrupted and decadent upper class, and quickly imparted this worldview into the children he took under his wing. He saw himself and his band of comrades as wannabe revolutionaries, and often spoke about his plans to start an uprising. However, few people shared their mindset, and they never had the opportunity to start anything larger than stealing from the rich, giving some to the poor, but keeping most for themselves.

Sullivan, however, was not quite content with being a thief his entire life. He wanted something more. Together with Iris (who had been an acquaintance of his back in the ‘orphanage’, and one of the few people who weren’t afraid of him), the two of them decided to abandon the thieves and strike out on their own - but not before giving themselves a spectacular departure that would burn all the bridges between them and the life they had used to lead. Neither knew what exactly they wanted, but they did know that they wanted to leave, and to go somewhere else - exactly where could be worked out later. With the thieve’s help, they tracked down the scientist who had started the experiments they were caught up in. However, instead of stealing and selling his research as Kale had planned, the two of them destroyed the papers and set the man’s house ablaze.

They fled Lochester together, knowing that people would be out for their blood. For a while, they stuck together, but eventually, they separated - Iris wanted to go to Zlelmore, planning to bury her past and study magic there, while Sullivan himself wanted to keep wandering. When they parted ways, she gave him an enchanted fox-mask as a sort of parting gift. It wasn’t any special enchantment, just a reddish glow in the eyes when it was worn. It broke a while later when a guy accidentally stepped on it, and while Sully tells himself he didn’t care much for it anyways, he later picked up a similar one with a similar enchantment when he came across a street vendor who happened to have it on sale. Along the way, he kept himself alive by doing random jobs for other people, such as picking up ingredients in dangerous territories or looking for lost items - typical, boring activities, like side quests you’d do in a MMO. When that wasn’t enough, he’d hunt, and when that wasn’t enough, he’d steal. Overall, regardless of the means, he managed to prevent himself from starving.

Eventually, his aimless wandering led him to the Seaside Village, where he decided to settle down and rest for a while. Amidst all the diversity there, he reckoned he’d be able to relax for a bit without fear of being spotted - if anyone still cared enough to come looking for him, that is.
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What if, instead of creating a NEW character, I remodel a old pathfinder character Who I Love,

Name: Diana Araniel Lithadel
Gender: Pansexual Female
Age: 43 physically, when put in human terms more like 19 with added years of experience
Race Half Elf
Class: Barbarian

Skills and abilities:
- Water Magic:

Appearance: (at least 100 words)

Personality: (at least 100 words)

History: (at least 100 words)


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Excited to see this up! Consider this a W.I.P for now until I can finish this.

Name: Lynneth "Lyn" Grier
Gender: Female (Pansexual)
Age: 24 (November 27th)
Race Non-Magical Human
Class: Scout

Skills and abilities:

Hand-to-Hand combat: Although her primary talents lie within the apothecary field, Lyn is proficient in hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by her father. Her fighting style allows her to use her opponent's momentum against them via pin, joint locks, and throws. The style is best compared to Jujutsu as a real life counterpart.

Intermediate Medical Knowledge: She has a decent medical knowledge, from her years spent under the tutelage of Master Gunther. She can treat most minor injuries, and can splint broken bones.

Advanced Potion Making: Although not quite a master, Lyn had a good understanding of potions. She can create a wide variety of potions. Most of what she creates tend to be healing potions, or provide some sort of healing effect (such as an anti-fatigue potion), but she is also able to craft potions that can stun opponents, or cause minor debilitating effects. Her ability to craft potions can also extend to her ability to create salves and oils.

Flora and Fauna Knowledge: Lyn is capable of identifying many of the species of flora and fauna located within the known world, though she is especially proficient in regards to the species of her native Zlelmore. She also has a good understanding of many of properties of fauna in the known world, able to correctly identify whether they can be useful, such as whether they have any medicinal qualities, or would be detrimental to the health of others i.e poison.

Elmwood Dagger: This dagger is actually more akin to a pocket knife, thanks to its retractable blade. The hilt is made of elmwood, and has the Grier insignia carved into it. Whilst it is typically used to make small cuttings of plants, Lyn could use it as a weapon of the situation called for it.

Appearance: Lyn is just above the average the height for women in the realm, but not enough that it would cause someone to take a second glance. Although not particularly muscular, she is a well built woman, who carries herself with an ease of grace, that leaves many to incorrectly assume she is of noble birth. Her facial features are soft and youthful, the most prominent of which being her leaf green eyes, which is often attributed with being her best feature. She is said to have a piercing, and unflinching gaze, which makes her appear more stern and harsh than she actually is. She has naturally tan, unblemished skin, with a few discernible freckles across her cheeks. Her lips are small and plump, with a clearly visible "cupid's bow" curve on her upper lip. Her hair is a a deep brown in colour, with strands of lighter brown running throughout. At times, her hair can appear to be streaked with blonde. She keeps it styled in a neat bob for practical reasons. Though she maintains her hair well, and brushes it frequently, her hair will often curl up at the end, leading to her falling just past her chin.

Lyn's clothing style is very neutral and practical. Like many residents of Zlelmore, she mainly wears clothes in shades of green and brown, which allow her to blend in with the naturally woody environment of her home. Her favoured outfit is rather simple. On her lower half, she wears dark brown trousers, coupled with leather boots. The boots are fairly worn, but are comfortable to wear. On her upper half, Lyn wears several layers if clothing. The bottom layer of clothing is a loose fitting dark green shirt, that is coupled with a cream coloured coloured vest. On top of the vest, Lyn wears a corset-style piece of armour, made primarily from boiled leather. She had a pauldron (also made of leather) covering her left shoulder. Lyn also wears a light green cloak over her shoulders. It is held together by a clip hidden under her pauldron. Whilst it is not of particularly high quality, it is trimmed with mink fur round the bottom, a rarity in Zlelmore.

