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When you were young, what was the FIRST video game console you had in your house?


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Sega Genesis


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PlayStation 1, great memories of the great, under appreciated game hogs of war


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First game system in my house was my youngest sister's Nintendo 64, which mom found at a church flea market. Only game I ever played on it was a bit of 007 Goldeneye with Michelle and I always died in about 20 seconds.

First game system I ever owned myself was a Nintendo DS lite, followed by a used PS2.

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The GameCube and I became addicted to SSBM and Need For Speed.
I still have that GameCube today with the memory card and controllers :).


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The first system here was the 64 followed by GB


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While I had played the NES, SNES and N64 and the GB/C before. The first console in my house was the GBA.



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An NES with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. I used to play SMB all the time.

It wasn't until at least 5-10 years later until I could beat it, though.

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My first one was the NES.
I remember playing duck hunt most of the time.
When it broke I got the PS2 instead of repairing it.
So yeah the NES was my first.


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It was an NES... But it was a long time before I was aware we had it, since it was just sitting in storage since my parents didn't play it. Because of this, the first console I played in my own house was a GameCube.
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Mine was Game Boy Color. I got it when I was 6 along with a Kirby game. But I remember playing Pokémon Crystal several times, beating the game just to reset it and play again. I was a silly kid indeed.