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Where are you from?

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Riddle in an Enigma
*points at location* That's North Carolina for those who don't get it.


mai husbando
Northern Virginia, where I've been all my life, in this sad rural town. On the bright side it's not too too far from Baltimore or Washington DC.


Scrafty Artist
Calhoun, KY(2000-Present). I lived here since I was almost 8. I was born in Mayfield, KY. My previous locations are Pryorsburg, KY(Prior to 1996), Sikeston, MO(1996-1997), Elba, AL(1997), and Mayfield, KY(1997-2000). I was originally going to move to Beaver Dam in 2006, but my family is too poor and I am forced to live in a very bad place(McLean County) for the rest of my life. My family does not have a phone number. Do you want to know what is like to live in McLean County? I'll tell you right now, but it ain't going to be pretty. McLean County is the most povert and most sparsely populated county in Kentucky. McLean County is the poorest school district in Kentucky. Sacramento School's future is still in question. The district is so poor that it's too poor to build a new school, if the school closes down, the children were forced to find a school from a different school district. That's how horrible McLean County is. Is that a tearjerker?


♫ Ad vivere
Northern Oklahoma.

Winter's never stay cold, but summer's are always hot. Plus it's a Republican state. As far as I'm concerned the state fails. lol

Penguinist Trainer

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I'm from the place in the upper right corner marked location... or simply New England.

Herr Uhyre

The Punk Viking.
A horrible place called Detroit, Michigan. >.>
Only good thing about it is the Red Wings, although they haven't been doing all that good this year. ;-;


I was born in Cali


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You don't know HOW tempted I am to post a certain picture right now.
I can probably guess which picture, but I may be wrong.

Also, I'm originally from Alberta, Canada, for those who remember my previous location tag.



Unemployed Red Mage
CALIFORNIA w00t w00t!
I move too often to come from anywhere more specific ;P but my hometown is forever RIVERSIIIDE! X*

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
I was born in Germany, originally, then we moved to the United States when I was six years old, and we've moving around like crazy since. At the moment, we're in Ontario.


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
Originally from Toronto, Ontario but now live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Hooray for downgrades! And for being a ferry ride away from the current Winter Olympics...gah.
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