Personality: At first glance, Lyn does not appear to be a particularly warmhearted person; her piercing stare, often gives people the impression that she is cold and haughty, looking down upon the world that had scorned her as a child. And whilst it could be said that Lyn has some grievances against the world, the idea that she is cold and haughty, could not be any further from the truth. In reality, she is an optimistic and outgoing young woman. An extrovert at heart, Lyn enjoys interacting with the world around her. She is a talkative person, and has made many friends and acquaintances from her easy-going and friendly persona. Lyn has a good sense of humour, and enjoys sharing jokes, and just generally looking upon the brighter side of life. Lyn had a sense of duty instilled upon her by family and such she is quite receptive of the needs of others, and so long as they do not require help in performing nefarious deeds, she is open to offering assistance.

She is an inquisitive soul at heart; strongly driven by pursuits of the mind. As she was born without the ability to perform magic, Lyn often found that she had to push herself further in order to gain respect from her peers in Zlelmore, who thought of those without magic as inferior. Although her family has always been accepting of her, Lyn has retained those insecurites for much of her life. She enjoys learning new things, be they facts, or more practical skills. Lyn also has a deep admiration and respect for nature. Due to her profinity with utilizing plants in her day-to-day life, she has slowly developed a deep respect for the world around, and feels strongly against those who seek to harm the environment for no other reason that they simply find some pleasure in it. She understands it is inevitable damage would occur in wars or smaller battles, but for those who simply harm nature for the fun of it, she has no patience for them.

In regards to negative traits, her impatience is probably her worst trait. Although not as bad as some people, Lyn often finds herself growing irritated if kept waiting for too long without good reason, or if people beat around the bush when relaying information to her. Whilst she is typically a fairly nice person, Lyn does have her moments, and those at the receiving end of her wrath, often state that she can be a particularly sharp and vicious woman. Lyn can be quite blunt a the best of times, often speaking without much thought in the heat of the moment, but during periods of anger, she can often be found swearing and making rude gestures to further accentuate her point of view.

History: Lyn was born in the city of Zlelmore to Beatrix Ditmus and an unknown father. Her mother was from the prestigious Ditmus family, a noble family who had lived in Zlelmore for years, if not centuries, who had developed a reputation for being among the most powerful of magic users. Their family motto "Above All Else" represented how much they prided magical abilities. Unfortunately, Lyn did not inherit the magic of the Ditmus family, most likely inheriting her non-magical abilities from her father, whom her mother had refused to name. It was typical for young children in Zlelmore to be subjected to experiences that would trigger their magic early on. The Ditmus family were no exception of this rule, the only difference being that they had developed a method which could trigger magic at an even younger age, allowing them to determine who possessed magical abilities and who didn't almost from birth. To have a non-magical child was considered highly shameful in the family, and as they had done in previous generations, her mother was told to abandon the child and place her up for adoption in the local orphanage. Her mother, though a sweet woman, obeyed her family's words as though they were supreme law, and roughly two months after birth, she gave her child away to a local orphanage within the city.

For three years, Lyn resided there, along with many other children who were cast aside by their family, or were simply abandoned. Due to her young age, Lyn does not recall much of her time there. Like many of the abandoned children of Zlelmore, it seemed likely that she would spent most of her life at the orphanage until she came of age, unless she was adopted. As it would happen, Lyn ended up being one of the luckier children, and was adopted shortly after her third birthday.

Her new parents were Ryon and Tamiel Grier, a young couple who resided in Miredom with their four children. The couple were both magic users, as were three of their children, but their youngest child was unable to use magic. Wanting a companion for their young son, the couple looked into adoption, especially as they were now getting on in years, and every new pregnancy could potentially end up as a risk for Tamiel, who was a woman of delicate health. It was during a small trip to Zlelmore, that Ryon came across the orphanage where Lyn was living in. As he would later learn, the orphanage primarily took in non-magical children, most notably those given to them by magical parents, who wanted to be rid of the child indiscriminately. After discussing the children with the head of the orphanage, Ryon made his decision, and after returning home to his wife to hear her views on the matter, the two returned less than a month later when they adopted Lyn.

Through the adoption, Lyn legally gained 'Grier' as her surname, and was regarded by her new parents as if she was their blood daughter. Through the adoption, Lyn gained four new siblings: Tethys, Rhea, Gaia, and Sirius. It was with Sirius (her elder by six months) that she grew the closest with. As the only two unable to perform magic, a strong bond developed between them, as they could both relate in their feelings of inferiority.

Lyn lived a happy childhood with her new family. Not only was she well-liked amongst her family, she developed a good rapport with many of the citizens of Miredom. Whilst there were still some who sunned her for a lack of magic, she was generally well-liked and accepted by the people of Miredom. It was when she turned thirteen that Lyn began to develop insecurities over her lack of magic. By now, she had already been made aware of some of the details of her birth parents. For reasons of privacy, she could not know the names of her parents, but she knew that at least her mother possessed magical abilities. Whilst this seems to have been the start of her insecurities, they grew worse when all three of elder siblings had been sent off to institutions to further hone in on their magical skills. Seeing that Lyn was feeling down, and that his son was showing similar signs, Ryon took it upon himself to teach his children other skills. He was the one responsible for teaching Lyn her fighting skills, encouraging her to use her smaller stature to her advantage. Although he noted Lyn's naturally inquisitive mind and desire to help others first, it was actually Tethys who helped her cultivate that skill. Tethys specialised in White magic, much like her mother, and thus was proficient in healing magic. Upon hearing of her sister's interest in the healing arts, she would often send home texts for her to read, which would help further that knowledge. As her skills continued to grow, they would gone on to catch the attention of a well-known apothecary from Zlelmore known as Master Gunther.

An eccentric man, Gunther was known throughout the kingdom as a bit of a hermit. When he wasn't wandering throughout the kingdom, he mostly kept to himself in his small shop in the capital, only interacting with customers when they actually needed something from him. Despite his less than favourable reputation, Gunther was actually a well-respected man in his youth, and still was by some people. He made several notable achievements in his youth including: serving as a physician for the head of state in his early twenties; writing the book "Flora, Fauna, and Other Oddities: A guide to Miredom; discovering the sub-species of Zlelmore Red-cap mushrooms, creatively named as "Miredom Red-cap", and for discovering a cure to the "Hob's Honeypot" mushroom, which was long believed to be incurable and therefore one of the more dangerous species of mushroom in the realm. For a long time, it was believed that his time spent perfecting a cure for the Hob's Honeypot was what lead to his downfall in later life, and the development of his eccentric qualities. In actual fact, it was later confirmed to be his continued consumption of Miredom Red-cap that caused this, as it was discovered continued ingestion would lead to hallucinogenic effects.

