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When you surfed, did you encounter about 60 Tentacools before getting back on land?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by SoopahScizor, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. SoopahScizor

    SoopahScizor The Master of Scizor

    I did. Every two "steps", TENTACOOL!!!
  2. metagrody6

    metagrody6 COMO UN JEFE

    Pretty much.
  3. MegaMew2

    MegaMew2 5th Gen still sucks.

    Me Too.
    It never fails...
    But that's where Repels come in, right?
  4. trfan

    trfan The 'Weird' One

    Oh god, just don't, the memories of surfing my way back down the entire of the water route in Hoen without any repels, it haunts me.

    Also I love how when you just want to leave its every step you take but when you want to catch a Pokemon you have to run through 50 acres of grass just for one random encounter, the game hates me!
  5. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    ooh bad luck.

    yeah i too use repels. i just want to get to the other side quick.
  6. PKMN Trainer Rex

    PKMN Trainer Rex ~'3'~ Swalot face

    Heck yeah sometimes its not even two steps. I move one block over and there you go F'N TENTACOOL!! Luckily after horrible Zubat/Geodude/Tentacool run ins I always nothing less than 15 repels (any repel that I can get) on my virtual person.
  7. Tamaneko

    Tamaneko Active Member

    Oh man, I remember that @-@; You can almost anticipate them when you're not using any repels...
  8. DaPimpinLanturn

    DaPimpinLanturn Hide yo mudkipz

    I would try to take them all down with me or use a last minute max repel.
  9. SoopahScizor

    SoopahScizor The Master of Scizor

    I never really bought repels. There may have been a rare pokemon in the route!
  10. SoopahScizor

    SoopahScizor The Master of Scizor

    I like how BW replace the annoying PKMN. Which are Machop, Geodude, Zubat and Tentacool. I was jumpin' for joy when I found out that they didnt have those PKMN listed above.
  11. Lau

    Lau ★ Go, Rai!! ★

    Machop isn't as annoying as Zubat, Geodude or Tentacool.

    And yeah, I hate that in every step, a TENTACOOL! ;x. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to use Repels.
  12. Nebbio

    Nebbio NINJA!

    This developed some Tentacool hating problems for me.
  13. SoopahScizor

    SoopahScizor The Master of Scizor

    Well, everytime I walk around a cave I see a Machop! Im just glad all the annoying ones were replaced
  14. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    I ran into quite a few Pellipers.
  15. Remmington

    Remmington Member

    I did, I think the worst was when I ran out of repels while still in the water.
  16. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Probably, but it never really annoyed me at all. I didn't use Repels either.
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Tentacool were the most common Pokemon encountered at sea in Generation 3, so it isn't all that surprising that people encountered hundreds of them. I used Repels quite a bit in these games when I went Surfing, so the Tentacool didn't really bother me much. I did encounter a Shiny Tentacool once, though, so I guess they can't be all that bad :)
  18. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    Tentacruel are worth battling... Tentacool are not...

    But, God (more so Game Freak)gave us the blessing that is the Max Repel... let us rejoice....
  19. Lau

    Lau ★ Go, Rai!! ★

    Yeah... REPELS ROCK!! I think it's the best item ever xD
  20. SoopahScizor

    SoopahScizor The Master of Scizor

    I was playin' Sapphire and I was on one of those water routes and I encountered...... A LVL 65 TENTACOOL!!!

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