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When was the last time you played?

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So when exactly was the last time you played Pokemon Stadium for Gold and Silver?

I think that I've only played this game once, at my cousin's house about five years ago. Because of this, I remember next to nothing about this game. The only thing I do remember is that I used a Suicune to battle my brother, and that I was amazed at the detailed animations (compared to the Gameboy's animation).
The last time I played it was about a month ago. I still absolutely love my Nintendo 64 games. I play them more than my GameCube games, simply because I find them more fun.

And yes, the difference between Pokemon Stadium 2 and GSC was pretty overwhelming. Heck, Pokemon Stadium 1 is still better than Platinum, a game made a decade later, for a more powerful console!
I play it quite often because I have a ROM for it ~.o But I just absolutely love the mini games, especially the Chansey one on Very Hard... o_O

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Yesterday, but that was to see if I could transfer some Pokemon over from S2 to Gold, apparently I can;'t yet.


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Like with stadium 1, I don't own the game so the last time I played it was a few years ago at my friends house :D


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Oh man lets see......

I think I last played it 6-7 years ago.
I can't play it anymore as I sold my N64 and the game.


i played it last week, right now i'm busy creating a good team on my crystal version untill i have a good team that i can put on pokemon stadium to battle with.
about 4 months ago my older sister used to played it
A couple days ago. Imo, It's much better than PBR. My 64 is broken now though, so it looks like I'm going to have too wait 'till we get it on Virtual Console to play it again.


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Wow like 5 years ago, my grandma took me to blockbuster the day they stocked it, and now i want a copy, but its too much on eBay


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I play it a lot since it has really good things to learn in it, like whole Earl's academy.
But to the question.. I haven't played it for about two months now, and I haven't played Gold for a year since I at the moment find Diamond more entertaining partly due to wifi etcetc.
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