Gunther was impressed with Lyn's knowledge from the get go, and after performing a small test to further examine her abilities (which involved him feigning illness to see how she would respond), he decided to offer her a position as an apprentice apothecary. He breached the subject with her parents first, who both thought it was a good idea, before offering the position to Lyn. Although hesitant at first, she readily accepted, and left Miredom to take up residence in the capital of Zlelmore once again.

During her time in the capital, Lyn mostly kept to herself, and did not venture far beyond Gunther's shop, unless it was field work. Whilst she developed an interest in potion making very early on, Gunther was keen to further her skills in treating wounds and injuries. She would often be encouraged to sit in on treatments, watching how to dress wounds, set bones, etc. During the times where Gunther had to perform operations, Lyn was also encouraged to sit in as well, though it soon became apparent she did not have much of a stomach for the gorier procedures.

As the years have gone by, Lyn continues to train under Master Gunther, responsible for crafting healing potions and elixirs, as well as the treatment of minor injuries. She is currently helping Gunther write a second book, intended to be an updated tome of healing potions. An old student of his has a recipe he would like to add for a sleeping elixir, but she moved away from Zlelmore a long time ago, and currently resides in Seaside Village. Too old to travel that far now, Master Gunther tasked Lyn with seeking out his former student, and retrieving a copy of the recipe for his book.
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Name: Dimamire ‘Dimmy’ D. Nightshade

Gender: Male
~ Bisexual

Age: 21

Race Dhampir (half-vampire)

Class: Rouge
~ He primarily uses sneak attacks and distance shots.
~ But if you ask, Dimmy is pretty sure he's a Lord.

Skills and abilities:
Destructive black magic:
~ Dimmy can use this to break down (decay, rust, erode, etc) targets, either through direct touch, resulting in a hand-sided area of damage, or by lobbing dark red-black 'blobs of fire', which effect a larger (1 ft circular) area, but do less damage. It would be nasty for a person to be hit with either, but it certainly isn't fatal.

Wall and Ceiling walking:
~ Basically a very creepy disregard for physics. With a little confidence and concentration, Dimmy can crawl or walk wherever he wants. While doing so, he's limited to his normal carrying capacity, and the awkwardness of trying to carry something in a unconventional position.

Good night-vision:
~ Dimmy can see in the dark, but his eyes are somewhat sensitive to sunlight and bright light.

Slight speed boost:
~ He can run slightly faster then a human of the same size and build, with agility to match. He can sneak around quite well when he wants to.

~ Outside magic, Dimmy's primary weapon is Dagger, that he keeps sheathed on his belt. But his skills are only moderate, and it's not a powerful weapon to start with.


Dimmy is slender, and a little under average height, giving the impression he may be delicate, which isn't untrue since he actually is a little fragile. His skin is a pale, almost bluish hue, taking after his vampire father's. His red eyes and slight fangs were inherited from him as well. His curly dirty blonde hair however, came from his human mother. He keeps it long, though it's usually tied back in in a loose ponytail. Its the frustrating sort of hair that is hard to keep from looking dirty or frizzy.

Dimmy dresses nicely, preferring expensive clothes. Generally he'll wear a white tunic, with ruffles on the sleeves and down the front, coupled with black or dark brown pants, sewn from a fine fabric, and in his eyes fitting of his class. He also wears a black leather belt and matching boots, both with golden clasps. A small dagger’s sheath hangs from his leather belt. The one piece of jewelry he wears is a ruby talisman on a gold chain around his neck. Outdoors, he wears a woolen, hooded, black cloak over all of this.

Tattooed onto Dimmy’s back, out of sight, is the Nightshade family crest. Also, while not visible it should be noted that he generally has a nice smell about him, as he wears an expensive imported cologne to mask his death-like vampire scent.

Dimmy is somewhat secretive, and doesn't open up easily. Very few people know his middle name. He's not necessarily reclusive or quiet, but he has learned to guard himself both physically and emotionally from other people, due to common views on creatures such as vampires. So, in general he has trouble trusting people. The natural result of that of course is a very clingy attention starved friend if you ever manage to get close to him.

Romantically he's also kind of shy, preferring someone he already knows and who is of one of the magical races (having a slight prejudice against non-magical humans). As such, he's also not really one to make the first move.

While aware of the common opinions on vampires, Dimmy is proud of this father and his heritage. He clings to a belief that those who treat them disrespectfully are unsophisticated, and probably jealous of their superior race. He's somewhat prejudice against non-magical humans, but not to the point where he'd allow one to come to harm if he could prevent it. This superiority complex however does not keep him from moments of low self-esteem, fearing he'll mess up in ways that make him, his family, or race look bad.

Dimmy is a gentleman, polite and proper, but self-righteous. He respects authority, not that many have authority over him from his POV. And while he may do things humans find distasteful, which of course includes drinking blood, but he would never bite a civil person without permission. Of course there's a lot of people, mostly non-magical, that he sees as uncivilized.

A half breed, Dimmy was born to a vampire nobleman, Trombolt Nightshade, and a human priestess, Allison (Dimmy does not know her last name, if she even has one). It was the epitome of a scandal in the non-magical human culture of the lower kingdoms. Such a love was not only disgusting, but essentially forbidden. The vampire took his son to Khusha, practically as soon as he was born, to protect him from the human culture his mother refused to leave, and he's almost never seen his mother since. Improper nutrition as a infant did have some ill effect on Dimmy's health, though his father did the best he could to make up for the fact Dimmy was not with his mother.

The boy naturally grew to see vampires in a better light then he saw humans, and resentful of the way he was treated for being half vampire, as even within Khusha there were those that rejected them. He had few friends growing up, and most of them were vampires or part-vampires. As such, his behaviors and diet have also naturally leaned towards those of a vampire, though he is adaptable to more human norms if need be. He grew up with considerable more blood and raw meat in his diet, and so prefers this to more human food.

