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Where Did You Go, Audino? (697)

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Though I said the original was boring the dub only made this A little bit more enjoyable I liked most things in the dub like the kid with the solosis voice I sounded pretty cool the girls was ok. One thing I disliked about this episode Was the way cilan said detective time I mean jason griffith could have done better with that not that it was really a problem or anything. I liked the way they changed the original music to the black and white song pretty good TPCI. In conlcusion This episode is much better in English.


Well-Known Member
I wasn't that crazy about the dub voices this time. The two kids sounded a little weird to me. Gothita and Solosis sounded alright but I wasn't crazy about them either.

I still enjoyed the episode a bit, mainly because of Cilan and Team Rocket.

I enjoyed the dub version more then the Japanese version, but that's mainly due to language barrier, if I understood what was being said in the Japanese version then both versions probably would have been equally enjoyable to me.


Well-Known Member
Any Anime fans notice Doyle and Christie's voices to be a tad familiar? Doyle sounds like Fuyuki Hinata from SGT Frog while Christie sounds like Shammy from Macross and Milk-Chan from Oh! Super Milk Chan.

Edit: Seems they have.

I like Solosis's voice. It sounds very close to its Japanese one.
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More boring filler, more of the same of TR doing what they always do. I'm getting tried of TR already, how about giving us some Team Plasma episodes already besides the one that are never going to air.

A couple things that really irked me, first why did Jenny leave the tracking devices in plain sight on the Audinos right after the first was taken, you know if one of your devices was left on the ground shouldn't you move them to a more hidden location.

Secondly how did the Audinos even know to pull up the ladder & untie the bridge, TR had no idea they were being followed so theirs absolutely no reason for the Audino's to do it than just provide an excuse to use the the Black & White exclusive Pokemon.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
good episode for a filler... The music was from the episode "the semi final frontier" in the sinnoh league victors series. I really wish they would use the Sinnoh season's musics here too... They are better than the Black and White ones


Gamer Extrodinare
This one was good, but how did the Audino know to pull up the ladder, as TR had no idea they were being followed? Odd. And As no one thought of this, I shall.



Well-Known Member
i liked the ep.the episode was really good i don't remember why team rocket need the audino though...

I think they said Zager wanted the Audino because of their hearing to make something out of it or something like that.
I didn't find Christie or Doyle annoying at all. What's making people say they're annoying? 8/10


c l a r i t y
This was an OK filler episode but I loved Christie's Gothita and Doyle's Solosis, they are one cute Psychic duo!

Nice plot this episode had with all the disappearing Audino.


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Got around to seeing the dub. I called it the worst episode of the season when I saw the Japanese episode, but I liked it a little better. So, not the worst, maybe. Audino's still scare me though.


c l a r i t y
I watched this English, haven't watched Japanese yet.

I loved Doyle and Christie and their names were a homage to famous mystery authors (Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie).

Audino was cute too.


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I loved Doyle and Christie and their names were a homage to famous mystery authors (Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie).

How did I not notice this? Should have been Arthur and Agatha for the full affect, but at least the writers still have a sense of allusions.


Team Awesome
Hah, Cilan turns detective, I love it. :D With all the things he says he's a connoisseur of from episode to episode, you wonder what will be next. At least it was a nice episode, and one of Team Rocket's more interesting schemes. Well, actually, I guess it was a lot like the poketch episode from season 10, with the mass hypnosis, but I still liked it.



Just a member
This episode's plot was kinda boring, but Cilan's detective antics made this episode more entertaining for me. This is the first episode where Cilan did his 'detective time' antics....I thought it was kinda funny, but not as funny as his 'fishing time' antics.
I'm not surprised that it's Team Rocket who manipulated Audino by sound, I knew the case of the missing Audino has something to do with Team Rocket. It's cool see Ash using newly caught Roggenrolla again, it fought Team Rocket like a boss.
Weird how everyone couldn't just keep following the Audino normally without the tracking devices since they were right in front of them the whole time. Well, two of them were, the one Ash was following got away.
This was a bad filler. I found it both boring and predictable. Echoing the above post saying they didn't need the tracking devices to follow Audino when they were right in front of them. Detective Cilan was cool I guess but that's not enough to carry an episode.