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where can you get earthquake in emerald?

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just a question where can you get earthquake in emerald? thanx


well if you get a lvl90+ with pickup ability you can sometimes get it...


so theres no tm for earthquake available in emerald?


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On the contrary there are infinite Earthquake TMs in Emerald. That's what's so great about Pickup! :) (I wish I had Emerald... :()
I think you can get it in the seafloor cavern ( I don`t really remember since it was a long time ago I got the item, and maybe this was just in ruby and sapphire not in emerald), it`s at the bottom of the seafloor cavern (if I`m right....)


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I think it was in teh orign cave but I dunno. Anyway, you can get infinite earthquake tms after all.just do the slide trick.

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You do get it in Seafloor Cavern. Just the Pickup method is better because you are able to get an unlimited quantity. However, Seafloor Cavern is the place you get it in an itemball, the "official" place which hasn't changed since R/S. Just the programmers added it as a "Pickup item" as an extra treat! And I'm glad they did. :D *goes and earthquakes a few wild pokemon*
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