At thirteen his father tattooed the family crest onto his back, which was something of a tradition for them, and considered to be paving way for adulthood. Though painful, Dimmy was more proud then traumatized by this, as his father had constantly impressed the noble nature of their family upon him.

Over the years his father tended to his education, acquiring tutors when necessary, assuming one day he'd take over family affairs. Dimmy's black magic was somewhat neglected, as a vampire generally had much more powerful magical skills, it was therefore seen by his father as something not worth wasting time on, though he didn't really need much training in it anyways. He did however teach Dimmy the 'art' of wall-walking, which he proved quite good at, as well as exploring what other hunting skills he had.

For a long time, Dimmy has seen the lack of his mother in his life as her own fault, resolving to stay in Khusha with his father, though he has recently started to question that decision. Starting to wonder if she was even okay, and being of an age where he was no longer bound to his father's custody anyways, he decided to go find her, with what little information he knew (his father has refused to talk about her for long, if at all); she was from one of the lower kingdoms and some sort of priestess. He decided to start in Yloria, making his by land, way through Immost Outpost, on to Seaside Village, avoiding entering Lochester for the time being.
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Oooh, yes! It's here! I'll leave this post here for my sign up, as I'm still trying to work out a character, but I'm excited about this one!


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@Monster Guy - Veronica Lance is accepted (so long as you agree to the next sentence). - Though you've reassured me sufficiently with "she can't kill anybody with this", just want to reiterate that if you're transferring a potentially fatal wound via pain split, it should only be able to be partially transferred. No instantly recovering people who are in peril nor instantly putting others at death's doorstep.

@Minteh - Lynneth "Lyn" Grier is accepted.

@VampirateMace - Dimamire ‘Dimmy’ D. Nightshade is accepted. - I didn't know there was a word for "half-vampire". Cool.

All three of you, very good work on fitting your characters into the world.


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Whoop, done!

Name:*Zane Crowley
Gender: Straight Male
Class: Thief - Speed/Stealth Specialist

Physical Strength: Something that Zane assumes comes with his condition, he is an established fighter, able to hold his own in battles of force. He is a decent runner, but when he enters his werewolf form, his physical prowess increases immensely. As such, his reflexes are immensely heightened in this form; he can run immensely large distances without tiring, he can work for hours on end without weakening, he can endure so much pain without suffering. Or so he says, at least.

Staff Skills: While he is no stranger to death and murder, Zane is not a professional killer, no matter what his past may suggest. He much prefers to use his staff whenever he can; it sits better with him to knock someone out than to kill them without provocation. It's a weapon he's practiced with since his youth, and is what he primarily uses in self-defense.

Blade Skills: A weapon considerably newer to Crowley's use, Zane still possesses sufficient skill to be deemed a threat with a knife. While not skilled enough to wield a rapier or a broad-sword, Zane has no trouble with throwing knives and using them in speedy, close-combat fights. They work well with his lithe frame, and while he prefers to seriously maim or injure the opponent, he finds it effortless to kill with these when he really needs to.

Intuition: Perhaps one of his greatest assets, Crowley's ability to understand and solve complex problems and see right through lies makes him an ideal spy and master of espionage, and gives him the upper hand against anyone who attempts to double cross him.

Stealth: After being both a werewolf and a thief for a considerable amount of time, Zane knows a thing or two about concealment and stealth. He is incredibly talented at disguise and acting - due to his understanding of the different attributes of human nature, perhaps? - and can disappear and reappear with ease, although not into thin air.

Survival Skills: Thanks to his Lycanthropy, Zane has heightened senses, including sight, smell, and hearing. As such, he has no problem hunting for food and staying in the wilderness overnight, as he is as attuned to nature as he is to civilisation. It's no trouble at all to Crowley to start a fire or set up a tent, and he is more than happy to pass on his knowledge to others. He knows how to treat the most common injuries, and can point out edible plants in the wilderness on command.


As a human, Zane has short, earth-brown hair combed messily backwards, unkempt and wild. He takes enough care in his appearance not to be a slob, but as long as he remains presentable, his looks don't necessarily matter. Standing at around 5"9, he has a thin, willowy build, reinforced by his thin legs and bony arms, possessing the look of someone who could do with a few more meals. Facially, he has a haggard, worn look, aged beyond his years, with tired ice-blue eyes dragging black shadows beneath them. A jaggedly shaven 5-‘o-clock shadow adorns his square jaw, and running beneath his right eye is a large scar, but similar, lighter ones accompany his face, which is often pale. Between his straight, thin eyebrows, there is a small crease, visible from years of frowning, something that he still does quite often. In addition, he has a thin mouth, usually downturned, but when he smiles, he reveals a flash of straight white. Although he is still what he would consider young, Zane has crow's feet by his eyes, and marks of age are already creeping onto his skin, but he just dismisses this as a symptom of his Lycanthropy. He oftentimes stands erect, which his arms either held behind his back or his hands shoved carelessly into his pockets.

Clothing wise, Zane wears a billowing leather jacket, cut roughly away at the sleeves, which is wrapped tightly around him at all times. Beneath this, he wears a brown tunic most often, and dark grey trousers. A stone-grey scarf usually accompanies this attire, and can cover both Zane's nose and mouth when he wishes. He tends to prefer anything that he deems suitable, but usually items that fall into the grey and brown colour pallets. His clothes usually hang with a degree of looseness from his skeletal build, but Zane says that they feel more comfortable that way.

As a wolf, Zane's appearance considerably differs. As expected, his body erupts in thick, dull-grey fur, and the muscles on his arms and legs increase dramatically. His nose and mouth grow into a muzzle, and his ears begin to recede into his skull, new ones growing through his hair. Speaking of which, the brown mess that sits on his head lightens considerably, to a shade of grey-brown that almost matches his fur, and it grows so as to fall down to his shoulders. The scars on his face become more prominent, and Zane sports curved claws and fangs. In comparison to other, wilder werewolves, Zane is still quite thin, and prefers to walk on two feet, although in great need of speed, he will hunch down to all fours. Yet another noticeable change are Zane's eyes, which transform to a vibrant blood-red.

