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when will ppl learn to NOT fix what ISNT broken???

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stupid youtube apparently had google do some kind of update on it and now i, along with many others, cant watch any videos until the problem is resolved, this is why you DONT FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN!!! when will people learn??? is anyone else outraged by this and any other incidents like this?

Ho-oh Master

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Yeah why do websites update themselves to become potentially better.

I mean why.

Why do websites have the ability to recognize that they have the potential to be better?

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Lets just turn this thread about how the new youtube layout sucks, shall we?

I seriously thought it was an april fools joke... its that bad...


Kanto SuperTrainer
Old YouTube system is better.

exactly what i was trying to say, at least then i was able to actually watch the videos and not have my browser close when i click on one... >.> it was perfect before and now its completely ruined, "potential" doesnt always warrant an update

shadow wolf

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The new system is bad how? It works just fine for me.


<- It was THIS big!
This update does really suck though. especially the rating system.
Thumbs Up/Down?
I think the thumbs system is better seeing as people only really rated 5 stars if they liked the vid or 1 star if it was terrible, otherwise they just close the video... Youtube has a blog where they talk about the statistics behind the decision.

As for the new layout, I can still watch vids on youtube for free, so I'm not complaining like a sooky whiny b*tch.


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Oh nos!


What ever are we going to do? Let us pray to Almighty Arceus to liberate us from our misery!
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