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When you restart your game do you transfer/trade your main pokemon to other games?


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When you restart your pokemon game you usually have a team or the star of your pokemon team. but instead of losing it forever with your other pokes do you trade it into another game and get a bad pokemon you dont care about into your game you are restarting then restart it so you can start fresh with your main pokemons,if not all in another game so you can use them in that game,fill up the pokedex or trade it back any time youlike? Also do you transfer it into another game. Like just say I restarted my HG/SS game and I had good pokemon in it that I could easily get back again but I dont want my old ones go to waste. So you transfer it to Pokemon B/W/B2/W2?
So do you:
1.Transfer them into other games even though you can't trade them back whenever you like once you restarted it
2. Trade them to another game so you can put them back whenever you like or use them in that game
3. Keep em in the game. Who cares about em I could get new pokemon.
So what do you do? Do you have reasons? Post your thoughts below!


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No because I don't have a second DS to transfer them to, but if I did I would only transfer shinies


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Whenever I restart I trade my favorite to another game so that they aren't just deleted. I never move them back to the game they came from either, they usually advane through each game with me or stay in the game they are traded to.


Team Awesome
I'll trade any pokemon I can't afford to lose, mostly legendaries. I usually have one centralized game I keep all important pokemon in, like right now most shinies and legendaries are in White, while a few are still in Platinum, not counting the event pokemon that have to stay in HeartGold and SoulSilver. For everyday pokemon, though, I'll only transfer them if it's a starter that I need for filling up the pokedex in other games.


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Yes, I always trade the Pokemon (and items) I want to keep to another game before restarting.

Champion Mike

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I usually don't. I tend to keep my teams in their games.
But since I'm getting a 3DS and Pokemon White 2 next month for my birthday, I might just transfer a Pikachu in. :)


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I generally transfer Pokemon that either a) I want to use as breeding stock, b) Are legendaries, or c) are Pokemon that would be great for competitive battling or that I have an attachment to.


No, because I don't own two Nintendo DS's and I delete my files for a reason; a fresh, clean slate.


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I usually transfer, usually all onto one game, currently my platinum, although I am transitioning over to my Black2 shortly.


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Ehm, a fresh start is supposed to be a fresh start, so, in my opinion, it's because you don't care about what's in your actual game. And I'm well placed to talk because I restarted so much my games I couldn't count (approximatively 6 times my Diamond data, 4 times Heart Gold, 3 times White 2, 3 times Sapphire and 1 time Black). I always want to get the perfect satisfaction.
If I want to keep a Pokémon in particular, I just catch it again in the game I'm starting. I only transfered a Pokémon once, it was a completely random shiny Geodude I had in Diamond, but I deleted that game too 'cause I was lazy. I just don't take it seriously.


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Yes. I have about five boxes full of well-trained, high leveled pokemon from DPP, HGSS, Emerald, White, B2, and FireRed (and a few Colosseum/XD guys, but only two or three) on my Black version. I've never hoarded pokemon like this before though, and while it takes a while transferring from the original games to Black, I'm really dreading how long it'll take transferring all the ones on Black to XY. D:


Sometimes I do if there are any Pokemon that I feel an attachment to, but usually I just delete the file without bothering to trade some of the Pokemon to other games.