Zane abandons all clothes during his transformation, save the leather jacket he is so fond of, and oftentimes, the scarf stays, too. However, these clothing items usually become torn and frayed, and as such, have needed many renovations over the years. Zane likes to think of them as a part of humanity he can continue to hold onto if he ever loses his mind in a feral rage.

Zane Crowley is a nice guy. There's no two ways about it. Just, protective, and conscientious, Zane has everyone's best interests at heart. Despite being poor and on the less extravagant side of life, he will not hesitate to give to others, and will always do his best to provide as much as he can. There is a relaxed, yet somewhat formal air about him, as though he is someone who is both approachable but hostile at the same time; someone who is nice, until you get on their bad side. Of course, hardly anyone is on Zane's bad side, and it would probably be difficult to get there in the first place.

Incredibly open-minded, Zane isn't afraid to consider and accept other people's beliefs and arguments. More than happy to sit and listen, he is a follower instead of a leader, but carries an air of authority around him, which comes with wisdom far beyond his years. Very understanding of right and wrong, Zane will not fail to see both sides of every argument, and will almost always do what is right for the benefit of others. Due to this selfless nature, you'd expect a predictability of him, but on the contrary, he possesses a spontaneity unexpected of him.

Amusingly to him, Zane has been accused of being a psychic on more than one occasion, something that never ceases to amaze him. He possesses the uncanny ability to perceive people's thoughts and emotions, and is able to derive information from even the most minute of cues. But from his understanding of human nature comes an undeniable cynicism and skepticism that causes Zane to be reluctant to give up trust easily. He can easily understand people's emotions, their motives, their hopes, dreams, and desires after knowing them for some time, and, as useful as it is, it can be a constant weight on his shoulders, and carrying around the emotions of other people ceaselessly can become tiring and painful, leaving Zane with a bleak and depression vision of the future of society.

Zane is also an incredibly well-read person, with an interest in history and myths, particularly intrigued by the study of magic, and area forbidden to him by his curse of Lycanthropy. He loves nothing more than an intellectual challenge, and can often come to conclusions and solutions faster than most. Paired with his incredible intuition regarding others, Zane finds himself able to create assumptions based on future events, such as how a relationship will turn out, or how an event will take place. And although nobody but Zane will ever admit it, he's right 97.65% of the time.

But despite all of his "nice-guy" personality, Zane finds himself tasked with difficult options. He has killed on more than one occasion, a decision that does not sit well with him. While all the deaths were in self defense, Zane still struggles to cope with the killing of another human being, no matter how far they're taken by Lycanthropy, or how cruel they are to others. He's perfectly sure he'll kill again before his life is over, but he's not one to needlessly waste life. He's had many jobs in the past, his longest and current being a thief, but the thought of murder is something that doesn't necessarily sit well with him, and he will avoid it when possible.

The final defining point of Zane's personality is how his life was affected by his infection of Lycanthropy. Mo matter where you travel in the world, prejudice will dog those who are deemed different by the common population - humans of no particular special heritage. Magicians, vampires, werewolves, you name it, they're all hated, some more than others. Crowley tries his best to hide it from people; the task isn't hard, due to his naturally reserved and lone-wolf nature. He has suffered some… trouble. In the past. But being a werewolf is who he is now, and it has changed him for the better.

Zane grew up with his parents Ikoria and Finsair Crowley in the heart of the Zlelmore Capital. His parents were magic fanatics, obsessed with mastering the ways of the arcane. Even from a young age, it was clear that Zane possessed neither their interest, nor their skill in the magical arts. But instead of abandoning him, like most magical parents did when they conceived an inferior being, they supported him on his own path through life, teaching him the ways of the world and giving him a chance of self-discovery.

It became evident that he was remarkably intelligent, able to solve any puzzle put before him in mere seconds. And amazingly to his parents, at the age of ten he had started to demonstrate skills of frost magic, like his father. The family were pleased with this, and even Zane had started to embrace his potential future as a frost mage. Young Crowley started to delve deeper into the study of magic, becoming enthralled by the millions of tales and powers that were so far, yet just within his reach. It felt like his dreams would come true then, and he and his family would live a happy and prosperous life.

Although Zane's parents were not overly rich, they were still able to live on the higher side of life, much better off than most. However, the Crowleys were fond of charity work, helping others and gifting them with small trinkets and riches.

The hope was short lived. Not long after Zane turned fourteen, his father passed away from an unknown illness. Driven mad by grief, Ikoria turned to all manner of odd potions and magic, eventually killing herself in a frenzied magical experiment. This left a fifteen year old Zane Crowley an orphan. It was recommended that he should be put up for adoption, but because he was soon to be sixteen, he was granted ownership of his parents' house, and given a new lease on life.

Feeling like his life was going relatively better, Zane decided to job hunt, while continuing to perfect his magical prowess. Soon he was in a steady job with a baker, and was able to create objects of solid ice on command.

But one day, on an excursion out into the forests surrounding Zlelmore, Crowley was faced with a terror. He was only out to gather some ingredients for his spells from the Miredom, but, never making the journey himself before, got lost. He was attacked by a pack of 5 wild werewolves. The sixteen year old managed to scare off two, killing a third with a shard of ice through the heart and freezing the fourth completely. But, weak from his extreme use of magic, Zane was caught off guard by the fifth wolf, and dealt a blow worse than death itself. A werewolf bite. The rest of the encounter was hazy; the next thing Zane could remember was lying in his bed, motionless, with a sense of reckless abandonment.

Scars covered his face; the bite had pierced the skin by his ribs, and a long jagged scar hung just beneath his right eye. He couldn't get out of bed, couldn't conjure any magic. He knew the worst had happened - he now had Lycanthropy. He was now a werewolf.

Crowley soon lost his job, sacrificing many of his waking hours trying to master his cursed form. The transformation was painful, and Zane felt himself fearing the moon, and the terrors it brought upon him. Crowley tended to avoid people, whenever he left the house at least, but after months of staying indoors, he had little money, no job, and nobody to talk to.

