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When will name changes be available?

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Invisible Presence
I would reakly like to change my name and was wondering when we would get that option. Does anyone know? Thank you.


A wild Fairy type Angel Unicorn appeared
I was wondering that myself Because it will be really nice if I can change my name since my especially the fox in the name doesn't really suit me and what I'm trying to really go with my inner unicorn self/persona on the internet, especially since I just found the pw that use to login my account after all this time it was in a document I forgot about I thought I would miss It again but the name change thread never reopen? or maybe it moved or something? Because the last time anyone could request changing their user name was in last october of 2017 than it should have been this april of this year unless something happened, Because normally from what I remember user could only request a change in their username only in april and october of the years,
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