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Where Did You Go, Audino? (697)

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Fairly nice plot trying to track down the Audino and detective Cilan seemed to make this episode a bit better. It's quite a long time ever since I've seen this episode so I don't see how bad it is and ever since, I've been trying to track down the moves that the Audino used against Team Rocket, which I think included Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.

Mrs. Oreo

Doyle and Christie were kind of boring to me and so were their Gothita and Solosis hee hee. I liked how Ash's Roggenrola helped find the place with the missing Audino however but too bad the villains were Team rocket again.


Fiery Destroyer! <3
The episode was uneventful and boring.It was kinda similar to the episode "Pikachu Revolts" of Orange Islands.TR's scheme wasn't interesting. 5/10.


Gothita and Solosis weren't exactly the most entertaining Psychic Pokemon and the plot seemed pointless since Audino had already been showcased before. 5/10


I will admit that the Rocket-dan being the culprits of the missing Tabunne case was as predictable as any other crime on this show, but I still enjoyed this filler thanks to Arata and Rina. Their Uniran and Gothimu were particularly cute, and even with no big events happening here, this was a fun episode.


Meowth fanatic
A couple things that really irked me: first, why did Jenny leave the tracking devices in plain sight on the Audino right after the first was taken, you know if one of your devices was left on the ground shouldn't you move them to a more hidden location...?


What annoyed me was the fact that Officer Jenny, Ash and the others had to use those sophisticated tracking devices although they were just walking a few feet behind those Audino all the time. L


This episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Still pretty boring though because Audino had already been seen. Although there were some good moments like the Audino all attacking Team Rocket.


Frankly, I had always wondered why Joi used Tabunne as their assistants in Isshu, so I wish that this episode had gone in-depth about Tabunne instead of making Tabunne a small plot device.
This was filler, but it was nice to see Roggenrola in action. I do feel that Cilan is too flawless as a character. He's a Gym Leader, a Pokemon Connoisseur, a science Connoisseur, and now a detective? He's getting close to Mary Sue territory. He's still entertaining though, since you never know what to expect.


Well-Known Member
I thought this episode was alright. Anyways, my love for Mystery-themed episodes/movies have peaked in this episode. It's also cool that Roggenrola gets an awesome role in this episode just after his debut on the show.


As cool as it was to see Satoshi use Dangoro to help locate the missing Tabunne here, I have to wonder why he didn't instead rely solely on his Hatoboh given that she would've done the job just as efficiently from the air.