He doesn't remember how it happened, but Zane soon found himself becoming a thief, stealing to get by in life. But he never stole from anyone poor and innocent. That was his only exception. When Crowley began to get noticed, some people hired him to acquire certain goods, all for a certain fee, of course. Yet again, life was on the up and up, but then yet again, everything had to crash down.

He'd been hired to steal from a chief criminal, a well known killer who'd evaded the law well. But, while he was looting the house, the criminal caught him in the act and a fight ensued, resulting in the unexpected death of a man.

Crowley, yet again, became a recluse, ashamed of what he had done. It took another three years before he could bring himself to interact with others again; he only ever left the house to eat during a full moon. He was 25 and poor, poorer than most, now. But, if anything, this made he more determined to continue thievery, and he did, slowly, steadily, working his way back up. Of course, he gave a fair amount to others, and kept just enough himself to stay alive. Over the next three years, Crowley continued to steal and swindle, learning to talk his way out of arrests and fights.

But Zlelmore had become somewhat dull. He'd lived there all his life, but was deprived of a job, too afraid to get one, and his Lycanthropy, while under control, was still a painful burden. So Zane decided that he would go an an adventure, of sorts. He packed his bag, and decided to leave Zlelmore, at least for a while, and see the world.

This is how he ended up in the small Seaside Village, relaxing and peaceful, with a feel so different to that of Zlelmore. He knew he couldn't stay long, due to the full moon arriving soon, but he might as well enjoy it while it lasts.
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@TikTok13 - Marking Zane as pending. - Just want to clarify that werewolves only have enhanced strength/speed/senses when in wolf or partial wolf form (stronger the more wolf-like they are). In human form their strength is limited to that of a non-magical human. He can be strong in human form for a human, but nothing supernatural.

- I'm assuming when you say he can "disappear and reappear with ease" this is just a metaphor/hyperbole on his stealth abilities..? Just want to clarify that he's not literally going poof into nowhere.

- "He can easily understand people's emotions, their motives, their hopes, dreams, and desires, just from speaking to them" - this seems a bit much - it's OK if he's empathetic and maybe he can make assumptions, but nobody can fully understand another person after speaking to them one time.

- I'd like to see a motivation for wandering around the Zlelmore forests during a full moon, because he's not an unintelligent person nor unfamiliar with Zlelmore, and should have been aware that this was a really dangerous thing to do. (perhaps he was unaware that it was a full moon that night? being only 16 maybe he didn't think of it, especially if it was cloudy that night)

Everything else looks alright, thanks. :)
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Second-guessed my previous character (We don't need Two werewolf thieves lol) so here's a new one.

Name: Brother Genma Valerious Windcaller the Third. (His name is about 75% titles, but he if often called Gen)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race:: Magical Human
Class: Cleric
Quite a common class, the Cleric is a man or woman trained in the various arts of healing magic. Clerics also often has affinities towards other schools of more offensively oriented magics. In Genma's case, he was born with an affinity towards wind magic, creating gusts of wind and smaller tornadoes at a very early age. Instead of letting him go to a normal magic school, his parents shipped him off to a monastery in Yloria for him to learn about the wonders of healing magic, just as his father had done before him, and his grandfather had done before him again.

Skills and abilities:
- Mend: A simple and effective spell that rejuviates others, removing ill effects and giving them a health boost.
- Galewind: Genma has the ability to create localized hurricane weather conditions. This including high velocity winds and large amounts of precipitation. Hecan focus the ability with fine manipulation. This power draws a lot of energy from him
- Putify: This spell enables Genma to reverse the ill effect of curses and other dark influences.
- Air Cutter: Creates localized gusts of solidified air with strong cutting capabilities.
- Clear Wind: Creates a gentle breeze surrounding himself and others nearby, healing them from a greater distance than Mend does, and leaves a faint smell of citrus. This spell cleans up dirty environments to a certain degree.
- Magelight: quite a common skill, Genmas staff lights up to illuminate dark areas.

- Though not much for the physical stuff, Genma is not above smacking someone in the face with his staff if the situation calls for it.
- Genma is also a quite skilled cook


Genma is a medium tall young man standing at around 187 cm tall and a lean physique. Though he is lanky, he has some muscle on him from excessive training at the monastery. He has fair skin with sharp facial features, and a constant annoyed look in his deep blue eyes. He keeps his strawberry blonde hair short which makes it easy for him to maintain it in a clean, spiky cut. he is clean shaven and makes an effort in avoiding dirty situations, or situations that would compromise his hygiene. His eyebrows are thick and neatly trimmed, adding to his generally expressive face.

For clothing, Genma dresses in a fairly common attire for a cleric. The normal cleric uniform consists of a beige long-sleeved shirt, though Genma's shirt is sleeveless. He also wears a pair of light blue trousers with bronze-colored decorative details. He wears a cosmic beige cape as well to add to the cleric theme. His shirt is decorated with a lightly colored beige cravat, and a pair of bronze-colored pauldrons. Genmas arms are tattooed in holy texts which glows whenever he does magic. the tattoos cover both his arms and translates into a blessing. He wears a beige belt with bronze decorative details on them as well, matching the color on both his boots, pauldrons and shirt. He also wears a pretty simple bronze circlet. His outfit is always neat and clean, and he goes great lengths trying to maintain it. He enjoys finer quality clothing over being practical, and would not sugarcoat his displease if anything about his outfit is off-point.

Personality: As a Cleric, Genma is supposed to act refined and calm in all situations, giving aid whenever he is required. Polite and well-spoken, Clerics are supposed to be subtle and humble. Genma, however, is none of these things. Loud and outrageous, Genma has a tendency to speak in capital letters, in a dramatic fashion which greatly exaggerates more or less any given situation. He is a holy man, and he lets everyone around him know. It is very easy to mistake his outgoing nature with selfishness and pride, and even though he is very proud of being a cleric, he is by no means under the delusion that he is better than anyone. His pride can be more easily seen in fights. He would impulsively decide to take on whole armies on his own, which would often lead to him having to be rescued by others. Hopelessly optimistic, Genma never gives in to dark thoughts or depression, and relies on his determination to keep his spirits up.

