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Where Did You Go, Audino? (697)


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Connoisseur Detective Cilan! The Audino Disappearance Case!!!

Heading to Nimbasa City, Ash & Co. see an Audino come out of the forest in a daze. Ash & Co. soon learn that all the Audino nearby seem to be going missing and are mistaken for the culprits. After the understanding gets dealt with Ash & Co. decide to help the investigation and find the Audino. Will they succeed and find out who is behind this?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Yep, they start walking through a fog, a really thick fog.

A figure comes towards them, it's an Audino and Ash checks it up on his Pokedex.

Audino walks past and the fog clears.

Officer Jenny comes in along with the boy, girl and Solosis.

They suspect Ash and co. of being the people behind this, I think.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
It's misty.. We see Ash and co..
Tabunne walks off into the mist..
The twerps try and stop it, but it won't listen..
Jenny and the kids appear..
Solosis uses a psychic attack that pulls the twerps into the air..
Jenny calls for back up, stating that she has the culprits..
Dento uses his Gymleader card to bust them free..
Jenny calls of the back up..
Talk about how Tabunne have been disappearing
Boy apologizes..
Group introduces themselves
Ash scans Solosis..
Ash scans Gothita..
Boy and girl ask for the groups help in finding the culprits..
Boy and girl bicker..
Jenny gets a call from hq, calling that another Tabunne has disappeared
The crews on the case..
Enter Connoiseur DENTO!!! Detective Time!!!
Iris or whoever (Keyhole lag) is weirded out by Dento..
Talk about the recent cases, Dento tries to make sense out of it all..
Boy and girl bicker.. again..
More talk...
More talk outside.. Basstrack starts..
I guess they're going to search for the Tabunne..
Ash goes with the Solosis kid, Iris with the Gothita kid..
Jenny talks about how important this is.. AND THEY HAVE IPHONES AND IPADS to communicate!! :O
Ash and boy are at an elderly couple with a Tabunne, nothing is wrong..
Iris and girl are at a girls house with a Tabunne, nothing is wrong..
Cilan and Jenny are at a girls house, nothing is wrong though, Jenny places a tracker on the Tabunne.
At the elderly house, the Tabunne starts to act weird, the elderly man retrieves the Tabunne, but he busts out himself.
The same happens at Iris and Cilan's houses..
Jenny gets Ash and Iris' reports of the situation.. Dento tries to make sense of it all..
They are now all tracking the Tabunne with their iPhones..
They all congruate at a certain crossroad..
The signal interrupts their tracking devices..
Scary music..
Solosis and Gothita use Psychic to bring back two of the Tabunne, the others are gone..
A tracking device is found on the ground..
Dento tries to make sense out of it all..
Dento tries to make sense out of it all..
Dento has an idea.. Apparently, everybody is baffled about this.. Wow..
Dento wants Ash to use Roggenrola..
The signal has become strong again and the Tabunne that were previously just standing there are moving again..
The crew are following the Tabunne into the outskirts of town..
Following, more following..
OMG! Tabunne are crawling up the ladders!
Tabunne are pulling up the ladders so that Ash can't climb the rockwall!
Ash tries, but fails..
Solosis uses its psychic power to lift them up the rock wall.
The little boy is a cocky fellow..
Time for the bridge scene...
Tabunne use their psychic power to break the bridge! And it goes down! :S
Ash barely makes it off..
Time for Gothita to do something.. The exact same psychic powers to lift them over the ravine..
Random Pidove cameo..
They lost track of the Tabunne..
Roggenrola uses its ear or something to find a trace..
They're at a Valley Windworks kind of place...
Dr. SEGER IN THE BACKGROUND!!! Thus just turned interesting!
Lol, the Tabunne willingly walk into the cage...
Dento makes an epic entrance!
Jenny sounds like Ash, but this just might be Keyhole lag.. xD
TR does its motto..
Boy and girl: Who the F are the Rocketto Dan??!
Boy and girl are angry at the Rocketto Dan!
Woobat makes its appearance vs Solosis and Gothita..
- Solosis uses Hidden Power, Gothita uses Psyshock, which looks good.
- Yamask is sent out, Solosis uses an attack on it, pretty effective.
- Roggenrola uses Sandstorm.. Knoced against a wall..
- Roggenrola uses Stone Edge on Woobat, it dodges, but it wrecks the machine and cage..
- Tabunne go wild on Team Rocket with multiple beams and attacks..
Jenny wants to arrest Team Rocket, but they fly off..
Tabunne rejoice...
Ash and co rejoice and they say that the Tabunne can go back to Nurse Joy or something..

100% Filler and not that interesting either, except for Seger appearing now and in the next episodeand Roggenrola perhaps..
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- Deep foggy forest. Audino walks in. Ash and co. mistakes him for a person at first. Audino walks past the gang totally ignoring them.
- Jenny and the psychic kids show up and accuse them of something. Uniran uses psycokinesis.

*** too many commentaries. stopping now!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Officer Jenny has her police car nearby and she calls on the speaker that they weren't the suspects, I think.

Yep, Gothita is there and the group introduce themselves.

Ash checks Solosis and Gothita on his Pokedex and Gothita is soooo cute!

Call on the Police Car's phone, uh-oh, somethings wrong with Joy, I wonder what it could be(Sarcasm).

Cilan puts on his detective hat and he looks absolutely awesome, Iris is not impressed, lol.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
They all decide to split up and they each get their own free Ipads and Iphones!

Iris is still not impressed. And look Ash and glasses boy talk to an Old couple and they have an Audino.

Iris is with the Gothita girl and they talk to a woman with her Audino.

Officer Jenny is with Cilan and there's another girl with an Audino.

The Audino are walking off, the old man calls it back to his Pokeball, but it comes out and walks off. This is looking interesting.

Audino jumped out of the open window, should have closed it.

Cilan and Officer Jenny's Audino walks away from its trainer and they all track the Audino own on their Ipods and Ipads.

They regroup and the whole towns Audino's walk off.

Gothita and Solosis use Psychic to bring two back but the others have disappeared. Audino going missing, it's serious business!

Cilan tells Roggenrola to come out and Ash sends it out.
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Woobat and Yamask come out.

Roggenrola's battling them and Team Rocket's Audino cage is broken, Audino are maaaaaaad and they attack Team Rocket.

Team Rocket blast off in there jets.

And so ends another filler!


Fun episode, two new pokemons, Roggenrola getting some action, fun filler.

It was nice to see the back and forth pickering between the kids with the psychic pokes, Satoshi backing the boy and Iris the girl, though that was fun to watch.

Nice lost image on my stream... won't see the preview .


Novice Breeder
Eh, this wasn't a great episode; uneventful and predictable. There weren't even enough Cilan moments, and it ended with a very poor battle.


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I just finish watching the episode, I actually like it, too bad I don't understand what they're saying. I wonder why Dento/Cilan told Ash to use Roggenrola for. And the two new psychic pokemon looks cute. I'm just sad that I didn't see yanappu/Pansage in this episode(since he's my favorite Pokemon, I just hope they show him every episode). But still I like how Cilan introduce himself to TR when he found them.