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When was the last time you played?

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i played it yesterday with my crystal, sadly i encountered a glitch that makes shiny pokemon normal, i accedently send a shiny poliwag to my blue version and when i traded it back it was normal:S


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I played on this last Sunday, trying to beat round 2 of the cups. Must be about half way through now. I also use to it play my Crystal game on the TV, far better than trying to squint at the game on my GBA!


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about a moth ago i was bored and wanted to see if my gbc still worked
it did actually quite well


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I'd say about 4 years ago. I never actually had the game (Or an N64 for that matter.) though, so when I played it was up to my friend. And he has moved on to newer games, like PBR, which is why it has been so long.


I played my Silver a few days ago… Still a classic game…


A few months ago, if I'm not wrong. I love going against the gym leaders; it's so much fun. 8D Ted the Announcer always made me laugh whenever he said "WHOA, THAT WAS CLOSE!"


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Last Thursday, actually. I still play it all the time because it's an AMAZING and very addictive game. ;222;

I still cherish my N64 and have dang near worn Super Mario 64 out.


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AGES ago :(
I remember going to the local Video Store and hiring it out each week. I miss the game. It was FUN :)
im playing it now, i always plug in the n64 from time to time to play stadium 1 and 2, diddy kong racing and super mario


I played it a few months ago, awesome game it is.
I last played the game about 4 or 5 years ago. The reason for this though is that I have been unsuccessful in getting my N64 to work. I also sold most of my N64 games when I got my GameCube. All of my other games are lost or stored away...


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I'm not sure when the last time I played was, I think it was a few months ago.


Exactly two months and seven days ago..... Idk how I even remember that. XD
EDIT: today
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I think the last time I played it was about two years ago. Man I missed that game, but oh well.


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About 6 years ago at school. My after-school club had a N64 and I was obsessed with that game, even though I hadn't a clue what I was doing!


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Right before I think I got rid of my SP... lol I hacked that game so bad.... So in other words maybe 2 or three years
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