When it comes to other people, Genma never hold back on his opinions. Though he is generally nice to other humans, he despises things created from dark magic, which he views as "unclean". This makes him act standoffish and rude to non-human beings such as Vampires and Werewolves. This also extends to magical humans that practice dark magic. When interacting with others, Genma often use informal and rude language, sarcasm and snarky comments to get his point across. He can be a somewhat confusing person to be around, and might take a real effort to befriend. Once you do, however, he is a friend of a lifetime. Never backing down and always standing up for others, Genma is a person that wants to do good. He is very selfless, which contrasts greatly to many peoples first impressions of him.

Having grown up in a monastery, Genma has been subject to a good education, as well as a rather pacifistic way of life. He is intelligent, and has approximate knowledge on most things. He knows he was given a good upbringing as opposed to many others, which makes him very appreciative towards what he got. All in all, Genma is a sweetheart that wants to purify the entire world, one good deed at a time. Monastery life sounds boring to him though, and Genma always wanted to be part of the bigger picture. His goal is to rid the world of evil in all forms, hence his hatred for dark magic and all it spawns.

History: Genma was born to a rather humble family of farmers living in the outskirts of the kingdom of Zlelmore. His mother was a merchant at the local market while his father was a hunter. He also had two younger siblings to keep him company during the first few years of his life. Genma was showing an aptitude for magic at a very early age, as he was often sitting out in the barn making small tornadoes of hay. As it was common knowledge that magically gifted humans were to be shipped off to the local monasteries, Genmas parents were quick to present him to them, hoping they would prove him with a better upbringing than they would. Being around 3 years old at this time, Genma barely remember his real parents anymore, and as the monastery accepted him into their church, he was taken from his home and raised to become more aware of the magical aspects surrounding his own birth.

Several years later, Genma had forgotten more or less 95% of his family home, only remembering the cute hay tornados he used to make out in the barn. At this time, he had also mastered a small portion of his magical energy, and was proven to be very adapt in the school of wind magic, as well as in healing. He was also enlisted into the monastery's school for magically gifted children, where he would later be placed in a different class depending on his skills. Genma showed prominent skills in wind magic as wella s in healing magic, and was sent to a class for clerics at the age of 11. Here, he would learn more about how to properly use magic in order to help other. He did, however, hate the dullness that followed the whole stigma of being a cleric. The monks and nuns of the monastery made no effort to hide from him the potential of his powers, which is something Genma never hesitated in bringing up whenever he could. He was proud of himself. The pride of his own magical aptitude had oversteppet his wish to fin his real family, and he did not care about it whatsoever.

Spending his entire youth at the monastery, Genma learned a great deal about magic, as well as other aspects of life. His tutors were never subtle in letting him know how fortunate he was, and he grew up to become a diciplined young man, if not a bit of a loose cannon. Though his personality was not as one would want from a cleric, the others had grown to accept it, as long as Genma kept being loyal to the church. He found no issues with this and kept on with his life. Nowdays, as he had turned 20, it was time for Genma to put his knowledge to practical use. It was a long standing tradition that clerics from the monastery went out to the other major cities when they turned 20 in order to use their abilities to help out the general public. Thouh it wasnt something Genma had necessarily looked forward to, he was very excited to leave the monastery in order to see more of the outside world. Eager to experience new things and to spread the word of light, Genma arriwed at the docks of Seaside Village.
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A fairly humble history section, but I believe i am done now.

*Jean Grey*

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And...I'm done. Hopefully she isn't too OP...I wanted her to be a Death Knight and not merely a boring Knight, and I thought that a weapon imbued with something would make the difference. >.<
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What do I do now?
I tried to hammer this all out in one sitting, but I wanted to at least get it out there so people would know I'm actually working on it. I thank you all for your extraordinary patience. This will be finished tomorrow.

EDIT: Ok, done! I'm sorry, I never mean to make the history long, but then it just gets away from me and writes itself pretty much. Let me know if anything isn't kosher!

Name: Hazel Cornix
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race Werewolf
Class: Adventurer (Travels long distances and is adept in archery and medicine)

Skills and abilities:

Adept at Crossbow and Hunting: Is particularly good at using a crossbow as well as using her increased strength to help quicken loading times. Is also skilled at tracking and hunting.

Werewolf side effects: Being a werewolf has increased her sense of sight, smell, and hearing. All of which make hunting easier as well as making her a better shot at the crossbow. She can also transform at will outside of the full moon to help increase her combat skills, stamina, speed, and overall strength. Since her fur color is also black, she is able to be more stealthy in dark areas if transformed.

Minor Apothecary: Knows how to create remedies for small illnesses and wounds as well as how to find the ingredients to make them.


Hazel stands at a modest 5’4 and looks like the typical woman to blend into the crowd. While not bulky, she appears to fit from all her time spent outside surviving. She has long, flowing black hair that’s tied back in a messy bun when she’s hunting or taking long trips. When with company or by herself, she lets it hang down. Her eyes are grey, like the color of a cold stream. Hazel’s softer facial features make her appear a little younger than she actually is and although lycanthropy has changed her life in a drastic way, her peers agree that her gaze puts them at ease. Her skin is average in tone (not super tan, but not blindingly white either).

When it comes to attire, she wears a blue-grey tunic with a grey cloak that hangs down to her ankles. The cloak comes with a hood for privacy, of course, as well as whenever the weather calls for it. Her trousers are a faded black and boots are a stark black suitable for hunting and long distance travel. Hazel’s attire is rather simple, but after spending so long out in the woods, it feels strange to wear anything strikingly fancy (although if the time calls for that, she can do that).

Personality: Hazel is a bright, yet quiet soul brought about by her unconventional upbringing and lycanthropy affliction. Before being bitten, Hazel loved to read and write and clung to every bit of magic she could get her hands on. As a young child, she would spend hours just reading and practicing new spells. Her drive in her personality was to make her parents proud and did everything she could to uphold that standard for herself. Normally well-behaved, she was prone to bouts of frustration when unable to easily learn a spell and forced to practice for long periods of time without breaks. She enjoyed helping others and could easily fit under the category of “happy-go-lucky”.

All of that changed at the age of 10 when she was bitten and infected with lycanthropy after which she was shunned from her family and chased into the Lostacre Woods where she was picked up by a tribe (or pack). After learning to control her new abilities (skipping over some stuff here) she spent most of her time in wolf form with the rest of her pack mates, rarely shifting into human form. Because of that, most of her social life took place as a wolf communicating with other werewolf shifted people and while she learned to adapt, it took a toll on her human social skills. As a wolf, however, she learned to hunt and participate in the pecking order, occasionally duking it out with others for fun or extra food.

After her situation changed and she was no longer a wolf nearly 24/7, she had to relearn a lot of human customs and manners. While she has come a long ways in terms of emotional maturity and becoming a “normal” functioning human being, she has lost a lot of that spunk from when she was little. As such, she’s more quiet, reserved, and observant than before. Once she’s comfortable, she’s more prone to humor and laughter. To those who don’t know her, she can come across as cold without meaning to. It’s just a result of her upbringing, but she’s working to become a more functional member of society now.

From being in a pack, Hazel feels more confident when with at least one other person she can trust and takes orders rather well from said people. She feels that her talents are best suited with someone who knows how to direct them. When faced with hectic social situations, however, she can be prone shutdown or withdraw if alone.

History: Hazel's life had a bit of an unconventional start, her being born with a high affinity to magic in a home in which it was not welcomed. Hazel was born in the Kingdom of Lochester to a pair of middle class citizens. While her father tried desperately to keep her, her mother was both afraid of her and the consequences of having a magical child and gave Hazel up to the adoption program between Lochester and Zlelmore when she was too young to remember them. Upon arriving in Zlelmore, Hazel was adopted by the Athene family, a long standing family that prided themselves on their magical heritage. Her father wasted no time in putting her magic to use with tons of classes and private lessons in order to hone her abilities. These abilities pertaining to a strong affinity for lightning and healing magic. More specifically, using lightning to stimulate the joints of the chronically injured as a part of her healing. Her parents constantly pushed her into more and more lessons, but Hazel didn't mind.

Hazel's perspective on the matter was that she was making her parents happy and learning a lot in the process so, for the most part, Hazel dove into her lessons head first. Whenever she wasn't studying, she was reading about anything she could get her hands on. Her family had been stockpiling books for a makeshift library for generations and Hazel loved learning about animals, plants, the stars, magic, and the world outside of Zlelmore. So much so, that she wanted to go on her own search for knowledge.

At the age of 10, after finding a book on remedies, Hazel wanted to try her hand at potion brewing to surprise her parents with a new skill. After reading up and preparing, she realized that one of the ingredients was a mushroom that resided just outside the walls of Zlelmore. This mushroom was short lived, however, and only only bloomed for one night after which it would wither away and spread its spores to create more. Hazel, knowing that there could be dangerous creatures outside the walls, took a bundle of wolfsbane and tied it to her waist before going out to search around the perimeter of the city. She never found the mushroom. Instead, she was predictably attacked by a lone werewolf that emerged from the woods. Despite her best efforts to fight off the creature, she was bit on the right shoulder, but would've made out with worse had it not been for the wolfsbane.

She was able to make her way back home, but when she saw that she could no longer use magic, she was more than upset. Hazel didn't want to say anything to her parents because she didn't want them to be upset with her for leaving the city. Hazel tried to hide her bite, avoided her parents, and went through book after book trying to find a cure. She tried every remedy she could find and perused the less reputable markets trying to find some sort of cure, but found nothing. Hazel's parents began to grow suspicious as to why their daughter was suddenly shirking her lessons and confronted her, forcing her to practice. When she couldn't perform magic, her parents became gravely concerned, partly because they loved her and partly because they wondered how this would mark the legacy of their family name. They became aware that she had been bitten just shy of a month after Hazel first contracted the disease and tried locking her in a cellar during the full moon to contain her while they thought of another option. That whole night is one big blur to her, but during the rage, she had killed her adoptive mother and was driven out of the city.

Out of the city, she finished the transformation and reverted back to a human in the Lostacre Forest. It was there she was picked up by a pack of werewolves that tended to stick in full wolf form exclusively bar for some special occasions. Traumatized, scared, and alone, Hazel went with them where they taught her how to steadily control the new aspects of her abilities. That's where she stayed for the next 6 years: hunting, roaming, fighting, and communicating all in a form she wasn't native to. At the age of 16, her pack was targeted by dark magic users and while fighting alongside her packmates, she was injured and separated from the rest of her pack. She ran for as long and far as she could before collapsing near a a middle aged hunter, Nathaniel, who saw her go down. Seeing she was badly injured, he intended to put her out of her misery, but upon coming closer, he saw her revert back into her human form. Realizing now what she was, instead of killing her, he wrapped her up in his cloak and took her back to his home in Zlelmore and tried to glean any info about her background that he could. It took a while for the conversation to get anywhere since Hazel hadn't heard much human speech over the past 6 years and it took a while for her to begin to recall anything about her life previously, but eventually she was able to recount some detail of that.

Nathaniel took it upon himself to try and help her recover some semblance of normalcy. Things like reading, writing, and mannerisms had largely deteriorated and had to be retaught to some extent, but through hard work on both sides, Hazel began to become more "human" and emotionally mature. Once that was established, Hazel learned how to hunt as a human using a bow and arrow. Her favorite weapon that Nathaniel taught her however was the crossbow and it is now her go to weapon of choice. While Hazel was still quiet and unsure about the world, she quickly grew to love Nathaniel as a father figure and took his family name of Cornix as a way of acknowledging that. She was quick to warn him of her werewolf tendencies and they worked around it by chaining her multiple times in a deep cellar. The first few times were tricky, but they found a system and were able to work it efficiently when the time called for it. He taught her most everything relevant that she knows.

Recently, however, with a potential war escalating between the Kingdoms of Yloria and Lochester, the people in Zlelmore have become more cautious. Afraid that she may put Nathaniel in danger, Hazel decides to leave a note for him and depart from his house in search of somewhere else to stay until things can settle down for a bit. After a mix of walking and running via wolf form, she makes her way to Seaside Village where she hopes to get some rest before figuring out her next move.
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